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Volkswagen Volt Advertising Campaign
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Volkswagen Volt Advertising Campaign



Advertising Campaign for Advertising Course, 2009

Advertising Campaign for Advertising Course, 2009



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Volkswagen Volt Advertising Campaign Volkswagen Volt Advertising Campaign Presentation Transcript

  • Volkswagen Volt Electric Pickup Truck Campaign
  • Contributors
    • Kanya Leenutapong 5045304728
    • Chanatkan Ngamwattanawong 5045308228
    • Thanchanok Areeyasantichai 5045322028
    • Narissara Chiraguna 5045324228
    • Pantipa Prangsitong 5045342528
  • Overview
    • Volkswagen launches their new electric pickup truck Volt
    • Rationale of Volt
      • Linked to the electrical engine, running on power from its rechargeable battery
      • Volt is also in line with the pronunciation of Volkswagen
  • Volkswagen Volt
    • Electrical engine with plug-in rechargeable batteries
    • 4-doors
    • Solar panel on roof to charge backlit displays and portable power pack
    • Roomy back for loading capacities
    • Available in the colors : Eccentric Red , Shocking Orange , Lightning Yellow , Electric Green , Bolt Blue , Flash Purple , and Zap Pink
    • Price : 1.6 million Baht
  • Marketing Background Research
  • Volkswagen Background
    • Founded in 1930s (WWII in Germany)
    • “ Volk” =people and “Wagen”= wagon
      • People’s Wagon
    • Adolf Hitler set brand personality when he asked Ferdinand Porsche to design first car
      • Known as economized car (price and fuel)
      • Durable and efficient (fit 4-5 passengers)
      • Aimed to be used in the desert to transfer weapons
  • Volkswagen Background
    • Later became a commercial car
    • Famous for its ‘Beetle’
    • Type 2 van (also known as Volkswagen Bus or “VW Bully”)
      • popular for its multifunctional capabilities
      • Often symbolized as part of Hippie Movement in the 1960s
  • Volkswagen’s Market Share
    • Volkswagen = world's fifth largest Auto Maker by production volume
      • Over 6.2 million vehicles in 2007
    • Revenues of €108.9 billion and profits of €2 billion
      • Control almost 10 % of the world market share
    • Strong footholds in most of Europe, especially Germany, and also a growing market presence in China.
      • Has a 99 % market share in its hometown of Wolfsburg, Germany.
  • Brand Perception
    • For Thais:
      • Famous for its comfort, safety, luxury
    • For Westerners:
      • Famous for its classic design and efficient fuel economy
  • Pickups in Thailand
      • Ranked as 2nd biggest user of pick up trucks after the United States
      • Normally used for its loading capacities in the agriculture and commercial business.
  • Competitive Frame
    • No direct competitors
      • Not pick ups because they are usually used by farmers and works for hard labor work
        • Volt aims for a higher target that could afford a more design, high-end car
      • Not regular sedan/hatchback city cars because they do not have the same loading capacities that Volt offers
  • Competitive Frame
    • Indirect
      • City cars
      • Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle, Mazda 3
      • Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz, Fiat 500
  • Perceptual Map Upscale/Luxury Practical/Economy Sporty/Youthful Family/Conservative . Volt . . . . Toyota Camry Mercedes-Benz C-class Honda Jazz Volvo S60 Mazda 3 . Lexus RX300 .
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Electric (environmentally advanced)
    • Easy navigation in city streets
    • Easily personalized to fit various lifestyles
    • Maximum capacity to carry loads
    • Distinct design
    • Limited electric power sources
    • Smaller, specific target
    • Expensive for average income
    • Limited seating capacities
    • Less credibility in Volkswagen as a pick up manufacturer
    • Unstable fuel prices
    • Oil crisis
    • Eco-friendly trends and movements
    • Trend to seek individuality
    • More mobile lifestyles
    • THREAT
    • Political situation
    • Economic crisis (Global and Thailand)
    • Improved public transportation
    • Traffic
    SWOT Analysis
  • Key Strategic Decisions
  • Communication Objectives
    • Create awareness of Volt
    • Stimulate people to test drive and eventually buy the truck
    • Remind of brand for Volkswagen
  • Target Audience
    • Demographics :
    • 18-30, both male and female
    • Middle to upper class
    • Middle to higher income
    • Bachelor degree++ education
    • Geographic :
    • Urbanites
    • Psychographics :
    • Early adopters
    • Expressive and confident of themselves
    • Trendy, original, creative
    • Sense of freedom, need to differentiate
    • Specialized interests, such as in music and art
  • Target Profile
    • Mr. Jeremy, fashion design
    • Age : 23
    • Status : Single
    • Income : 50,000-100,000 Baht, according to season
    Lives in Sukhumvit Watches Indy movies Likes to sketch ideas in a notepad Takes trip to beaches Likes shopping at both Paragon and Chatuchak Says ‘no’ to plastic bags and straws
  • Positioning Statement
    • An electric pick up truck that is fit for active urbanites who search for uniqueness in a car while taking advantage of its loading capabilities.
