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  • 1. The company was founded in 1943. It was originally a construction company and built many houses on the Fylde Coast. In 1962 it began operating in the Plant Hire Industry specifically in the Hire of Mobile Diesel Air Compressors. These remain the backbone of the company’s activities especially those for Abrasive Blast Cleaning i.e. 170-250-425-CFM machines. During the late 70s the company expanded its activities to include the hire of Abrasive Blast Cleaning Equipment. In 1988 the company began to distribute range of SOFT ABRASIVE Blast Cleaning equipment in the UK & Continental Europe. By 1993 it had developed and manufactured its own range of equipment, nozzles and SOFT Abrasives with the ECOSTRIP brand name. The company has grown and now manufactures it own Valves, the Major PC and Minor PC Abrasive Metering valves and Breathing air filters. Over the period of time the company has been operating in the abrasive cleaning market, it has built up many contacts in this field throughout the UK, U.S.A. and Continental Europe. Robson Way, Highfurlong, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY3 7PP England Tel: +44 (0)1253 393406 Fax: +44 (0)1253 300160 Email: Web:
  • 2. Pot Diagram Page 3 Blast Machines Page 4 Blast Helmets Page 5,6,7 Breathing Air Filters Page 8 Hose Page 9 Remote Control Valves Page 10 Hose Fittings Page 11 Nozzles Page 12,13,14,15,16,17 Deadman Handles Page 18 Major Valve Page 19 Minor Valve Page 20 Abrasive Metering Valves Page 21 PPE Page 22 Blast Parts Page 23 Suction Guns Page 24,25,26 La-man Filters Page 27,28 Back To Nature Page 29 Abrasives Page 30 Blast Cabinet Services Page 31 Dust Free Blasting Page 32 Eco-Strip Page 33,34,35,36,372
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  • 4. N.A. Robson Manufacture a Full range of Portable Abrasive Blast Cleaning Machines. All our systems include Blast Pot, Minor abrasive Metering valve, Quick release system, Compact Remote Control System and mois- ture Separator. Our machines are fully pressure tested to 300 psi. The Machines can be used with every type of abrasive. N.A. Robson Blasts Pots can be converted to a wet blast system at anytime like with a conversation kit. Our range of machine consists of: 1033 3/4 Bag pot 1442 1 1/2 Bag pot 2042 3 Bag pot 2452 6 Bag Pot All systems include Blast Pot, Minor Abrasive Metering Valve, Quick Release System, Compact Remote Control System and Moisture separator. Code Contractor Pots Available 1033 1441 2042 2452As above plus 10metre 1” or 1 ½” blast hose Quick coupling, nozzle holder, deadman lines. And deadman handle &Boron Alloy Nozzle. Code Contractor Pots Available 1033 1441 2042 2452As above + Breathing Air Filter & breathing Line Code Contractor Pots Available 1033 1441 2042 2452As above plus CE Approved helmet & Blast gloves. Code Contractor Pots Available 1033 1441 2042 24524
  • 5. Apollo 60CEThe Apollo 60 CE is the most popular UK helmet; it’s also the Ultimate incomfort and most of all safety, and it is compatible with our AAF-1Breathing Air Filter. The helmet is CE Approved BN EN 14594.It features the following: -• Double Shell Construction• Bright Collar stands out in blast environment• Full adjustable suspended head harness• Hinge mounted locking window frame• Tabbed acetate tear off lenses ensure clear vision• Extra large sights window gives full view of blasting• Built in chinstrap for stabilityApollo 60CE SparesAPH60CE Complete Blast helmetAPH 4435 Cape and MufflerAPH 4434 Breathing Air Hose Assembly Visors APH 0002 Tear off outer visorsAPH 8741 Window Frame APH 4367 Inner visorAPH 4452 Window Gasket APH 4373 Intermediate VisorAPH 8892 Helmet Suspension Gasket BV6PAK Tear off outer visorsAPH 4460 Chin Strap /VS10/100 Single outer visors 100 per packAPH 100024 Air Control Valve VS10/100- 5 Single outer visors 5 x 100 packsHDCAPE Reinforced cape for Apollo 60Apollo 60CE Construction Unique air distribution chamber ensures an even flow of air throughout the helmet Double shell construction built to hard-hat protection standards Bright colour stand out in blast environment Fully adjustable suspended head harness with sweatband for increased comfort Hinge mounted locking window frame facilities easy loading of tear-off lenses Tabbed outer tear off lenses ensure clear vision Acoustic foam layers attached to helmet wall for additional sound reduction Inner lens precision fitted an air tight seal to prevent entry of dust and abrasive Extra large sight window gives a full view of the blasting area Built in chin strap for stability5
