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    Behavedo Behavedo Presentation Transcript

    • A B C D
    • be(=am/is/are/was/were)+ingA (cleaning/working) • Please be quiet. ImB am/is/are + -ing (present working. • It isnt raining at the moment. continuous) • What are you doing this evening?C • I was working when she arrived. was/were + -ing • It wasnt raining, so weD (past continuous) went out. • What were you doing at three oclock?
    • be + past participleA (cleaned/made/eaten) • The room is cleaned every day.B am/is/are + past participle • I’m never invited to parties. • Oranges are imported into Britain.C • The room was cleaned yesterday. • These houses were built was/were + past 100 years ago.D participle • When were you born? • How was the window broken?
    • have/has + pastA participle(cleaned/made/eaten)B • Ive cleaned my room. have/has + past • Tom has lost hisC participle (present perfect) passport. • Barbara hasnt been to Canada.D • Where have Paul Linda gone?
    • A do/does/did + infinitive • I like coffee but I dont like tea.B do/does + infinitive (present • Chris doesnt go out very often. simple negative and • What do you usually do at questions) weekends?C • Does Barbara live alone? •I didnt watch TVD did + infinitive yesterday. •It didnt rain last (present simple negative and questions) week.E •What time Paul and Linda go out?
    • A Put in is/are/do/does! 1. _______ you work in theB evening? 2. Where ________ they going?C 3. Why ________ you looking at me?D 4. ______ Bill live near you? 5. ______ you like cooking?E
    • A Put in is/are/do/does!B 6. _______ the sun shining? 7. What time ________ the shops close?C 8. ________ Ann working today?D 9. What ________ this word mean? 10. ________ you feeling all right?E
    • Put in amA not/isn’t/aren’t/don’t/doesn’tB 1. Tom _____ work in the evenings. 2. I’m very tired. I _____ want to go out this evening.C 3. I’m very tired. I ____ going out this evening? 4. George ______ working this week. He’sD on holiday. 5. My parents are usually at home. They _____ go out very often.E
    • Put in amA not/isn’t/aren’t/don’t/doesn’tB 6. Barbara has travelled a lot but she ________ speak any foreign languages. 7. You can turn off the television. I _______C watching it. 8. There’s a party next week but we _______ going.DE
    • A Put in was/were/did/have/hasB 1. Where _______ your shoes made? 2. ________ you go out last night?C 3. What ________ you doing at 10:30? 4. Where _________ your mother born?D 5. ________ Barbara gone home?E
    • A Put in was/were/did/have/hasB 6. What time _______ she go? 7. When ________ these houses built?C 8. _______Jim arrived yet?D 9. Why _______ you go home early? 10. How long ________ they been married?E
    • A Put in is/are/was/were/have/has 1. Joe _________ lost his passport.B 2. This bridge ________ built ten years ago. 3. ________ you finished your work yet?C 4. This town is always clean. The streets _______ cleaned every day.D 5. Where _______ you born?E
    • A Put in is/are/was/were/have/hasB 6. I ________ just made some coffee. Would you like some?C 7. Glass _______ made from sand. 8. This is a very old photograph. It ________ taken a long time ago.D 9. Joe ________ bought a new car.E
    • damage, eat, enjoy, go, go away, listen, open, pronounce, rain, understand, use1. I’m going to take an umbrella with me. It’s _____________ .2. Why are you so tired? Did you _____ to bed late last night?3. Where are the chocolates? Have you _____ them all?4. How is your new job? Are you _____ it?5. My car was badly ______ in the accident but I was OK.
    • damage, eat, enjoy, go, go away, listen, open, pronounce, rain, understand, use6. Chris has got a car but she doesn’t _____ it very often.7. Mary isn’t at home. She has ______ for a few days.8. I don’t _____ the problem. Can you explain it again?9. Martin is in his room. He’s _____ to music.10. I don’t know how to say this word. How is it ________ ?11. How do you ______ this window? Can you show me?