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Bpsm internal analysis Bpsm internal analysis Presentation Transcript

  • An Internal Analysis ofHathwayBy Naresh R Shah
  • Presentation Structure: An overview of ISP: Hathway SWOT Analysis of Hathway Value Chain Analysis of Hathway VROI Analysis of Hathway Conclusion
  • An overview of ISP: Hathway Entered into Broadband Technology in the year 2000, providing internet with DOCSIS technology. Reached 100,000 customers in 2004. Acquired two major MSOs in Maharashtra: Hathway Rajesh Multichannel Private Limited and Hathway MCN Private Limited. Reached 3,20,000 subscribers in 2009.
  • SWOT AnalysisStrengths• Experience in ISP market• Known name• Innovation• Business contracts/Peering agreements• Experienced personnel• Network management and economics knowledge
  • Weaknesses• Customer service is somewhat lacking• No local content• Usually don’t own infrastructureOpportunities• Relationships with Telcos long established• Mergers with content providers• Acquire smaller enterprises• Development of web applications
  • Threats• Entry of Telcos/other cable companies• Some market squeeze• Saturation of Market
  • • Experience in ISP market • Customer service is somewhat• Known name lacking• Innovation • No local content• Business contracts/Peering • Usually don’t own infrastructure agreements• Experienced personnel• Network management and economics knowledge Strengths Weaknesses Threats Opportunities• Entry of Telcos/other cable • Relationships with Telcos long companies established• Some market squeeze • Mergers with content providers• Saturation of Market • Acquire smaller enterprises • Development of web applications
  • Value Chain Analysis- Primary ActivitiesInbound logistics - HIGH• Inbound logistics add a lot of product value for large ISPs since they need to minimize the ‘lease’ costs.Outbound logistics - HIGH• Outbound logistics are relatively high for large ISP’s since they need to ‘minimize’ ‘lease’ costs.Operations - LOW• Typically, larger ISP’s have low operation costs since they get their technology at a bargain.Marketing and Sales - HIGH• Customer perception of product is entirely through marketing of the product. Hence, Marketing and Sales have a relatively high priority.Services - LOW• Services have a low priority since, they do not serve a niche market but a more generalized market.
  • Secondary ActivitiesProcurement - LOW • Procurement is easy once there’s infrastructure in place, since a single long lease from a telco is generally sufficient.Human Resource Management – LOW • Human Resource management is not very important for companies of the size of Hathway since they have a sufficiently large amount of technical backup staff.Technology Development - HIGH • Frequent changes in standard technology implies that Technology Development is a necessary cost for an ISP.Infrastructure - HIGH • Frequent expansions require a lot of infrastructure development. This is quite important in a company of Hathway.
  • Value Chain Order: Primary Activity rank:  Marketing and Sales > Inbound Logistics = Outbound Logistics > Services > Operations  Secondary Activity rank:  Infrastructure > Technological Development > Procurement > Human Resource Management
  • VRIO Analysis If a firm has resources that are:  Valuable  Rare, and  Costly to Imitate and,  The firm is Organized to exploit these resources  Then the firm can expect to enjoy a sustained competitive advantage.
  • Factors to look at in the VRIOanalysis: Experience in ISP market Known name Innovation Business contracts/Peering agreements Experienced personnel Network management and economics knowledge
  • VRIO Analysis of strengths of thecompany:Experience in ISP market – Not very ValuableKnown name - ValuableInnovation – Not very ValuableBusiness contracts/Peering agreements - ValuableExperienced personnel – ValuableNetwork management and economics knowledge - Valuable
  • Value Analysis of…  Known name: This strength is valuable since a customer is more likely to subscribe to a known name than to an unknown name, therefore leading to an increase in revenue.  Business Contracts: These are a constant source of ‘confirmed’ revenue and are thus very valuable.  Experienced Personnel: These people often set higher standards in research labs by providing breakthrough technologies giving the company a competitive advantage.
  • Value analysis of… Network Management and Economics: With lots of data at hand, setting competitive tariff plans that work is much easier, therefore, getting a larger customer base.
  • Rarity Analysis of…. Known name: Not very rare in the industry as such. Business Contracts: Again not rare enough to have a competitive advantage in the industry. Experienced Personnel: These people are a rarity in the industry as such. They can sometimes provide a competitive advantage. Network Management and Economics: Again not much of a rarity since a lot of competitors have data as well.
  • Imitability Analysis of…. Known name: Not imitable. Experienced Personnel: Not imitable. Can be imitated by ‘stealing’ or ‘poaching’ people from ‘start-ups’ or smaller companies. Other competitors can do this as well.
  • Organizational Analysis of… Known name: Organizational hierarchy allows hathway to maximize its advantage. Experienced Personnel: High premiums and high positions in Organization in Hathway allow Hathway to maintain this advantage.