  • 6. Apollo 600 CEThe Clemco Apollo Series Supplied-Air Fed Blast Helmets are hallmarks of safety, comfort, and performance.Recognizable by their bright red-orange colour, Apollo 600 Helmets are easily visible on the job site.The 600 have new features making it comfortable to wear, easier to maintain, and more durable, promising a longservice life.Apollo 60 HP/CE spares:APH 04460 Chin StrapAPH 22811 Breathing TubeAPH 04449 Helmet Window Latch OnlyAPH 08740 Inner Collar KitAPH 24012 Window Frame AssemblyAPH 23818 Cape with Inner CollarAPH 23801t Cape Attachment BandAPH 23819 Window GasketVisorsAPH 0002 Tear off outer visorsAPH 4367 Inner visorAPH 4373 Intermediate VisorApollo 100 CEThe Apollo 100 air fed blasting helmet is a budget choice helmet offering competitively priced safety and reliability.The viewing window is fitted with replaceable outer lenses and the inner support cap is designed for comfort,essential when wearing the helmet for long periods of time. The helmet is approved by the HSE. All air fed blastinghelmets are required by law to be CE marked Advantages ⇒ Box-front window features economical ⇒ Replacement lenses ⇒ Sound-attenuating, air-distribution ⇒ Channel ⇒ Lightweight construction ⇒ Molded-in carrying handle ⇒ Allows operator to wear supplementary ⇒ Hearing and primary eye protection Apollo 100 spares: APH 99996 Gasket, molded window APH 20976 Lens frame APH 10532 Suspension APH 04460 Chin strap APH 21298 Latch, lens frame, rubber APH 10534 Cape attachment strap APH 21301 Cape with inner collar APH 22811 Breathing tube assembly w/swivel ends6
  • 7. Blast Wizard Blast Helmet The helmet is equipped with a large square window (137 x 182 ) with a frame rubber, safety glass, cover glass and a fine protective grille. Hood with compressed air supply especially designed for abrasive blasting operations. The rigid helmet is standard delivered with a coated cape, protecting the head, neck, shoulders and chest against ricocheting abrasive. A neckband made of an elastic material protects the inside of the helmet from dust by maintaining it under a slightly positive pressure. The Helmet Has Built In Ear Defenders For TOP QUALITY NOISE REDUCTION! Panorama CE Blast Helmet The Panorama Helmet is a very popular helmet. It is a Polyester/ glass fibre blast helmet. The Blast helmet is CE marked. The helmet is standard equipped with safety window cover window and wire gauze. It features the following: - ⇒Rubber cover taking care of abrasion, ⇒Complete with bisonyl cape, ⇒Helmet air hose with needle valve. ⇒The helmet also comes with a built in silencer and a quick coupling and belt Panorama Spares PAN 01 (029020) Blast helmet complete rubber covered PAN 02 (029021) Blast helmet without cape & belt PAN 03 (029302) Cape PAN 04 (029112) Wire Gauze PAN 05 (020817) Window Gasket PAN 07 (029152) Hose assembly complete Visors PAN 08 (029200) Needle valve VS35/100 (029106) Outer Visor Pack 100 PAN 09 (029201) Silencer PAN 10 Window frame kit VS36 (029108) Inner Visor7
  • 8. AAF-1 Breathing Air Filter The N.A.Robson AAF Breathing Air filter is designed to remove MISTS OIL,WATER VAPOUR AND PARTICLES DOWN TO 0.5 MI- CRON IN SIZE. VERY IMPORTANT ! THIS FILTER WILL NOT REMOVE * CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) * CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) * OR OTHER TOXIC VAPOURS This Unit has a : 3/4"Claw Fitting Air inlet, 1/4" BSP Air outlet (TO THE AIRFED BLAST HELMET) That can come with 1,2,3,or 4 Outlets A Preset Pressure Release Valve (SET TO RELEASE AT 125 PSI) The AAF Breathing air Filter Uses Industry Standard Filter Cartridge (INCLUDED) CPF- 04537 Clemco Breathing Air Filter CartridgeHodge Clemco Breathing Air Filter Replacement Cartridge.The Industry standard filter cartridge with slot fit into moststandard Breathing Air Filter units.This Air Filter is designed to remove * MISTS * OIL * WATER VAPOUR AND PARTICLESDown TO 0.5 Micron in sizeVERY IMPORTANT: THIS FILTER WILL NOT REMOVE * CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) * CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) OR OTHER TOXIC VAPOURS8
  • 9. N.A. Robson Ltd Has a full range of Blast Cleaning Hose. The Blast Hose is Long Lasting Heavy duty,exceptionally Tough and abrasive resistant. The Hose is Manufactured with antistatic rubber to ensure completedischarge of static electricity.)BH1 Blast hose was developed for conveying highly abrasive medias from the Blast pot to the Nozzle.The Blast Hose is Suitable for blasting with all types of abrasives. Standard 12bar Blast Hose BH1 1 ¼” x 1 7/8” BLAST HOSE BH3 ¾” x 1 3/8” BLAST HOSE BH5 1” x 1 ½” BLAST HOSE BH4 ½” x 1 1/8” BLAST HOSE Air Hose Twinline Remote Control Hose AH315 ¾” Air hose complete with fittings 15m (2 Colours Superior Standard) 748010 10m c/w ¼” BSP female hose ends 748015 15m c/w ¼” BSP female hose ends 748020 20m c/w ¼” BSP female hose ends 748030 30m c/w ¼” BSP female hose ends 748040 40m c/w ¼” BSP female hose ends 748050 – B 50m Bare hose complete coil Clemco Supa Blast Hose BH1 1 ¼” x 1 7/8” BLAST HOSE BH3 ¾” x 1 3/8” BLAST HOSE BH5 1” x 1 ½” BLAST HOSE BH4 ½” x 1 1/8” BLAST HOSE Blast Hose Benefits • Inner tube of wear-resistant rubber or super wear-resistant rubber quality PCV ¼” Hose & Fittings • The inner tube is made from SBR rubber • Intermediate layers for higher pressures or high AH110 ¼”reinforced hose c/w couplings 10m flexibility around the Blasting area AH120 ¼” reinforced hose c/w couplings 20m • SM2 Standard AH130 ¼” reinforced hose c/w couplings 30m • 12 Bar Safe Working pressure AHC6 ¼” nut & tail • Casing is pin-pricked to prevent formation AH7A ¼” crimp clip of air pockets between layers ANC7 ¼” screw clip • Antistatic tube safeguards against electric shock. AHC8 ¼” x ¼” link nipple9