  • Brand Image and Personality
    • Fun
    • Economic
    • Creative, innovative
    • Assertive
  • Campaign “ Spark Up”
  • Promise
    • A electric pick up truck that sparks up life
  • Critical Support
    • Electrical system + solar panel
    • Ability to load objects according to lifestyle and transport their individuality with them
    • Classic retro style
    • Bright colors = young hip image
    • Distinct personality = a car that not many people drive
  • Tone and Manner
    • Set 1 (Electric Volt Objects)
    • Illustration
    • Minimalism
    • Symbolic (with electrical objects)
    • Set 2 (Drive into a Well=Lit World)
    • Photography
    • Glowing
    • Filled with power
  • Rationale of Two Sets
    • The First set portrays Volt as electrical objects
      • Symbolizes the electrical features of the truck (light bulb, plug, circuit)
    • The Second set portrays Volt in different background with numerous light bulbs wired to it
      • Symbolizes how Volt seems to generate electricity and spark up its surrounding, wherever that may be
  • Creative Execution
  • Logo and Font Volt 1. 2. 3.
  • Rationale of Logo
    • Symbol of electricity in electrical circuit
    • Resembles the heartbeat on a medical monitor, subliminally symbolizing the energy within the truck.
    • Highlighted ‘V’ in the logo refers to the letter ‘v’ in Volt
    • Use of color blue to represent color of electricity once it is sparked
  • Rationale of Font
    • Font 1
      • The style of ‘O’ looks a leaf, emphasizing the greenness/eco-friendliness of the truck.
    • Font 2
      • Gives a sense of movement. The bold font suggest a strong character desirable in the drivers of this truck.
    • Font 3
      • The font displays simplicity in its clear strokes with a dash of modern art.
  • Tagline
    • Spark Up Your Life
    • Electrify
    • Lighten Up
  • Rationale of Tagline
    • Spark Up Your Life:
      • Spark = associated with ‘electricity,’ which suits the electrical feature of Volt
      • The idea of ‘spark’
        • Spark the engine and drive
        • Spark the ideas and interest
        • Spark the youth and liveliness
    • Electrify
      • Drive the Volt and add excitement in your life
    • Lighten Up
      • Lighten up your mood and enjoy driving
      • Lighten up your pocket by saving up on fuel
      • Lighten up and be inspired with ideas
  • Print Advertisement
  • Set 1: Electrical Volt Objects
    • Light bulb
    • Plug
    • Electrical Circuit
  • Rationale of Light bulb
    • The wire in the light bulb is in the shape of the Volt
      • Associated with the electrical feature of the truck
      • Associated with the symbol of light bulb and creation of ideas
    • Body: “Switch on the Inspiration”
      • Light bulbs must be switched on
      • Once lit, it will bring light and also ideas for what to do with the truck
  • Rationale of Plug
    • Represented as an electrical plug, with the wheels to be plugged in the socket
    • Conveys the convenience of charging
      • If there is a electrical socket --> rechargeable
    • Plugs = the connectors that make appliances work.
      • Volt = connector between driver and his/her desire to travel + carry items suitable to lifestyle
    • Body: Plug in the Inspiration
      • Once plugged, the Volt could spark ideas of what to do with the truck and the places to go
  • Rationale of Electrical Circuit
    • Plays with the media
      • Placed on three consecutive pages of magazines.
      • Intrigues the reader to find out more.
    • The first ‘Black’ page signifies the stage before the Volt where everything is empty and dark.
    • The second ‘Electrical circuit’ page symbolizes the electrical system of the Volt.
    • The third complete ‘Volt’ page shows off the full design of the truck.
