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Mind mapping




By: Naser Higox



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Mind mapping Mind mapping Presentation Transcript

  • Benefits & Uses !
  • • As your whole body Your Brain has, Cells &Neurons…!• The body of each Neuron consists of a Centeror Nucleus and a large number of Branchesemanating from it in all directions seemedcelle such as trees, beatiful interlockingbranches extend in all directions and at thelevel of the three dimensions;(3D)…• That have the Same Form and Structure of theMind-Map…!#FactsNeuronNucleusBranches
  • How your mind works…!An idea or learn something new thesebrain cells interlink passing theinformation down the branch of onecell across and over to another, like so:Create “memory trace”Doesn’t our brain neuron look like a mind map itself?You see, that’s how our brain works!
  • Neuron…!
  • LEFT RIGHTDo you know how does our mind learn &think !
  • * was a greatexample for the development ofBoth Lobar brain…!
  • Our Notes : -_-
  • What is Mind Mapping !?• Mind mapping is a simple graphic technique used todrawing and repesent Ideas, concepts andinformation… in diagrams, instead of writing it insentences…in a way that your Brain really Loves…! Thesecret behind mind mapping lies in its combined use ofthe full capacity of each primary function of brain, suchas logic, writing, spatial visualization, mathematicalanalysis, colour, etc.® Developed in the late 60s byTony Buzan as a way of helpingstudents make notes that usedonly key words and images…• Mind mapping involves bothsides of the brain at the sametime to expand thecapabilities in so manydifferent ways… benefits onecan never otherwise achieveat peak levels.
  • characteristics of ‘’MindMapping’’ : The diagrams always take the same basic format of atree, with a single starting point in the middle thatbranches out, and divides again and again. The tree ismade up of words or short sentences connected bylines. The lines that connect the words are part of themeaning…!
  • Tony Buzan ®, The Father of Mind Mapping !o He has changer the lives of over#250M people with his revolutinary ofo Is the world’s leading auther and toplecturer on brain Learning.www.mind-map.com“A Mind Map is the ultimateorganizational thinking tool, it is theeasiest way to put information into yourbrain and take information out of yourbrain. Its a creative and effective meansof note taking that literally maps outyour thoughts”.Tony Buzan
  • What can Mind Maps be used for?
  • To COLOR & Paints
  • Statistic in America.! The best way towrite in Lectures!?. f course.!Do not write anythingWrites partsWrites SentencesWrites LyricsMind-MapsBetterWorst
  • MinD-Maps of Tony Buzan WebSite  !
  • Mind Map™ is a trade mark of the Buzan Organization