  • 10. RMS 2000 Remote Control Valve The RMS 2000 valve incorporates two valves in one body. The 1 1/2” inlet and outlet valve is designed for easy maintenance with the use of only a few tools. RMS 2000 1 ½”Remote control valve BASE unit RMS 2000RK Repair Kit CRV-34 Compact remote Valve The CRV-34 Compact remote valve 1 ¼” Inlet / Outlet. The Valve is Very reliable and simple to operate CRV-00 Compact remote valve 1 ¼” Inlet / Outlet CRV-RK Repair Kit 5100-50 Remote Control Valve The 5100-50 Remote control valve incorporates two valve in one body. The 1 1/4 inlet and outlet valve is designed for easy maintenance with the use of only a few tools. 5100-50 1 ¼” Remote control valve c/w ¾” union elbow, nipple & Silencer complete 5100-00 Remote control valve 1 ¼” Base unit 5100-03 Bleed off manifold 5100-04 Top cover 5100-S Seal & Gasket kit 5600-00 Exhaust Silencer The Exhaust Silencer Reduce the noise level of exhausting compressed air from the blast pot with this simple rugged silencer. RV-50 ½” Remote control valve RV-50 ½”Silencer RV-50SK Service kit for ½”valve10
  • 11. N.A. Robson Ltd has a Full range of Hoses Couplings and Pot Couplings and NozzleHolders from nylon, bronze or malleable iron. All our couplings are Suitable for All types of blast hoses and are simply fit with screws. All types of Gaskets are available for all of our couplings.HOSE COUPLINGS (CQP’S)CQP 1 The Clemco CQP1 nylon quick Blast Hose coupling Fits a3/4"(19mm) I.D. x 1 1/2"(38mm) O.D.Blast Hose.CQP 2 The Clemco CQP2 nylon quick Blast Hose coupling Fits a1"ID x 1 7/8"OD hose.CQP 3 The Clemco CQP3 nylon quick Blast Hose coupling fits a1-1/4" (32mm) I.D. x 25/32" (54mm) O.D. Blast hose.CQP ¾ The Clemco CQP3/4” nylon quick Blast Hose coupling Fits a 1 3/8"OD hose NOZZLE HOLDERS (NHP’S) NHP 1 The Clemco NHP1 reinforced nylon quick coupling attaches to the end of any properly Sized blast Hose. NHP 2 The Clemco NHP2 reinforced nylon quick coupling attaches to the end of any properly Sized blast Hose. NHP 3 The Clemco NHP3 reinforced nylon quick coupling attaches to the end of any properly Sized blast Hose. NPH ¾ The Clemco NHP3/4 reinforced nylon quick coupling attaches to the end of any properly Sized blast Hose. POT COUPLINGS CFP The CFP reinforced 1-1/4-inch, threaded nylon Pot coupling to fit abrasive blast machine outlet. CPF–2 The CFP reinforced 1-1/2-inch, threaded nylon Pot coupling to fit abrasive blast machine outlet. PC1 The 1 ¼” Metal Pot Coupling to fit abrasive blast machine outlet. PC2 The small Pot Coupling to fit abrasive blast Machine outlet.11
  • 12. ALUMINIUM COUPLINGS & NOZZLE HOLDERS Q1A Hose coupling 1 ½” OD hose Q2A Hose coupling 1 7/8” OD hose N5 Nozzle holder 1 1/8” OD hose Fine thread N5C Nozzle holder 1 1/8” OD hose Course thread MHE1 Nozzle holder 1 ½” OD hose MHE2 Nozzle holder 1 7/8” OD hose LRN Large alloy retaining nuts LRN/10 Quantities of 10 LRN/50 Quantities of 50 LRN/100 Quantities of 100 BRONZE COUPLINGS BC4 Hose couplings 1 1/8” – 28mm OD hose (CQ0) BC3 Hose couplings 1 3/8”- 35mm OD hose (CQ1) BC2 Hose couplings 1 7/8” – 48mm OD hose (CQ2) BC1 Hose couplings 2 1/8 - 54mm OD hose (CQ3) MALLEABLE IRON COUPLINGS 50022 1 7/8” - 48mm OD hose 50020 1 ½” - 38mm OD hose Coupling Rubbers & Nozzle Gaskets NG25 Nozzle gasket stepped for NHP1/2/3 holders CG2 Coupling gasket for CQP2/3 CG15 Coupling gasket for CQP 1 NGO Small nozzle gaskets fro NHP ¾ NGO –1 Coupling gasket for small ½” coupling NG1 Standard nozzle gasket not stepped BCR1 Standard coupling gasket F70435 Coupling gasket for ¾” air hose12
  • 13. NA.ROBSON Ltd has an extensive range of standard and specialty blast Cleaningnozzles.We are the European Distributor of the NEW Revolutionary SABER high productionBlast nozzle.If the size or type of nozzle you need is not here or if you are unsure which nozzle touse for your specific application, Please Contact us. BORON ALLOY NOZZLES Low cost nozzles BANF-5 5/16” Boron Alloy Nozzle flanged BANF-6 3/8” Boron Alloy Nozzle flanged BANF-7 7/16” Boron Alloy Nozzle flanged BANF-8 ½” Boron Alloy Nozzle flanged BANF-SO5 5/16” Boron Alloy Nozzle side outlet CAM JX1 Tungsten carbide Side Outlet TUNGSTEN CARBIDE ALUMINIUM JACKET NOZZLE Industry standard – excellent durability & wear NTL-450 ¼” Tungsten carbide Venturi No4 NTL-550 5/16” Tungsten carbide Venturi No5 NTL-650 3/8” Tungsten carbide Venturi No6 NTL-750 7/16 Tungsten carbide Venturi No7 NTL-850 ½” Tungsten carbide Venturi No8 NTS Tungsten carbide short Venturi, sizes 3 to 8 SILICON COMPOSITE NOZZLE Excellent durability and wear but more lightweight than T.C Nozzle SCC-450 ¼” SILICON composite Venturi nozzle No4 SCC-550 5/16”SILICON composite Venturi nozzle No5 SCC-650 3/8”SILICON composite Venturi nozzle No6 SCC-750 7/16”SILICON Composite Venturi nozzle No7 SCC-850 ½”SILICON Composite Venturi nozzle No813
  • 14. Boron Carbide Long Venturi –Extremely long lastingBC-550 5/16” Bore BORON CARBIDE LONG VENTURIBC-650 3/8” Bore BORON CARBIDE LONG VENTURI SMALL T.C Nozzles for Cabinet Use NTC-2 1/8” Small T.C Course thread NTC-3 3/16 Small T.C Course thread NTC-4 ¼” Small T.C Course thread Superior T.C Cabinet Nozzles T106-2 1/8” Small T.C Fine thread T106-3 3/16” Small T.C Fine thread T106-4 1/4” Small T.C Fine thread T106-5 5/16” Small T.C Fine thread Ecostrip Water Induction Nozzle For superior wet blasting, without damage, especially on buildings.No water pump required if mains supply is available. WIN-450 ¼” bore No4 WIN-550 5/16” bore No5 WIN-650 3/8” bore No6 WIN-750 7/16” bore No7 WIN-850 ½” bore No8 040700 WB-1 Wet Ring wet headv MINI WIN All size14