  • Set 2: Drive into a Well-Lit World
    • Drive into a Well-lit World
    • Well-lit on the Beach
    • Well-lit in the Park
  • Rationale of Drive into a well-lit World
    • Light bulbs signify the electrical attribute of the truck
    • All light bulbs are lit-- displays the energy within the Volt to light them up
    • Black background gives contrast with the glowing and energized Volt
  • Rationale of Well-lit
    • Well-lit on the Beach
      • Aim to associate Volt with the relaxation and sense of the fun the Beach offers, a vacation spot for most urbanites
      • Signify how Volt can be used to travel to far places
    • Well-lit in the Park
      • Aim to associate Volt as the one that provides light and spark
      • The park looks quiet and dark, but with the Volt, it seems like everything is lightened up by its electrical feature and bright characteristics
  • Television Commercial
  • Rationale of ‘Drive and Spark up’
    • Everywhere Volt goes, it brings with it brightness and liveliness. Everything things seems to “spark up” as the car drives past.
    • The beach shows Volt’s ability to drive out of town to a relaxing holiday.
    • The concert represents the artsy side of the truck and its dynamic nature.
    • Image transfer with the print ad ‘Drive into a Well-lit World’
      • Key frame of Volt wired with numerous light bulbs
  • Rationale of ‘Plug in the Ideas’
    • The action of plugging in and out represents Volt’s electricity.
    • Each time the truck is plugged, it has the ability to spark up ideas and variety of creative activities, such as the art gallery and music concert.
    • Image transfer with print ad
      • Volt as ‘plug’
  • Radio Spot
  • Radio Spot- Zapping Volt Plot: The spot is about a group of friends who take off on a road trip. However, it seems as if the music keeps changing channel and style. A male friend expresses his annoyance with his female friend. He then finds out about Volt and its ‘Spark.’
  • More Script
  • -End-
  • Rationale of Zapping Volt
    • The zapping of the songs is supposed to symbolize how Volt can be adapted for various atmospheres and styles
    • The electrical spark in between signifies the electrical attribute of the truck
    • The conversation between the man and the woman gives the highlights of Volt to the listener
  • She’s Electric
    • Plot:
    • Two male friends are in a conversation. The main lead talks about how awesome his ‘girl’ is and how she inspires him in various ways. It turns out that the ‘girl’ is actually the Volt. The main lead then goes on to describe her attributes.
  • Script More
  • -End-
  • Rationale of She’s Electric
    • The spot is meant to create an unexpected twist for the audience (the girl is actually Volt).
    • The spot also compares the thrills and sense of excitement in a sparking relationship, whether it is between a man and a woman or an individual with his/her car (Volt).
    • The static electricity that erupts when the man touches Volt emphasis the Volt’s electric features.
  • Media Plan
  • Media Objectives
    • Reach at least 80% of target audience with a frequency of 4 times or more in 1 month
    • Use media to reach target audience in their relevant living/interest areas
    • Media plan covers 3 months from November 2009 to January 2010
  • Launching Period
    • Domestic Launch
      • November 2009 to January 2010
    • Rationale
      • These are the months before the summer season when the real heat begins.
      • The trucks could be used for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • Scheduling
    • Pulsing Continuity
      • Our campaign consists of three stages for each month
        • Phase I: What Spark?
        • Phase II: Let’s Spark
        • Phase III: Spark Together
  • Pulsing Continuity Phase I Phase II Phase III What Spark? Let’s Spark Spark Together
  • Phase I: What Spark?
    • Objective : Create awareness about the truck
      • New media teaser
        • light bulbs around town
      • Launching event
      • 4 Billboards
      • Magazine (single page)
      • Newspaper
      • Leaflet and brochures
      • Internet (banner ads)
      • 1 TVC 30 sec. “Drive and Spark up”
      • 1 Radio spot
  • Phase II: Let’s Spark
    • Objective : Involve people in the campaign
      • 4 Billboards (from phase I)
      • Internet (from phase I)
      • New Media
      • Product placement
      • Public relations activities
        • Presenters
        • CSR
  • Phase III: Spark Together
    • Objective : Invite people to join in first handedly in various promotional activities
      • 4 Billboards
      • Internet
      • 1 TVC 30 sec. “Plug in Ideas”
      • 1 Radio spot 15 sec.
