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How To Install OFED Linux/VMware/Windows
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How To Install OFED Linux/VMware/Windows



How To Install OFED -Linux/VMware/Windows-

How To Install OFED -Linux/VMware/Windows-

01 Feb, 2013
SAKURA Internet Research Center
Senior Researcher / Naoto MATSUMOTO



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How To Install OFED Linux/VMware/Windows How To Install OFED Linux/VMware/Windows Presentation Transcript

  • 01 Feb, 2013 SAKURA Internet Research CenterSenior Researcher / Naoto MATSUMOTO
  • Infiniband Device list 40/56Gbit/s Infiniband mode 10/40Gbit/s Ethernet mode *Mellanox VPI (Virtual Protocol Interconnect) Only Infiniband HCA (Host Channel Adapter) Infiniband 40/56Gbit/s QDR Switch QSFP Cable (Copper/Fibre) + Infiniband OFED (OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution) Software
  • IB Networking Example SERVER OpenSM *OpenSM InfiniBand subnet manager and administration Loop-Free IB-SWITCH OpenSM OpenSM IB-SWITCHIB-SWITCH IB-SWITCH IB-SWITCH IB-SWITCH
  • Install OFED for Linux1) Download MLNX_OFED# uname -aLinux 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Sat Dec 10 17:04:11 CST 2011# wget http://mellanox.com/downloads/ofed/MLNX_OFED_LINUX-1.5.3-3.1.0-rhel6.2-x86_64.tgz2) Install MLNX_OFED Package# yum install tcl tk glibc-develglibc-devel.i686# tar xzvf ./MLNX_OFED_LINUX-1.5.3-3.1.0-rhel6.2-x86_64.tgz# ./MLNX_OFED_LINUX-1.5.3-3.1.0-rhel6.2-x86_64/mlnxofedinstall# chkcnfig opensmd on; opensm –c /etc/opensm/opensm.conf# sync; sync; sync; reboot
  • Install OFED for VMware ESXi 5.11) Enable ESXi Shell & SSHTroubleshooting Options > Enable ESXi Shell, Enable SSH and SSH login.# vmware -vVMware ESXi 5.1.0 build-7997332) Download/Install MLNX_OFED# cd /opt# wget http://mellanox.com/downloads/Drivers/MLNX-OFED-ESX- esxcli software vib install -d /opt/MLNX-OFED-ESX- sync; sync; sync; reboot –f# esxcfg-nics –lvmnic_ib0 0000:01:00.00 ib_ipoib Up 56252Mbps Full00:02:c9:34:1c:f1 1500 Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]
  • Install OFED for Windows 1) DownloadMLNX_OFED from Mellanox Web page. 2) Install MLNX_OFED Package.
  • IB Fabric Example VM VM VM VM VMware VMware Windows Linux Windows Linux Windows Linux 40/56Gbit/s Windows Linux IP over Infiniband NetworkHigh Speed Server Interconnect Fabric for Mixed PHYSICAL and VIRTUAL.
  • 10/40/56Gbit/s BenchmarksRAMDISK SERVER SERVER RAMDISK 5.58 Gbit/sec using 8.00 Gbit/sec THTTPD 13.68 Gbit/sec RCOPY 18.23 Gbit/sec SOURCE: SAKURA Internet Research Center. 12/2012 rev2 Project THORN.
  • IB Diagnostic Commands# ibhosts *show InfiniBand host nodes in topologyCa : 0x0002c9030010c36c ports 2 "hostname HCA-2"Ca : 0x0002c9030010c360 ports 2 "hostname HCA-2"Ca : 0x0002c9030010c328 ports 2 "sl6 HCA-1# iblinkinfo *report link info for all links in the fabricSwitch 0x000b8cffff006f38 MT43132 Mellanox Technologies::2 6[ ] ==( 4X 2.5 Gbps Active/ LinkUp)==> 8 1[ ] "sl6 HCA-1" ( )2 7[ ] ==( 4X 2.5 Gbps Active/ LinkUp)==> 9 1[ ] "hostname HCA-2" ( )2 8[ ] ==( 4X 2.5 Gbps Active/ LinkUp)==> 10 1[ ] "hostname HCA-2" ( )# ibtracert 9 10 *trace InfiniBand pathFrom ca {0x0002c9030010c360} portnum 1 lid 9-9 "hostname HCA-2"[1] -> switch port {0x000b8cffff006f38}[7] lid 2-2 "MT43132 Mellanox Technologies"[8] -> ca port {0x0002c9030010c36d}[1] lid 10-10 "hostname HCA-2"To ca {0x0002c9030010c36c} portnum 1 lid 10-10 "hostname HCA-2"
  • Thanks for your interest.SAKURA Internet Research Center.