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Description about CKAN: story, functionality, technical issue.

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CKAN - the open source data portal platform

  1. 1. CKAN Open Source Data Portal Platform  Maurizio Napolitano <>based on the presentation of Rufus Pollock – Director of OKFN -
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. CKAN Widely Used Open-Source Powerful and Flexible  Open-Source = Autonomy, Zero Lock-In, Customizabilityteam of around 11 developers with 7 FTE developers, 6 CKAN partnerproviders in addition to Open Knowledge Foundation
  4. 4. Dozens of CKAN deployments around the world
  5. 5. Publishing and AuthoringIncluding Data Upload and Metadata Management
  6. 6. Add and edit dataset metadatathrough an easy-to-use interface• Add title, url, license etc• Add data files and resources• Group and tag your dataset, making it easier to find through browsing• add maintainer, source and contact details• create custom additional fields
  7. 7. Resource editor allows you to add additional informationto each data file
  8. 8. Full Change History
  9. 9. Moderated Edits + Customizable Workflow
  10. 10. Search, APIand Metadata Standards
  11. 11. Keyword and faceted search via web interface and API
  12. 12. Search Example
  13. 13. Using Faceting and tags
  14. 14. Using Faceting and tagsGeo-search - filter by location
  15. 15. Full Catalog APIproviding read, write and query access to dataset metadata and much more
  16. 16. Standards Support and Federation• We support DCat (and helped define it!). Run the IATI Registry.• Sophisticated harvesting and federation allows interoperability and metadata sharing between catalogs• E.g. harvests over 15 EU catalogs into one central portal
  17. 17. Viewing, Sharing, Displaying and Social Media Features
  18. 18. Example dataset on
  19. 19. Extensive visualisation & data explorer functionality includinggraphing and mapping data
  20. 20. Data explorer allows filtering, editing, plotting,graphing and embedding
  21. 21. Resource view page - data explorer graph view
  22. 22. Numerous social and community features• Comments• Like and share this• RSS/Atom Feeds• Follow
  23. 23. Add Apps, Ideas and more related to the data
  24. 24. Administration and Analytics
  25. 25. Fine-grained Authorisation & Access ControlAdd and edit permissions for users and publisher groups per dataset
  26. 26. Stats & analytics: inbuilt + integration with Google Analytics
  27. 27. Stats and ratings include:• numbers of views• resource downloads• 5 star openness ratings
  28. 28. Web Page Management
  29. 29. Easily Add Custom Content + Pages• Datasets by default support a rich-text content field where content can be added• Easy to add new content and dynamic pages• Can integrate with third-party CMS such as Drupal (this has been done extensively)• Solution includes a full extension framework for adding new functionality and pages to the system
  30. 30. Easy to Theme and Customize Appearance
  31. 31. Internationalization & MultilingualismInterfaces are available inover 18 languages.Fully support internationalcharacters
  32. 32. Multilingual ContentSupport for• Multilingual search• Consistent navigation and labeling of multilingual datasets• Dataset information (metadata) in multiple languages• Per dataset specification of primary language 
  33. 33. Technical issues
  34. 34. The core system
  35. 35. Harvesting functionsto manage the python scripts ...
  36. 36. Viewsand/or integration with some cms
  37. 37. Security and Hosting
  38. 38. Secure and Extensively "Road-tested"• Penetration tested by government• In production deployments for governments and others for 3+ years• Built on standard, widely used open-source components 
  39. 39. Multiple deployment and support options• Solutions development and deployment support from multiple providers• Hosted, SLAd SaaS provision from core development team• On the ground training and technical assistance for your own deployments• Flexible support contracts
  40. 40. Thanks! Visit us to … and our projects – The Open Definition – – Open Data Handbook – – CKAN – – OpenSpending - – …. OKFN Labs the speaker: Twitter @napo Blog