  • 15. ANGLED NOZZLES T290 Specialty 90°Angled Nozzle, ¾” Thread x 2 1/8” Length T290- 2L 1/8” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 90° Angled Nozzle T290- 3L 3/16” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 90° Angled Nozzle T290- 4L ¼” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 90° Angled Nozzle T290- 5L 5/16” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 90° Angled Nozzle T290- 6L 3/8” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 90° Angled Nozzle These Nozzles come with more than one outlet please call for details T245- 2L 1/8” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 45° Angled Nozzle T245- 3L 3/16” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 45° Angled Nozzle T245- 4L ¼” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 45° Angled Nozzle T245- 5L 5/16” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 45° Angled Nozzle T245- 6L 3/8” SINGLE OUTLET Specialty 45° Angled Nozzle These Nozzles come with more than one outlet please call for details Tungsten Carbide 90° Angled Nozzle 50MM Aluminum Thread Single outlet T090-350 3/16” SINGLE OUTLET 90° Angled Nozzle T090-450 1/4” SINGLE OUTLET 90° Angled Nozzle T090-550 5/16” SINGLE OUTLET 90° Angled Nozzle T090-650 3/8” SINGLE OUTLET 90° Angled Nozzle T090-850 ½” SINGLE OUTLET 90° Angled Nozzle Tungsten Carbide 90° Angled Nozzle 50MM Aluminum Thread Single outlet T045-350 3/16” SINGLE OUTLET 45° Angled Nozzle T045-450 1/4” SINGLE OUTLET 45° Angled Nozzle T045-550 5/16” SINGLE OUTLET 45° Angled Nozzle T045-650 3/8” SINGLE OUTLET 45° Angled Nozzle T045-850 ½” SINGLE OUTLET 45° Angled NozzleBANANA NOZZLES Boron Carbide 40° Banana Nozzle Boron Carbide Banana Nozzle 40° ¾” Thread x 4 19/32” Length , BANANA – 6 3/8” 40° Banana Nozzle BANANA – 8 1/2” 40° Banana Nozzle15
  • 16. ALL NEW LIGHTWEIGHT BLAST NOZZLE IT’S THE LATEST IN ABRASIVE NOZZLE DESIGN Lightweight Nozzle and reduces Overall Operator’s Fatigue Superior Light Weight, Hard Wearing Liner BORON CARBIDE Blasts Like Having 25% More Air Pressure Increase Abrasive VelocityPart No. Description / Bore Air Model Size (CFM) Improve ProductionPPX- PPX-650 3/8” 250 Speeds By Up650 POWER PLUS 9.5 To 20-30% XTRA mmPPX- PPX-750 7/16” 350 Use With750 POWER PLUS 11.0 XTRA mm ConventionalPPX- PPX-850 1/2” 450 Abrasives Like850 POWER PLUS 13.0 Steel Grit, Garnet, XTRA mm Copper Slag &PPX - PPX-1050 5/8” 600 Sponge Media1050 POWER PLUS 16.0 XTRA mm Abrasives All lengths 13.75inch/350 mm16
  • 17. Abrasive Blasting Nozzles The Latest Revolutionary Innovation In Abrasive Nozzle Design Improve Part Description / Bore Air Production No. Model Size (CFM) Speeds By Up PP-450 PP-450 1/4”/ 100 To 20-30% POWER PLUS 6.0 mm Use With Conventional PP-550 PP-550 5/16” 150 POWER PLUS 8.0 Abrasives Like mm Steel Grit, Garnet, PP-650 PP-650 3/8” 250 POWER PLUS 9.5 Copper Slag & mm Sponge Media PP-750 PP-750 7/16” 350 POWER PLUS 11.0 Increase Abrasive mm Velocity PP-850 PP-850 1/2” 450 POWER PLUS 13.0 Helps Minimize mm Nozzle Weight and Overall All lengths 12 inch/305 mm Operator Fatigue Blasts Like Having 25% More Air Pressure Popular Light Weight Hard Wearing Material17
  • 18. Deadman handles N.A. Robson Ltd has a whole range of dead-mans handles. The dead-man handle controls the air signal to the remote control valve for Activation And Deactivation of The Abrasive Blast Pot. When The Deadman Handle Is activated, the Blasting process Begins And When The Handle Is Released the Blast cleaning process stops. This allows blasting to be carried out a long way away from the Blast Pot and by a single operator. 2565-00 Dead-mans Handle The 2565 dead-man handle controls the air signal to the remote control valve for Activation And Deactivation of The Abrasive Blast Pot. 2600-00 dead-man The 2600-00 dead-man handle controls the air signal to the remote control valve for Activation And Deactivation of The Abrasive Blast Pot. 2800-00 Non Bleed dead-man handle The 2800-00 Non Bleed dead-man handle controls the air signal to the remote control valve for Activation And Deactivation of The Abrasive Blast Pot. RCD- Dead-mans handle The RCD-00 Cast Dead-mans Handle is the most commonly used dead-mans handle for contractors as it is lightweight. RM21A Flip over type handle The RM21A Flip over type dead-man handle controls the air signal to the remote control valve for Activation And Deactivation of The Abrasive Blast Pot. 26-20 NAR G2 Deadman Handle Advanced Engineering & Innovative Per- • Redesigned airflow reduces signal formance delay on long hoses Features Designed into the • New reversed hinge minimizes jams NEW G2 Deadman caused by dirt and debris • Non-Bleed Does Not Waste Air • Larger lever takes less force to de- • Eliminates Freezing In Winter Months press • Made from impact resistant materials • Can be changed easily for right or left hand operation The new N.A.R G2 is the most durable and easiest18
