Corporate ARK - Chapter Lion


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A light read on the corporate lives. Emphasizing on ARK, how it influences our lives, our career. Drawing comparison between you and Noah, and all the other animal in the ark to the people living in corporate jungle. It is a humorous take on a serious topic and intends not to offend any. This chapter is how to deal with the Lion

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Corporate ARK - Chapter Lion

  1. 1. Corporate ARK Chapter - Lion
  2. 2. It has been days and days of continuous water. We have been sailingendlessly in the ARK, Noah and the animals. The orange was minglingwith the blue. Most of us were in deck witnessing the twilight of earlywinter. As the stars appeared all the animals, moved back to their groupsor quarters. The deck is now quite, Noah and me were looking over therailing into the deep dark sea. There was another outline on the fardeck, an outline of the majestic lion. From this distance and angle can’tbe sure, it is not a lioness, but for ease, let us refer him as lion
  3. 3. There he was the majestic lion. The jungle trembleswhen he roars. He preys on others. His call silences thejungles and its inhabitants warn each other of him. Outof jungle in this ark, has he changed? No, not much, heis still the same. So, does he deserve the ARK? Howcan an Act of Random Kindness be applicable to theking?
  4. 4. Why not? Let us look at him a littleclosely. Under his roar and moodswings, can you not see theimmense pressure to keep the lawand order of the jungle? He has toroar to keep the list of animalsunder control. Won’t the jungle berun over with wolves and jackals ifthere is no lion to keep the incontrol?
  5. 5. Present at the top of the food chain, well nearly at thetop of the food chain but the king of the jungle and ofour Corporate ARK. Leading the jungle comes to himnaturally, but still I can’t help but notice his almostvacant eyes. They say it is lonely at the summit; maybeit is true, maybe not. He deserves the ARK.
  6. 6. Important question is how to provide him with anARK, who is supposed to be the protector?Understand him. He needs to be understood. He isone who faces the heat of so many things, many ofwhich is unheard to the rest of the jungle. The taskto perform and perform every time, withoutexception is not easy. He is friendly to all, but notall can be his friends. He has the knowledge ofgood and the bad that is to happen to everybodyclose to him. And he cannot share it. Theknowledge is heavy and is his to carry.
  7. 7. Provide him the ARK, of acceptinghis weird demands gracefully attime. Provide him the courtesy ofventing out on you at times andforgiving, forgetting it forever. Donot judge him all the time, give himthe window of error, where he canslip and not perform. More thananything, place your trust in him, inhis leadership. He needs it morethat he would ever acknowledge.Even the king needs little Kindness.
  8. 8. Till next time, take care of these animals and spread the ARK.