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A presentation that depicts both travel of a female searching for her Mr. Right and change of era. Light and fun read

A presentation that depicts both travel of a female searching for her Mr. Right and change of era. Light and fun read

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  • 1. Mr. Right …
  • 2. When I dreamt of Mr. Right, once upon a time, I saw acharming, handsome Prince. The Prince, who wouldwake me up with a kiss or pick up my slippers if itslipped from my feet! Unfortunately for me, Mr. RightPrince Charming seems to have vanished when thetime went from unrestrained, undefined river to thedigits in calendar.
  • 3. Are any of the valiant knights, galloping away todistant, unknown land on holy quest, Mr. Right?Shining in armor with a sword in hand, oh so dauntlessin war and so daring in love, would Mr. Right be afearless Knight? Alas! Lochinvars,Arthurs, andLancelots have all found their Avalon. The days ofchivalrous, gallant knights have long gone.
  • 4. He who opens his heart and pours his soul inrhyme, or the one who weaves magic with hisbrush, is he the Mr. Right? Would Mr. Right bethe one who finds my walk like a starry skies orone who immortalizes my spirit, prying on mylips. His passion may quench my soul as wouldhe hold me to the world of dreams. When myeyes would open, the world is different. Theuniverse of my painter is different than this, maynot be, Mr. Renaissance, the Mr. Right.
  • 5. Is he Mr. Right, who would rather fade away than to lookbeyond the first woman who stole his heart with onecovert look? These are one who made First Loveimmortal. Ranjha, Majnu, to name a few. Is my hearthinting that Mr. First Love is Mr. Right. Hmm… May be,may not be, nay… would I love a looser who would drinkto death. It is definitely not Right for Mr. Right. At leastnot in the year 2012-13!
  • 6. Is he Mr. Right who would do everything as perthe books? High in moral, and values, sentiments,family value and yes…how can I skip it … Maa!(Mom). He is the hero, who would rather live inpoverty than to accept a job which would makehim leave his dear mom or the country.Bhoo..hoo..hoo… Mom, idol of sacrifice, whoburnt her life away for her only son! Mom is Goddess in flesh for Mr. Right. Is All White, Mr. Right, right for me? Never! Can All White hero, who surrenders all his salary to his mom, be right for me! Monochrome age has long gone and so is the All White Hero. Have you not heard, girls like bad boys!
  • 7. Well then, who is this Mr. Right? Who is he? Is he Mr. Right or he is Mr. Right for me.I know not, what right is for the world, for her, her or her. Right or not, I don’t know,don’t care.Just know who make me feel this way is the Mr. Right, The One for me. My Mr. Rightwould make me feel …
  • 8. And I thought I would die....I stood there at horizon lookingAt my loves - no way could I leave mornLeaving dusk would take my breath away
  • 9. I would die as no way could I choose...With blank eyes, troubled soul, I waitedThe Golden Voice gave me all my strengthThe husky one held my hand when I cried
  • 10. Of two banks of the river, I wishedI could have been a bridge, but a boatI what I am, tired and driftingWould need to choose a side soon
  • 11. War was on between heart and mindI needed one and was needed by oneGifted land with laughter, spring and careAnd unknown mysterious land of love and pain
  • 12. Letting my warm breaths writhe and dieI let the sunny oar go, held to the dark oneWishing my cold body bring some warmthIn the dark cold land of love, guilt and pain
  • 13. Wishing with my last sunny breathIn dead, may my floating body findA curve too narrow and becomes a bridgeBetween the ones I love, care, need and want
  • 14. My death would become my life again,In realms of death, would I find life againElse I still walk with cold breath tending this landOf love and pain that cares for me till sun shines on me again
  • 15. If on a cross road, I find an easy path full with happiness andbliss but not him and another path dangerous, painful, darkand icy but I have him as a companion, and I choose thedifficult path, I am sure he is My Mr. Right.