  • 19. Major Valve MARKET LEADER NORMALLY CLOSED VALVE: EXTREME ABRASIVE SAVINGS, CAN COMPLETELY STOP ABRASIVE FLOW Major Abrasive Metering Valve:- For CONSTANT PRESSURE type systems, or where CUT OFF abrasive facility is required. The Major valve isolates the abrasive supply into the blast hose. Available with urethane or tungsten carbide metering sleeve depending on the abrasive used. Product Numbers PCV-100 1” Steel plunger & Urethane sleeve PCV-105 1 ¼” Steel plunger & Urethane sleeve PVC0023 Bolt PCV-110 1 ½” Steel plunger & Urethane sleeve PVC0024 Washer 3/8” PCV-120 1” T.C. plunger & Urethane sleeve PVC0025 1/8” 90’ Swivel elbow PCV-125 1 ¼” T.C. plunger & Urethane sleeve PVC0026 3” Pipe nipple for PCV-130 1 ½” T.C. plunger & Urethane sleeve cleanout PCV-140 1” T.C. plunger & T.C. sleeve PVC0030 Pipe nipple 1”x 8” PCV-145 1 ¼” T.C. plunger & T.C. sleeve PVC0031 Pipe nipple 1 ‘/4” x 8” PCV-150 1 ½” T.C. plunger & T.C.sleeve PVC0032 Pipe nipple 1 ‘/2” x 8” PCV-180 1” T.C.plunger & Multi-port sleeve PCV-185 1 ¼” T.C.plunger & Multi-port sleeve All versions available with 3 PCV-190 1 ½” T.C.plunger & Multi-port sleeve sizes of pipe nipple. Repair Kits All versions can be fitted with PCV-060 R/K steel plunger & urethane sleeve CLEAN OUT facility. PCV-070 R/K T C plunger & urethane sleeve PCV-080 R/K T C plunger & urethane sleeve Parts PVC001 Control knob PVC002 Top PVC003 Stop ring PVC004 Anti-vibration washer PVC005 Spring PVC006 Nut PVC007 Piston seal PVC008 Piston PVC009 Tungsten carbide plunger PVC0010 Hardened steel plunger PVC0011 Cylinder PVC0012 Cylinder with clean out slot PVC0013 Locating pin PVC0014 Plunger seal PVC0015 Urethane sleeve PVC0016 Tungsten carbide sleeve PVC0017 Multiport sleeve with 3 holes 1 slot PVC0018 Urethane seat PVC0019 Seat holder PVC0020 Oring PVC0021 Base PVC0022 Base with clean out slot19
  • 20. Minor Valve N.A. Robson Manufacture the Minor Valve. The Minor Valve may be small in physical size, but its efficient, low profile design performs in a big way. The Minor Valve gives you total control of the quantity of abrasive media used, from lightweight plastic to heavy steel grit and shot. Its infinite metering capability increases blast production and effectively controls media consumption. The Minor Valve is engineered to allow precise metering of all types of abrasive media and can be modified for special applications. The Screw in metering knob allows for very precise abrasive metering adjustment that provides constant abrasive flow to the blast nozzle and reduces abrasive consumption, thus saving money. This valve is an excellent value for converting your blast system to a more profitable piece of equipment.The Minor Valve is designed for easily retrofitted to a variety of existing blast systems. N.A. Robson fits a Quick release fitting to all Blast pots for easy maintenance if there is a blockages etc. The N.A. Robson Minor Valve is made from a one-body system there for ease of maintenance.Minor PCABRASIVE METERING VALVEMPC 210 Valve with 1 ¼” M x 1 ¼” M nippleMPC 220 Valve with 1 ¼” M x 1 ½” M nippleMPC 230 Valve with 1 ½” M x 1 ½” M nippleMPC 099* Repair KitMPC 001 Control KnobMPC 002* Spring PinMPC 003 Hex Bolt (2)MPC 004 Washer (2)MPC 006* PlungerMPC 057 Valve bodyMPC 008* Plunger SealMPC 009* Urethane SleeveMPC 010* GasketMPC 021 Pipe Nipple 1 ¼” female x 1 ¼”maleMPC 022 Pipe Nipple 1 ¼” male x 1 ½” maleMPC 023 Pipe Nipple 1 ½” male x 1 ½” male20
  • 21. FLAT SAND VALVE FSV1 Flat sand valve c/w quadrant 1 ¼” FSV25 “Y” piece rubber lined STEEL GRIT VALVES PV1 1” Flanged pinch valve c/w liner PV1L Rubber pinch valve liner 148mm PV1LC 1” Pinch valve liner 154mm PV2L ½” Rubber pinch valve liner Automatic Air Valves AAV-125 1 ¼” Auto Air valve AAV-150 1 ½” Auto Air Valve AV-125-99 1 ¼” & 1 ½” Valve repair kit Water Separator Industry standard BLACK c/w bronze element WS05 ½” Water separator up to 100 CFM WS150 1 ½” Water separator up to 375 CFM WS2 1 x 1 ½” Bronze elements Pressure Regulators PR1 ¼” Pressure regulator c/w gauge PR2 ½” Pressure regulator c/w gauge21
  • 22. PPE (Personal protective equipment)PPE Personal Protective Equipment is an absolute necessity in todays Blastingcleaning environment, and in any work place. It is the most important piece of equip-ment in any blast Cleaning Process. The equipment is there keep you safe. GL1 Blasters Gauntles Red lined Blasters gauntlet The GL1 Blasters Gauntlets with cotton lining give maximum protection against abrasive ricochet, for the Blasters safety. Earplugs (Disposable) Box of disposable earplugs that contains 250 sets.E·A·R soft is made from a slow expanding, environmentally friendly, polyurethane foam material. The earplug has been developed so that it provides evenly distributed pressure, giving flexibility, a good seal with optimum comfort. SBSL Blast Suits Leather/Cotton The heavy-duty blast suit protects the blast operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. Advantages • Rugged leather panels protect arms and legs, while durable cotton back allows suit to breathe enhancing comfort. • Lighter weight than all-leather or all rubber suits The Blast Suits comes in 5 sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL Prices vary in sizes SBS Blast Suits Cotton / Nylon The light-weight Cotton / Nylon Blast suit protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive When Blasting Outside or when blasting indoors. The suit represents a cost-effective alternative to a heavy-duty suit Advantages • Weighs less and costs less that heavy-duty blast suit. • Nylon and cotton construction is easily machine washable. • Discarding the light-duty suit after a toxic dust job wastes less money The Blast Suits comes in 5 sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL Prices vary in sizes22
