Ci 350 lesson 1 use!


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Ci 350 lesson 1 use!

  1. 1. Kayla Napier CI 350 Harold Blanco September 29, 2013 Lesson One I. Analyzethe Learners:I will be teaching a class of twenty-five fifth grade students who are between the ages of ten and eleven years old.There are twelve girls and thirteen boys, four of whom are African Americans.Overall, my students will learn in a variety of ways. Thus,I will be incorporating several teaching strategies in order to ensure that all of my students can easily comprehend the material. II. State Objectives:My fifth grade students will list and describe theeconomic and cultural differences between the North and South prior to the Civil War by utilizing cooperative learning groups, role-play,online research,maps, videos, blogs, and journaling by the end of the day with 95% accuracy. III. Select Methods, Media, and Materials: In order to appeal to a variety of learning styles,I will be utilizing the following media, methods, and materials throughout this lesson: Computer Lab: The students will be using computers to research information regarding the cultural and economic differences of the North and South. Role-play: As one of my activities, I will allow students to share the information they have gathered regarding the different ways of life in the North and South through the utilization of role-play. Maps: I will display maps of the North and South prior to the Civil War
  2. 2. Digital Story Telling Video and Instructional Video:I will incorporate my digital storytelling video as well as an instructional video to depict the differences between the North and South. Blogs: Students will create a blog about life prior to the Civil War. IV. Utilize Media and Material: Prior to class, I will preview all materials and electronic devices that will be incorporated into the lesson. Also, I will prepare a checklist of the criteria that my students will be required to incorporate into their journal entries/blogs.I will then divide the classroom into two large areas labeled the North and the South. Thus, I will have the tables grouped together in each “section” of the room, which will allow for group collaboration. When arranging the seating, I will leave plenty of space at the front of the classroom for role-play/reenactment. V. Require Learner Participation: To introduce the lesson, we will have a class discussion regarding the economic and cultural differences of the North and South prior to the Civil War. To make this class discussion more meaningful, I will display a map to denote the geographical differences and similarities between the two regions of the country that may have influenced the life styles and economies of those living in the North and South.(This will appeal to my visual learners.) I willthen incorporate my digital storytelling video and instructional video to further explain the rising tension between each region. Following whole-class instruction, I will divide the class into two large sections labeled as the North and South. Students from each group will then research their region’s economy and culture, including facts about an individual’s average salary, types of employment, housing, average
  3. 3. educational status, and agriculture. After researching this information, each student will then write a blog, whichmust contain facts from the his or her research and must be set in that time period explaining what life was like in that region prior to the war. After everyone has completed this assignment, I will allow volunteers to reenact what they believe life may have been like at that time. This will help the students to differentiate between the different ways of life in the North and South, which ultimately resulted in tension and sectionalism. VI. Evaluate and Revise: To evaluate my students and check for comprehension, I will: Circulate throughout the room asking students questions, Check for student participation, Grade student blogs as to whether or not they contain: o Facts from research (including salary, housing, educational status of people living in that region) o Written from a historic perspective o Consists of two paragraphs