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Band reflection Band reflection Document Transcript

  • Naomi Niino May 10, 2009 Concert Band Spring Concert Reflection The Spring Concert was full of great performances from the string orchestra, the bands, as well as the choirs. There was such musicality and I really enjoyed it this year especially. The string orchestra was definitely my favorite apart from the concert band pieces as it seemed really challenging. The soloist on the violin really made an impact on me. While listening to her play, I felt as if the music flowed out of her and she made it seem as natural as breathing. Her playing was flawless and watching her was enjoyable. The string ensemble was great as well, using their instruments to make different sound effects just as the concert band did in Vesuvius. The concert band pieces, I felt could have been better. I felt as if both the pieces weren’t ready and personally, I didn’t feel that passionate about the pieces, I didn’t really like either of them but I liked Shenandoah the most due to its smooth melodies and the oboe solo. Vesuvius, although difficult was quite enjoyable to play. The suspense of the last note as well as the fast tempo of the song made it, in a way, scary to play. Though there were some squeaks and other mistakes, the audience seemed to enjoy the pieces. I’m sure they felt the calm mood during Shenandoah and the fast, almost savage sounds of Vesuvius. But Shenandoah and Vesuvius served as good pieces to play for the Spring Concert as they were foils of each other and I think the audience liked the different sounds of the two pieces- the whole notes and the slurs of Shenandoah and the repetition of scales as well as the quarter and eighth notes. The performances by the different choir classes were enjoyable as well, especially the King’s Men and their rendition of an old Japanese song and the ensemble’s different pieces were really well done, the voices of the ensemble members resonated throughout the theatre and the soloists, the song pieces, and just the whole performance was great as expected of ensemble and their members. The use of everyone’s different vocal ranges were very well utilized in many of the pieces, the resonance of the bases, altos and tenors and the clarity of the sopranos added real depth to the songs. All in all, this Spring Concert was full of great performances, some which could have used some work but this concert was enjoyable and full of talent. The musicality shown by the performers were prominent through their performances and I’m looking forward to next years with the middle school orchestra members playing in the high school orchestra/string ensemble.