  • 23. Blast Parts VACCUM HEADS SP8000 3” Vacuum head complete with ¼” Boron carbide Nozzle, Brush etc for 2” hose SP8500 5” Vacuum head complete with 5/16” Boron carbide Nozzle, Brush etc for 2” hose AIR MOVERS 2502 2” Int Moves 920CFM input 45CFM 2513 3” Int Moves 1200CFM input 60CFM 2524 4” Int Moves1600CFM input 90CFM 2536 6” Int Moves 2300CFM input 120CFM 2548 8” Int Moves 3400CFM input 185CFM AMS30 Dust sock STANDARD BLAST PARTS P1 Pop up valve large O Ring P2 Pop up valve large P2C Pop up valve large c/w stem PNC22 Clemco contractor pop up valve P9 Pop up valve small O Ring P10 Pop up valve small c/w stem G6 Forged steel TEE with parallel holes RCAMV-2 Forged steel TEE with offset holes CLEMCO G9 1 ¼” H.D Steel nipple23
  • 25. BNP SUCTION GUN (270-00) 270-000 BNP SUCTION GUN W/O NOZZLE 270-319 NOZZLE RETAINING NUT GUN WITH CERAMIC NOZZLE 270-CN5 NO.5 5/16” – 8.0mm 270-CN6 NO.6 3/8” – 9.5mm 270-CN7 NO.7 7/16” – 11mm GUN WITH BORON CARBIDE GUN WITH TUNGSTEN CARBIDE NOZZLE NOZZLE 270-BC4 NO.4 ¼” - 6.0mm 270-TC5 NO.5 5/16” – 8.0mm 270-BC5 NO.5 5/16” – 8.0mm 270-TC6 NO.6 3/8” – 9.5mm 270-BC6 NO.6 3/8” – 9.5mm 270-TC7 NO.7 7/16” – 11mm 270-BC7 NO.7 7/16” – 11mm 270-BC8 NO.8 ½” - 12.5mm 480-1328 O-RING 270-3195 GUN BODY ONLY 402-3213 JAM NUT 281-0553 JET SLEEVE. 8. AIR JET ASSEMBLY 270-3194 NO.4 AIR JET 270-3195 NO.5 AIR JET 270-3196 NO.6 AIR JET 270-3197 NO.7 AIR JET 270-319 NO.8 AIR JET 410-1003 ½” PUSH ON HOSE Per Meter BNP-0043 3/8” x ½” PUSH ON HOSE IN- SERT 460-0495 SWIVEL HOSE ADAPTOR25
  • 27. La-Man Filters Extractor/DryerExtractor/DryerThe patented Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter. Designed primarily for the final usageof air, it will remove water, oil and other contaminates from compressed air lines. Developed for air driven tools, paintspraying, and manufacturing equipment or any other compressed air equipment to produce clean, dry, compressedair. In return you receive extended equipment life, improved product quality, reduced downtime, and savings on costlyrepairs to damaged equipment. These advantages will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.How it Works:1. Compressed air containing tiny particles of dirt, dust, oil, rust and moistureenters the first stage of the Extractor/Dryer.2. A coalescing effect occurs as air passes through a cartridge mesh filter thatcaptures larger particles and causes moisture to form larger droplets.3. Air velocity lessens as it enters the extraction chamber allowing particles tocollect and moisture to condense on the honeycomb.4. Particle laden water flows along the bottom and out the drain.5. Air passes through the second stage wire supported fibre filter cartridge thatcaptures remaining particles down to 5 microns.6. Remaining moisture and contaminants are dried and filtered in the secondstage filter.7. Exhaust air is clean and dry - no dirt, rust, oil or water drops to disrupt airequipment operation. Standard Features include:Differential Pressure Gauge (All models except 520s and 195A) - Allows the user to visually see the change fromgreen to red, indicating a pressure drop of 10 PSI and the need to service the elements. Service Kits available for allmodels.Weep Drain - Allows minimal, continuous flow of contaminated air to escape the base of the unit. Mounting Brackets(All models except 520s and 195A) - Allows for easy and protective mounting of your Extractor/Dryer.Point-of-Use: La-Man takes a different approach to cleaning up contaminated compressed airlines. Our Extractor/Dryer providesthe best service when it is located at the point-of-use in an application. This allows the air from the compressor tocool, thus condensing to liquid and enabling the Extractor/Dryer to do its job. The shortest distance from our filter tothe point-of-use ensures cleaner air, therefore protecting valuable machinery and equipment.Models range from 15 CFM thru 500 CFMStandard 5 micron ratings (lower micron rating available)Removes 99.9% of the liquids entering the Extractor/DryerEasy to install and maintain without removalLightweight aluminium housingImmediate cost savings from decreased downtimeStandard inlet and outlet NPT sizesImprove equipment performance and product qualityStandard Differential Pressure Gauge for rust and dirt particles27
  • 28. Maintenance:All compressed air filters require servicing of the elements. Proper maintenance is important in order to keep theExtractor/Dryer performing at optimum levels. La-Man has taken great efforts to create a filter that makes servicing userfriendly. By simply removing one bolt, the Extractor/Dryer never has to be disconnected from the airline in order to replacethe elements.On average, we recommend servicing the Extractor/Dryer every 6 months.Each model has a complete Service Kitavailable.They provide everything needed for proper servicing. Service Kits include a1st stage replacement element, 2nd stage replacement element, capgaskets, base gasket, and base core (honeycomb).28
  • 29. Back to Nature VIII is the most aggressive, SAFE, multi-purpose stripper designed to remove 3-5 layers quickly or multiple layers or stubborn coatings inone application. It contains no methylene chloride, is non-caustic, biodegradable,non-flammable, non-combustible, water rinse able and requires no neutralization. Where speed removal is critical, can safely remove three to five layers of paint quickly. Replaces mechanical tools for same day stripping. Can remove multiple layers in one application. Better on stubborn, chemically resistant coatings.Back to Nature VIII is perfect when maximum paint stripping is required. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on. It has greater coverage than any other “safe strippers”, and creates less waste29
