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Ifexport profile

  1. 1. Corporate profileThe first option for the welding, cuttingand finishing.
  2. 2. The first option for the welding, cutting and finishing.1 IFEXPORTCorporate profileIFEXPORT was incorporated in Florida on 1997 with the goal to supply acomplete set of solutions for the welding, cutting and finishing needs todifferent market segments in South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia andAfrica.The company has an interdisciplinary team, focus on continuesimprovement concept to achieve the total customer satisfaction.Our customer base has been growing due to our successful quality ofservice, competitive prices and prompt delivery, in addition to the strongsupport received by different business partners located at target marketsin the region.Our company has distribution centers in Miami-USA, Venezuela,Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. From these locations we shipdifferent products target to the Oil, construction, heavy fabrication,automotive and general metal industry. In addition, the company workwith a group of distributors in the region fulfilling and completing thearea or markets the company doesn’t have presence.Based on a value added proposition, the distribution is complementedwith skilled professional advocates or application engineers, withexperience on each of our targeted market segments. Applicationengineers are able to supply an array of strategies to implement processfor production and efficiency improvements for the products ourcustomers manufacture or maintain.IFEXPORT supply different welding, cutting, tools & consumables thatcan cover from a single mobile nucleus welding machine up to a flexiblerobotic welding and material handling. In addition, for the specific Oilindustry, the company supplies special welding and cutting products andconsumables for process related with the sub-segments of distribution(Pipeline), storage (Tanks), Refinery and Platform.
  3. 3. The first option for the welding, cutting and finishing.2 PRODUCT PORTFOLIO· Electric Mobile nucleous, Solid State, Inverter and Gasoline/LPG/Dieselengine drive welders for SMAW,GTAW, GMAW, CAC and submerge arcprocess.Welding Equipment· Thermal Induction equipment for preheat and tension relieve· Hi Performance Piping welding equipment for manual and automaticOrbital GMAG/GTAW/FCAW process.· Robotics manipulators for GMAW, GTAW, Hybrid welding-cutting as wellas material handling.· Projection and Sport welding equipment and process controls·· For Carbon / Low Alloy Steels on Covered Electrodes, solid and Cored WiresWelding Filler Metals.· Stainless Steel covered electrodes, solid and cored wires.· Cast iron covered electrodes and cored wires· Hard Surfacing covered electrodes and cored wires· Submerged Arc fluxes· Welding Accessories· Temperature indicator markers, welding cables, consumable forTIG/MIG/FCAW/Plasma torches or guns.:· Dryer Ovens, oxy fuel outfits and consumables and personal protection itemsand others.·· Robotic Plasma and Fiber laser equipmentCutting Equipment· CNC Hi-Definition and conventional plasma cutting table· SLAB Co2 and Fiber laser cutting systems·· Manual and Automatic electrostatic equipment for liquid or powder.Finishing Equipment· Manual and Automatic Spray guns for conventional, airless and airless assisted,Pressure tanks, fluid and air regulators, backpressure and filters as well asdiaphragm and piston pumps.
  4. 4. The first option for the welding, cutting and finishing.3 IFEXPORT1925 NW 108 AveMiami, Fl, 33172Phone:+1-305-470-4513 ext.210Fax:+1-305-470-2733www.ifexport.comnestor.aponte@ifexport.comAccess Phone per CountryColombia:+57-1-381-9212México: +52-55-5018-1162Argentina: +54-11-59176117Chile:+56-2-495-7387Brazil:+55-11-37119336Guatemala: +502-2-353-5409Peru: +51-1-718-5124Venezuela: +58-212-335-7534