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  • 1. 4629150-295275-28576-295275<br />REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES<br />LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY<br />SINILOAN, CAMPUS<br />SINILOAN, LAGUNA<br />NARRATIVE REPORT IN SEMINAR IN PHILIPPINES YOUTH CONGRESS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY<br />Submitted by:<br />Jaiscey D. Narca<br />Ait-2-1<br />Submitted to:<br />MR.FOR-IAN SANDOVAL<br />DOCUMENTATION FOR 8th PHILIPPINE YOUTH CONGRESS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY<br />The day September 14,2010 the 8th Philippine Youth Congress held at UP Diliman. The y4it that I was really looking forward to. I was very excited because all the IT students all over the Philippines will come and meet in one place. I was also excited not only because it was first time to come in UP but also the speakers that will come and share there experience to us in the fields of gaming and animating. The day that i was really looking forward to. The speakers are very awesome and have wide range of experience, there I learned so many thing about drawing. Because I like to draw, and as a kid growing up playing computer games has been part of my hobbies growing up. That's why I really focused on topics that they were discussing.<br />When we go in the “Ang Bahay ng Alimni”, you will saw the different booths like: Accenture, HP, Job Street, US Auto parts, Java technologies track, Phil. MCTQ, Stkes, Wikipedia, Seagate, and Gateway, Acer, IBM, etc. there is so many different job opportunities for all of us. In this convention we find the new trends in information technology (emotionally intelligence, interface, ICT Advocacy, Niche Analysis, Products Creation, GNU Project, State of the Art Information Science, E-learning, Career Opportunities in Game development and many more.) I know all the students are enjoy in signing their paper in the different booths and get their free items likes: ball pen, lace and book, etc. at the time of 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon we go back to our bus and ready to go to SM Mall of Asia. When we can make shopping, picture taking in different beautiful views, and eat a delicious foods.<br />All the students are enjoying together with their classmates and going to the beach sides when you can saw a beautiful view and different people. At 8:00 o’clock in the evening is the call time for the assembly while waiting for the buses we took again a different shots and bonding of the different sections.<br />At time of 12:00 o’clock in the evening we got to go home. To took a rest. All of us are tired but enjoy.<br />