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Dos And Donts Of Student Blogging (Naomi)
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Dos And Donts Of Student Blogging (Naomi)



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. The Dos & Don'ts of Student Blogging Naomi Jenkins Edward Randolph Jonathan Davis Demarcus Palmer Ms. Moore Newspaper/ Journalism I 1 st Block
  • 2. Objective
    • To teach you about:
    • What’s right to do when blogging
    • What’s not right to do when blogging
    • Some vocabulary words (underlined)
  • 3. # 1 Fair Comment & Criticism
    • Fair comment & criticism protects a journalist’s published opinion. DO state and express your opinions, but...
    • DON’T be malevolent. Yes you are protected but someone once said, “Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.” If you don't to be ‘bashed’ about something you said, did or wrote then don't ‘bash’ others.
  • 4. #2 Ethics
    • DO have ethics (moral principles). Be honest and fair in gathering, reporting, and/or advertising information.
    • DON’T use slander or false statements/material that might offend anyone.
  • 5. #3 Quote- Not Plagiarize
    • DO quote from other people, it shows some intelligence-so they say- but...
    • DON’T take someone else's creative works and call it your own because that's plagiarizing . Plagiarizing is bad and illegal if you get caught.
    “ Love is a better teacher than duty ” -Albert Einstein Love is a better teacher than duty -Naomi Jenkins
  • 6. #4 Is there a reason to your posts?
    • What is the point of your post? DO have meanings/reasons to your posts and make sure your readers understand the point.
    • DON’T post obscure or meaningless material. Its BORING! And confusing trying to figure out where your going with what your writing.
    He’s obviously bored
  • 7. # 5 Your Audience and You
    • DO be aware of your audience/readers. Is what your posting going to affect your readers in a negative way?
    • DON’T post negative, racist, or spiteful material that could affect your readers in a negative way.
    These people right here!
  • 8. # 6 Don’t Vent
    • DO express your dislike of a topic, it is not harmful to the posters to disagree, it makes for good conversation.
    • Blog about intresting topics
    • DON’T vent or rant about other posts or a topic because its annoying and no one wants to read that.
    • People like to read things that don’t make them want to turn the computer off.
    Your ranting like this Your readers are like this
  • 9. # 7 Ask Questions
    • DO t ry to engage others in conversation and let them be able to actually think about what your writing.
    • One great way to do that: Ask questions
    • DON’T let all you’re questions have yes or no answers…There is no point to it then. You want your readers to be able to actually think about your writings and have them to comment.
    • But make sure your questions actually make sense
  • 10. #8 Current Events
    • DO express you’re thoughts on events that are inside and outside you’re country but…
    • DON’T just put only international events.
    • Explain what it has to do with your own country.
  • 11. #9 Comfort ability
    • DO make people feel like home when they go to you’re page, or at least comfortable.
    • Obviously, DON’T make your page confusing, difficult to read and/or uncomfortable for people. No one wants to come to a page that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • 12. # 10 Write Reviews
    • DO write reviews . It's always great to write reviews, it may help some of your readers know more about products, music, movies and/or books/magazines.
    • DON’T write a really mocking review unless you have rock-solid reasoning behind it. Make sure all your points are right.
    Just because you’re mad and don’t like it, don’t write anything you’ll regret, like kitty. It’s not worth it.
  • 13. # 11 Be Yourself
    • DO be yourself. If you present yourself honestly then you'll have no reasons to worry.
    • DON’T pretend to be something you're not . Like claiming your friends with high-society people. Or that your really rich, when your really not.
  • 14. # 12 Last but not least: Have Fun! ! !
    • DO have fun. Enjoy posting and what you post.
    • DON’T not have fun. If you don’t enjoy posting then 4 times out of 5, neither will other people.
  • 15. Summary
    • When blogging you should express your opinions, but don’t be malevolent. Have ethics and not slander . It’s ok to quote from other people but illegal to plagiarize . Have meanings/reasons to your posts. Be aware of your audience/readers. Express your dislike of a topic but don’t rant-it’s annoying. Ask questions to get readers to actually think about what your writing. Express you’re thoughts on national and international events. Make people feel comfortable. Write reviews. Be yourself. And HAVE FUN! ! ! !
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