2013 TLA Presentation: Blogging and Social Media


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TLA panel presentation on school libraries and social media, including blogging, twitter, facebook and more. Featuring Naomi Bates, Jill Bellomy, Jen Bigheart, Leigh Ann Jones, and Pamela Thompson

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  • Introduction – This will be a very basic tutorial on Social Media focusing on the two most popular sites, Facebook and Twitter.How many of you personally use social media? Either through FB or Twitter or even Pinterest?How many of you work/volunteer at a program that uses social media?How many of you are responsible or partly responsible for their programs social media?
  • Actively listening, engaging, responding…Represents your brand and business. You are the spokesperson for your library and department.
  • This helps guide me in the direction I see most interest in and what topic I should write about in the future
  • Most of the technology I follow is posted on my Twitter, while YABAM is mostly about books. The two linked together gives a more holistic view
  • This is just one of the avenues I use to post my book trailers. I also use other sites so that there is equity in searching and using, especially schools with filters
  • Name – give it some thought Focus – who is your target audience? Who are essentially speaking to?Blog about what you do best – RA? Programs? Technology? Possibly find a niche – mystery, middle grade, authors whose last name starts with Q, tween programs. Something that may set you apart. Don’t succumb to the pressure – you cannot read every new book out there. Have a policy if you review books. State what type of books you are open to reading and the amount of time you need. Design – Yes, all those flashy gifs are eye catching, but it really slows your page down when ppl are browsing. Stay away from black. When in doubt Google search a color with the word pallet and find colors that compliment your readers and the eyes.
  • Why Facebook? Does your population utilize social media? It’s estimated that smart phone users check their Facebook 15 times a day and 80% check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up (IDC – International Data Corp & Facebook). What information would you have to entice your young patrons to read your page?The trick is finding original and unique content. For libraries and their information skills – that should be easy. Do you have something new to offer your audience? PHOTO:This is your prime real estate. This is where you will publicize your brand and briefly give the reader an idea of who you are and what you do. Timeline photo: make the most of your photo and feel free to change it every so often. Picmonkey – Facebook Timeline option under Crop toolDefault photo: Cover photo suggestions apply - Logo is most popular choice
  • So, what could be considered original and unique contact?Events – programs at your library, local, state-wide, and national literary events. This includes book signings, festivals, and events like Banned Books Weeks and World Read Aloud day. You can always tie in the events with your library or patrons. “The Austin Teen Book Festival is this weekend and we have all of Libba Bray’s books including the Printz award winner, Going Bovine. Local authors & include supporting past guests. EXAMPLE to right. This will help keep your parons up to date on what’s new in the library, but also help build a relationship with the author – showing you still care and keep up with their career. National, regional, local associations – businesses that support you. TLA, ALA, ALSC, and of course YART. Does a company near you do a dine and donate night with you or donate items for your summer reading program? Follow them on FB and recognize their efforts. Pictures of your displays or new things happening (something moved in the library)Pictures of your volunteers Testimonials and book recs from your staff and volunteersIf you are a school library, follow the public libraries near you, and vice versa for public libraries. **Don’t self promote the entire time…people will get bored.
  • Insights: We are information hounds by trade so use what FB gives you. Take a look at what your readers are responding too. Are you giving them ways to communicate with you? Are you asking questions that make people want to take the time to respond? Use graphicsCopyright*TIP* if you go to a fan page of someone you like, whether it’s a library or organization, take a look and see who they “Like” by looking at their “Likes” on the right side of the page. Chances are, you’ll want to follow their feed as well. Adjust photo Highlight
  • Protecting personal and professional relationshipshttp://socialmedia.policytool.net/ (12 questions with several sub questions – email it to you)
  • 2013 TLA Presentation: Blogging and Social Media

    1. 1. NAOMI BATES NORTHWEST HSNORTHWEST ISD (JUSTIN)JILL BELLOMY, HIGHLAND PARK MSHIGHLAND PARK ISDJEN BIGHEART, WESTBANK COMMUNITYLIBRARIES (AUSTIN)Blogging & Social Media:Best Practices For Serving YouthL E I G H A N N J O N ESPA R I S H E P I S CO PA L S C H O O L( DA L L A S )PA M E L A L . T H O M P S O N CO L .J O H N O. E N S O R M S , S O CO R ROI S D( E L PA S O )http://www.pptbackgrounds.net/vector-grass-star-light-clouds-backgrounds.html
    2. 2. What is Social Media & Blogging?Social Media– An inexpensive, interactive venue for you to developrelationships with others who are share the same interests– You will represent your brand and businessBlogging– Web sites and other online means of communication that areused by large groups of people to share information anddevelop social and professional contacts. (Dictionary.com)
    3. 3. Blog: YA Books and More (YABAM)www.naomibates.blogspot.com
    4. 4. Disseminating Data
    5. 5. Twitter@yabooksandmore
    6. 6. Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/naomibates
    7. 7. Things to consider when I blog:• You don’t have to write every day• Adding other social media accounts will help share thelove• Write about things you’re passionate about• Mix it up – technology, infographics, reviews, booktrailers and personal notes• Look at trends and future trends to learn and review• Read and follow other blogs!!
    8. 8. Blog:www.jilliciousreading.com
    9. 9. Library Website:www.hpraiderlibrary.com
    10. 10. Pinterest:HPMIS Library
    11. 11. Pinterest:HPMIS Library• New books• Reading lists• Award winners• Most popular
    12. 12. Pinterest:HPMIS Library• Genres• Author spotlights• Subjects• Gift books
    13. 13. Pinterest:HPMIS Library• If you liked …• From book to big screen• Settings• Quotes
    14. 14. Blog – I Read Banned BooksNameFocusNichePoliciesDesign
    15. 15. FacebookTimeline photo:high quality and sized correctly (851 x 315)Consider a collage and something that catches the eye of the young
    16. 16. Facebook
    17. 17. Insights, Tips, and TricksReach – how many people saw your postTalking about – commented, shared, and liked
    18. 18. Social Media PolicyDevelop a Social Media policy• Which email?• Who has access?• What do you say?• Who do you like/follow?• Schedule – repeats?• Pictures – photo releases?• What do you want social media to do for you?• How much time can you invest?• Who will monitor real time responses?• Who will field patrons concerns or languagePolicy Tool• Free policy maker• http://socialmedia.policytool.net/
    19. 19. Shelf Consumed
    20. 20. Paging Parish
    21. 21. Twitter projects
    22. 22. Parish mobile library app
    23. 23. Pamela Thompson’s Blog
    24. 24. Local Impact Blogging Can Have
    25. 25. National Impact Blogging Can Have
    26. 26. International Impact Blogging Can Have
    27. 27. Questions?