Creating and Maintaining Your Adult Services Graphic Novel Collection


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Strategies for creating, maintaining and supplementing a public library's adult graphic novel collection.

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Creating and Maintaining Your Adult Services Graphic Novel Collection

  1. 1. Creating, Maintaining & Marketing Your Adult Services Graphic Novel Section David M. Lisa Project Specialist New Jersey State Library
  2. 2. =
  3. 3. Top 5 Reasons to Create an Adult Graphic Novel Section: 5. Graphic novels are published for all ages. 4. Your customers will be more comfortable with it. 3. The comics fans will love it. 2. It’s an opportunity to cross over formats. 1. Your customers want it that way.
  4. 5. Creating the Collection
  5. 6. Find a comics fan.
  6. 7. Develop the core collection plan.
  7. 9. For more information about graphic novel collection development in libraries, please visit the NJ State Library GN wiki at: Workshop Presenter Materials Core Collection Lists comics & graphic novel news sources Pictures of graphic novels in libraries
  8. 10. Find a dependable distributor.
  9. 13. Test the waters.
  10. 14. Take the plunge.
  11. 15. Maintaining the Collection
  12. 16. Face out. Face out. Face out.
  13. 17. Talk to your customers.
  14. 18. Visit some comic shops.
  15. 19. Anticipate your customer’s want list.
  16. 20. Talk it up.
  17. 21. Marketing the Collection
  18. 26. Team up with your local comics retailer.
  19. 27. What’s an Adult Services Graphic Novel Section Supposed to Look Like?
  20. 32. Some of the Best.
  21. 43. Questions? Comments?
  22. 44. Credits Watchmen © DC Comics Watchmen: The Director’s Cut © Warner Home Video Batman: The Dark Knight Returns © DC Comics Entertainment Weekly © Entertainment Weekly The Sword © The Luna Brothers. Published by Image Comics Stitches © David Small. Published by W. W. Norton & Co. Local © Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly. Published by Oni Press. Blankets © Craig Thompson. Published by Top Shelf Productions Y: The Last Man © DC Comics Zot! The Complete Black & White Collection 1987-1991 © Scott McCloud. Published by Harper Paperbacks. The Walking Dead © Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore. Published by Image Comics The Uncanny X-Men © Marvel Entertainment Group World of Warcraft © Blizzard Entertainment. Published by Wildstorm Lost © ABC Studios All book, DVD and magazine covers are copyright of the respective owners and are used for demonstration and promotional purposes only.
  23. 45. David Lisa, Consultant , New Jersey State Library [email_address] Thanks!