  • 30. Copper SlagAnd Black Copper Slag expendable synthetic mineral abrasive, which is used forgeneral-purpose applications. This material possesses a hard dense structure with sharpedges, gives high abrasion characteristics at low cost. A wide range of grades is available tosuit most applications.OlivineA natural mineral abrasive, which contains no free silica, ideally suited to the cleaning of a brickand masonry. This Abrasive is similar to sand but WITHOUT the health hazards. A wide rangeof grades is available to suit most applications.Grit BlastAn expendable synthetic Blast furnace slag, Contains no free silica, it is ideal for uses onsteel/building works. It is sharp and one time use shot blasting. A wide range of grades isavailable to suit most applications.ReusableChilled IronA very hard recyclable abrasive, which breaks down on impact to expose sharp new cuttingedges, which promote a rapid cleaning action, that is ideal for ferrous castings, steelfabrications and structural steelworks. Used in foundry industry where free iron-contaminationis acceptable. A wide range of grades is available to suit most applications.GarnetA hard, durable, low-dusting non - contaminated natural mineral abrasive, which is capable ofachieving high coverage rates. This mineral may be recycled a number of times(semi reusable). Typical applications include blasting of stainless steel and special alloys.A wide range of grades is available to suit most applications.Glass BeadA very versatile material used for general cleaning of machinery with a large variety ofapplications also including deburring, deflashing, decarbonising, peening and mould and diecleaning. Absence of surface contamination and no measurable removal of parent materialmake this ideal medium for close tolerance for components artificial joints etc.A wide range of grades is available to suit most applications.Aluminium Oxide/ReclaimedAluminium Oxide is a sharp, long-lasting abrasive that can be re-used many times. As anabrasive blasting media, it is harder than most common dry abrasive blast media and will cuteven the hardest metals and surfaces. General cleaning of steelwork, fabrication, Heavilycorroded components, valves, synthetics and Glass. It is fantastic for surface preparation forpainting, enamelling, epoxy-coating etc. A wide range of grades is available to suit mostapplications.30
  • 31. Blast Cab ServicesN.A.Robson Ltd has developed an “IN HOUSE” Blast Cleaning facility consisting of many Blast Cabinets andfantastic Blast Cleaning rooms.The service we provide is popular with our Industrial Customers, Motor traders and the General public alike.The Cleaning of Steel and Alloy Wheels is one of our Specialities.In these times of ever increasing costs, you can return your alloy wheels to mint condition at a fraction of the cost ofreplacing new.Our Company specialises in smaller, delicate and intricate components such as:•Steel and Alloy wheels•Fibreglass components•Glass Etching•Car Parts•Paint Stripping prior to N.D.T inspection•Fireplaces•Motorcycle and Push bike frames•Cooker parts•etc,etc..Our Specialised staff would be happy to help you and advice you on your exact requirements31
  • 33. ECOL OG ICAL ECONOMICALThe FUTURE in Precision, Depainting and Degreasing Systems33
  • 34. The ECOSTRIP system can be wheeled from one location to another. This WET blastsystem is 100% air powered. When in place the unit requires dry compressed air, cleanwater and drainage facilities when using the soluble soft abrasive. Each unit is fittedwith an integral air drier/filter as standard.⇒ The system is designed for ease of use by the operator, with minimal training⇒ The flow of abrasive is easily and accurately controlled As soft blast abrasives will not wear material, the unit has few moving parts and is easily maintained. The abrasive control system also incorporates a special feature allowing the media control valve to be cleaned out in situ, without the need for dismantling or hand tools. The unit can also be used with conventional hard abrasives, including Garnet without modification.⇒ The ECOSTRIP system uses both soluble and non-soluble SOFT abrasives which have outstanding safety features in compare son to chemical or conventional abrasive cleaning methods.⇒ The soluble abrasive is a white non sparking food grade material. Water soluble, non-toxic and without combustion hazards, enabling system’s use in the hazardous duty areas where conventional systems are prohibited.⇒ The non-soluble abrasive is designed for use where the cost per square metre is the primary consideration or in areas where the soluble abrasive is not suitable⇒ The soluble abrasive can usually be flushed down a nearby drain into a standard industrial waste treatment facility⇒ Less protective wear is required, than with conventional abrasive blast cleaning, making the operator more comfortable and productive.⇒ Uses between 20 to 80 kgs of abrasive per hour. Significantly less quantities than conventional abrasive systems.⇒ The system can be used without plant shut down. The ECOSTRIP system can clean rotating equipment without damaging pumps, motor bearings, seals or polished rods.⇒ Coatings can be removed one layer at a time perhaps where there has been a top coating failure. The system gives greatly improved finished and production rates compared with manual preparation techniques.34
