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CKAN: open source data catalog

  1. 1. Conferenza OpenGeoData Italia 201 – Rome 27 February 2013 CKAN Open Source Open Data Catalog Maurizio Napolitano <> based on an presentation of Irina Bolychevsky and Rufus Pollock
  2. 2. The Open Knowledge Foundation A not-for-profit organisation promoting openness in all its forms. Progress through community engagement organise events to bring people together. We have projects and partnerships  throughout the world, especially in Europe. We build tools and communities to create, use and share open  knowledge - content and data that every one can use, share and build on. Aim to improve governance, research  and the economy.
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Publishing and Authoring Including Data Upload and Metadata Management
  5. 5. Add and edit dataset metadata through an easy-to-use interface • Add title, url, license etc • Add data files and resources • Group and tag your dataset, making it easier to find through browsing • add maintainer, source and contact details • create custom additional fields
  6. 6. Resource editor allows you to add additional information to each data file
  7. 7. Full Change History
  8. 8. Moderated Edits + Customizable Workflow
  9. 9. Search, API and Metadata Standards
  10. 10. Keyword and faceted search via web interface and API
  11. 11. Search Example
  12. 12. Using Faceting and tags
  13. 13. Using Faceting and tags Geo-search - filter by location
  14. 14. Full Catalog API providing read, write and query access to dataset metadata and much more
  15. 15. Standards Support and Federation • We support DCat (and helped define it!). Run the IATI Registry. • Sophisticated harvesting and federation allows interoperability and metadata sharing between catalogs • E.g. harvests over 15 EU catalogs into one central portal
  16. 16. Viewing, Sharing, Displaying and Social Media Features
  17. 17. Extensive visualisation & data explorer functionality including graphing and mapping data
  18. 18. Data explorer allows filtering, editing, plotting, graphing and embedding
  19. 19. Resource view page - data explorer graph view
  20. 20. Numerous social and community features • • • • Comments Like and share this RSS/Atom Feeds Follow
  21. 21. Add Apps, Ideas and more related to the data
  22. 22. Extendible with plugins
  23. 23. Administration and Analytics
  24. 24. Fine-grained Authorisation & Access Control Add and edit permissions for users and publisher groups per dataset
  25. 25. Stats & analytics: inbuilt + integration with Google Analytics
  26. 26. Stats and ratings include: • numbers of views • resource downloads • 5 star openness ratings
  27. 27. THANKS
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