      • Magazine (single page/triple half-sections)
      • Newspaper
      • Events
      • Public relations activities
  • Media Mix
    • These newspaper reach the educated, higher end target who browse for news
    • Bangkok Post (BK Guide)
    • Nation
    • Kom Chad Luk
    • These are artistic magazines, read by individualistic people who seek to express themselves
    • The car magazine gives detailed information about the car specifications and design
    • A day
    • GM
    • DDT
    • Art4D
    • Car magazine
    • These stations broadcast Indy songs, that are not necessarily mainstream
    • True music lovers with independent personalities will turn in to these stations
    • 107.0 Metropolis
    • 104.5 Fat Radio
    • 102.5 Get
    Radio Spot
    • Most watched channels for urbanites
    • Variety Shows like ‘Woody’ and ‘Kob Nai Kala’ provide coverage on lifestyles and interest similar to those of the target
    • Channel 3
    • Channel 5
    TVC Rationale Vehicle Selection Medium
  • Media Mix 2
    • These three websites have high traffic.
    • Hotmail is especially used to communicate online and send emails, both for personal and business purposes.
    • Facebook is currently the new trend, used especially by the middle to high class people
    • The Volt website will give full details about the truck
    • Facebook advertisements
    • Google advertisement
    • Hotmail banner ads
    • Volt Website
    • These are high-traffic locations that middle to upper end people usually pass to work or leisure spots
    • The night clubs are socializing spots for those who have a love of fun and parties
    - Billboard near expressways (Suvarnabhumi Airport, Sukhumvit, Sathorn) - New media (light bulbs) Ekamai/Thonglor night clubs; Paragon/Central department stores Out-of-home Rationale Vehicle Selection Medium
  • Media Mix 3
    • The series is considered chic by urbanites. The series has a high rating and has become a trendsetter in the modern society, both men and women alike.
    • All the characters have distinctive styles and their own independent thinking, a characteristic that relates to our truck.
    • Gossip Girl Series, Season 3
    Product placement
    • Traditional information provided for those with a deeper interest in the car
    • Leaflets and brochures at Events and Car showrooms
    Other print media Rationale Vehicle Selection Medium
  • Example of Billboard
  • Example of Billboard
  • Example of Magazine Strip Ad
  • Media Flowchart Other IMC Tools Events PR OHH media Internet New media Other Print Media Newspaper Magazine Radio spot TVC January 2010 December 2009 November 2009
  • IMC Plan
  • IMC Plan-Overview
    • Events
      • Opening Launch
      • Volt Caravan (Art and Music festival, Indy market)
    • Public Relations
      • Volt Sparker
      • Photo Competition
      • Volt Limited Edition
      • “ Spark Up Your Future”
    • New Media
      • Facebook quiz
    • Sales Promotion
    • Direct Marketing
  • Opening Launch
    • Teaser
      • Place enormous unlit light bulbs around town
      • At the day of the launch, the light bulbs will light up
    • Rationale:
      • To create curiosity
      • The light bulbs are in line with the campaign “Spark up”
  • Opening Launch
    • Event
      • At Siam Paragon, exterior fountain abbey
      • Place many free-standing bulbs in front
        • All bulbs attached to wires that run inside where the main event is held
        • Free-standing bulbs could also be used as part of the teaser phase.
      • Test Drive service for press
    • Rationale:
      • The light bulbs will become an attraction in itself, attracting people to come and take photos with it.
      • They will also be a point of curiosity, urging for people to find about and become aware of what Volt is.
  • Volt-Holga Photo Competition
    • Participants submit a high quality photo of the truck in creative settings and angles, taken by a Holga camera.
    • The winner receive prize money and personalization modifications of their Volt.
  • Photo Competition
    • Rationale
      • Many artists have a love of photography within themselves-- the ability to capture a moment in time. The Holga lomography camera is especially prized by these artists with its ability to create stylish photographs.
    • Objective
      • Create awareness about the truck
      • Transfer the artistic and creative aspect of photography to Volt
  • Spark Up Your Future
    • Sponsorship
      • Donate 50 light bulbs with an electricity generator to 50 schools in the Northern hill tribes
  • Spark Up Your Future
    • Rationale
      • Light bulbs are in line with the idea of electricity of the truck
      • Volt also aims to spark up life, and in this case, spark the way for hill tribe students to have a better education
    • Objective
      • Build a favorable image of Volt through corporate social responsibility
      • Contribute back to the society by providing opportunities for others
  • Volt Caravan
    • A traveling caravan to major cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket
    • Consist of:
      • Music Festival by famous bands
      • Art Exhibition and Festival by famous artists
      • Indy market selling hand-made crafts by anyone who wishes to sign up
  • Volt Caravan
    • Rationale
      • The caravan would highlight the loading capabilities of the Volt. The things that the caravan carries (musicians/painters) bring out the artistic side of the truck. The caravan would be an attraction of entertainment that would involve the audience first handedly.