  • 35. SOLUBLE EXPENDABLE ABRASIVE Ecostrip Soft Abrasives are used for cleaning and coating removal where little or no surface profile or damage to delicate substrates is to be avoided. Cleaning brick, stonework, timber, thin metal, body pan- els, fibreglass, engine and plant bays. Fine grade - Average 100 microns for delicate work on stonework, composites or fibreglass. Selective coating removal. Standard grade - Average 285 microns general purpose use, designed for maximum cutting speed to remove paint or other coatings. All soluble materials produce no profile on steel and shine stainless steel. Usually used in wet blast applications. Will not damage rotating equipment or bearings and is non-sparking if used wet as directed. Food grade product. Packaged in 25 kg Bags — 40 x 25 kg Bags 1.00 TONNE Pallet ECOSTRIP NON-SOLUBLE Calcium Carbonate – Designed to give approximately the same surface finish as the soluble materials but less expensive and faster. Can produce slight profile on steel and matt finish on stainless steel. Usually used wet, but can be used dry. TYPE 2– MEDIUM– 50 - 400 Microns General purpose on stonework, fibreglass, aluminium and general purpose requirements TYPE 3– COURSE - 150 – 800 Microns For higher speed operation on steel, or for use in standard blast cleaning equipment on stone or brick work. TYPE 4– EXTRA COURSE - 400 – 1200 Microns For removal of thick coatings on steel or non-delicate substrates. ECOSTRIP RESTORATION ABRASIVES Hardness approx 6 Mohs. Based on Aluminium Silicate. Are formulated for delicate architectural cleaning or work on general blasting applications for removing paint, antifouling, RESTORATION and rust removal and is used for many restoration applications. Due to its small size but with sharp particles it can be used GRADE very effectively at low pressure. Contains no free silica and has a ph of 9. It can be used wet or dry. Abrasive Ecostrip Restoration35 - 100 – 250 microns For all Restoration Applications (Cars, Bike, Houses and many more),
  • 36. Where conventional cleaning methods– chemical, sandblasting,High Pressure water cannot be used or are ineffective. Using either soluble or non-soluble soft abrasives whichever is the most appropriate for each application.ECOSTRIP removes:- • Aluminium Ventilation• Contamination From Machinery Systems• Contamination From Printing Rollers • Interior And Exterior• Carbon Deposit From Pebble Dash Coatings Water Tanks• Paint From Ceramic Or Glazed Tiles • Electrical Components• Oil Stains From Concrete ( Without Water )• Resins From Stainless Steel Valves • Asbestos Roofing• Rubber From Floors Or Road Markings • Graffiti Removal NOTE: Does NOT etch glass when used as directed. It is always advisable to check the suitability of the system for all applications prior to use.Does Not Damage Rubber, CleaningMachined Surface Or Seals Removing Corrosion Depainting Fibre- And From Aluminium glass DegreasingDeparting And Offshore Cleaning Engine Parts Degreasing And BoatsIn One Refinery Stripping Complete CarOperation Applications BodiesAreas With Sensitive Removing PaintEquipment Nearby From Plastic PartsCleaning Stainless Removes CarbonSteel Piping From Baking TraysCleaning AluminiumChecker Plate Depainting Buses And Coaches Weld Inspections– Aviation No Danger Or Motor Vehicle Industry Alloys Crack Closure Spray Booth Hangers Paper And Pulp Industry - Depainting Railway Carriages Cleaning Stainless Steel And Rolling Stock Flood Industry– Where Contamination Is A Problem36
  • 37. The NEW name for the next generation of depainting and degreasing equipmentAll Units A Maximum Of 2.25 Litres Of Water Per Minute. Non-Standard Units Available to order. Pressure vessel specifications in clued TUV, BS, SA, FRENCH,ASME Or As Required.ECO 500 SERIESThe most popular and versatile Model Overall Overall Overall Wt.machine with 120 litres media No. Length Width Height Kgscapacity. Approx. 1 1/2 hours mm mm mmcontinuous usage. 150 Litre 500 1470 1270 1500 455galvanised water tank. ForMAXIMUM efficiency requires 175 525 1470 1270 1500 490Litres/second (375 CFM) (10.5cu.m/min) of Clean, Dry Air. @ 7 550 1470 1270 1500 500bar (100psi)ECO 300 SERIESSemi portable unit with 120 Litresmedia capacity. Approx. 1 1/2 Model Overall Overall Overall Wt.hours continuous usage. Direct No. Length Width Height Kgswater supply or small tank mm mm mmrequired. For MAXIMUM efficiencyrequires 175 Litres/second (375 300 990 900 1430 300CFM) (10.5 CU.M/MIN) OF Clean,Dry Air.@7 bar (100psi)ECO 100 SERIESThe portable unit with 38 or 50 li- Model Overall Overall Overall Wt.tres media capacity. Approx. 30 No. Length Width Height Kgsmin. of continuous usage. Direct mm mm mmwater supply or small tank r 100 880 590 1230 170requires. For MAXIMUM efficiencyrequires 125 Litres/second (250 120 880 590 1350 180CFM) ( of Clean, DryAir. @ 7 bar (100psi)ALL Units Use A Maximum Of 2.5 Litres Of Water Per Minute. Non– Standard Units available to order. Pressure Vessel Specifications include TUZ, BS, SA, FRENCH, ASME Or As Required. Trade Mark Applications:- U.K. 1530874/5/6—Fr. 93/466304—D.E32995/7 Wz—I.T.M193C 004252 (All Figures Are Approximate And Subject To Alteration Without Notice)37