    • Objective
      • Reinforce the “Spark Together” phase
      • Encourage people to participate in the activities
      • Invite the press to cover the event in various medias
      • Stimulate test drives and sales
  • Volt Limited Edition
    • 3 Limited edition Volt painted by 3 leading painters
      • Note Udom, Patarida Prasantong, and Chalernchai Kosipipat
    • The trucks will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
    • Proceeds will be donated to Greenpeace.
  • Volt Limited Edition
    • Rationale:
      • The leading painters will bring publicity to the campaign.
      • The idea of limited edition represents the uniqueness of the Volt and its customizable ability.
      • Greenpeace works hard for the well being of the environment. Volt’s electrical capabilities have the same goals in mind
    • Objective:
      • Promote the Volt through CSR as an PR activity
      • Instill a favorable image of Volkswagen and Volt
      • Express a concern for the environment situation
  • Direct Marketing
    • Catalog, leaflets, and brochures sent to recipients through post or mail
    • Recipients:
      • Current use of Volkswagen
      • List of prospective customers bought from consumer information companies
  • Sales Promotion
    • Buy the Volt within January 2010 and get customizable privileges
    • Options include:
      • Complimentary cover for back space
      • 5-year warranty
      • Personalized seat colors
      • Free sticker printings (to decorate exterior of truck)
  • Sales Promotion
    • Rationale:
      • The customization of the Volt is in line with how the Volt promotes uniqueness and individuality
    • Objective:
      • Stimulate sales
  • Interactive
    • Facebook Personality Quiz
      • “ What does your Volt have in store for you?”
        • what can your Volt load and become
        • Ex. Ice cream parlor, stage, art exhibition
      • “ What is your true Volt color?”
      • “ Where are you and your Volt meant to be?”
        • Travel destinations emphasizing nature
    • Volt Blog
      • For anybody who wants to showcase their opinions, ideas, talents, and artistic abilities (film, poetry, paintings, photography)
      • Offers the audience to provides innovative ways of incorporating the Volt in their lifestyle
        • Activities with Volt, attractions to visit, etc.
  • Interactive
    • Rationale
      • Facebook quizzes are the new trend amongst Facebook users
        • They are fun to do and the audience is directly involved in the promotional process
        • Very cheap to produce
      • Blog provides forum for those who seek expression while refers to the Volt as its primary base
    • Objective
      • Reach target in a leisurely, nonintrusive way
      • Create an interest if the answer really suits the person
  • Volt Sparkers
    • Offer Volts to 3 Thai icons to drive as personal cars and be ‘Volt Sparkers’
      • Patarida Prasantong (painter)
      • Arak (guitarist of ‘Slur’)
      • Ploy Jiravet (writer)
    • These icons will also show up at promotional events.
  • Volt Sparkers
    • Rationale
      • The icons have talents from artistic fields. They all lead lifestyles similar to those of our target audience.
    • Objective
      • Incorporate endorsement/testimonials from these icons
      • Stimulate credibility and a favorable image of Volt
  • Public Relations
    • Press Kits for the media
      • Presented at the Launch
      • Include leaflets, brochures, fact sheets on the design and specifications of the Volt
      • Include biography of Volkswagen
    • Press Release and Media Alerts
      • Distributed in time according to each event or activity listed in previous pages
  • Budgeting
  • Budgeting 1,000,000 Direct Marketing 120,000,000 Events 5,000,000 Public Relations Campaign 10,000
    • New media
    • Out-of-home media
    • Internet
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine
    • Radio
    • TV
  • Budget Allocation
  • Explanation of Budgeting
    • Most of our budgeting is pooled into the Event as it requires a lot of resources
      • Salaries for music artists, painters
      • Fuel for caravan
      • Living expenses
      • Stage and lighting
      • Rental space
      • Etc.
    • Media allocation includes both costs of production and media time/space
  • Thank You