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Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
Social Networking
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Social Networking


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Social Media and Social Networking Overview for Women in Ag conference in Delaware Feb 16, 2010

Social Media and Social Networking Overview for Women in Ag conference in Delaware Feb 16, 2010

Published in: Technology
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  • Hi my name is Nan Stenzel from University of Maryland ExtensionWhen I was asked to do this presentation I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t really sure who the audience would be and how much they would already know about social networking and social media.So, lets see a show of hands…How many Facebook users?How many Twitter users?How many has a Blog?How many do these things for their businesses / organizations / farms ???Ok so, hopefully those of you that have been using social networking sites will still get something out of this and hopefully those that have not ventured down that path yet will be encouraged to give it a try.After this is a face-to-face networking session and hopefully this will provide some “food for thought and discussion”!!!
  • If you’re new to social networking, you may first want to think about what kind of user do you want to be?Are you going to try to keep it strictly personal or are you willing to mix personal and business? If you run a farm business, are you going to want to reach out to current customers, gain new one’s, etc.Just some things to think about before you get started!
  • Many people first don’t really know what they would use social networking for… What kinds of things would I post? Who would be interested in it? This ties back to the previous slide…. What type of social networking user do you want to be?
  • Example of a Home PageActually, I had to scramble a bit last week because Facebook changed their layout and interface on me. This is a picture from the help section describing the layout of the new home page.
  • Choose a category from one of the drop down optionsProvide a Name for the PageEnter the security words
  • If you already have a facebook account, you can log in hereIf you don’t already have a facebook account, you can create one here
  • Some Examples of Organizations and Businesses
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social NetworkingSocial Media
      Nan Stenzel
      Regional IT Coordinator
      University of Maryland Extension
    • 2. What is it?
      Lots of definitions out there!
      Social Media
      Traditional Media - One Way Communication
      Newspaper, Radio, TV, Magazines
      Social Media – Interactive Communication
      Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc
      Social Networking
      The Act of Communicating using Social Media Tools
      Social Networking
      Interact and Engage w/others
      Sharing Content/Building Relationships
      Social Media/Social Networking
    • 3. The Main Players
    • 4. Personal
      Family & Friends
      Businesses/Organizations that interest you
      Professional & Business
      Some Family & Friends – a good way to start
      Work Associates
      Businesses/Organizations that you know/utilize/local
      May need to be cautious of who you “friend” or “follow”
      Keep up to date with issues/concerns
      Communicate your “Message”
      Type of Social Network Users(besides teenagers!)
    • 5. Short Updates
      Links to Resources
      Ask Question
      Social Media Content
      News / Articles
    • 6. 350 Million Users
      100 Million US
      Women age 55 and older are among the fastest growing adopters
      3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week
      Credit: Ohio Farm Bureau presentation for eXtension webinar on Social Media in AG
    • 7. Facebook – Create
      For Personal
      For Business/Org
    • 8. Home Page
      News Feeds
      Most Recent – All activities of Friends in real-time
      Top News – Aggregates interesting content
      Top Menu
      Buttons for Home, Profile, Search, Account
      Indicators for Friend Requests, Messages, & Notifications
      Left Pane Menu
      Friends, Photos, Messages, News Feed, Events
      Applications, games, etc
      Chat List
      Personal Profile
      What your friends can see about you
      Your Wall – Where your posts show up and where your friends can post something to you
      Facebook - Personal
    • 9.
    • 10. Example of Profile Page
    • 11. Friends
      They can see what you share
      You can see what they share
      Posts show up on your News Feed
      Can see each other’s Walls, Profile Info, Photos
      How do I find Friends?
      Use the Search box
      Add as a Friend Button
      Friends Menu
      Find friends from email addresses
      Classmates, Co-workers, IM
      Friends of Friends
      Suggested Friends List
      Facebook – Personal
      Will you be my friend???
    • 12. Facebook – Sharing Content
      Click this box at the top of either the Home Page or Profile Page to add content.
      Buttons for attaching pictures, videos, events, notes, links, etc
      Click the Lock to control who gets to see this content.
      Click the Share Button when done!
    • 13. Account Button (on top menu)
      Edit Friends – Organize into Lists
      Account Settings – Your name & basics
      Privacy Settings
      Profile Settings
      Contact Settings
      Search Settings
      Block Settings
      Only Friends
      Friends of Friends
      Friends and Network
      For families with teenagers: Facebook Safety Guide
      Facebook – Settings / Security
    • 14. Treat others with kindness and respect
      You never know who is looking at your friends wall
      Be mindful of “TMI”
      Don’t be a “Facebook Spammer or Stalker”
      Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t share face-to-face, or
      Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother, father, kids, boss, police, employers, etc to see
      Defensive Strategies
      You can hide people or applications.
      You can delete things posted to your wall.
      You can untag yourself from pictures.
      Online Social Etiquette
    • 15. Facebook Pages
      Facebook Fan Pages – Organizations & Businesses
    • 16. Create – for business/organizationPage 1
    • 17. Create – for business/organizationPage 2
    • 18. Farm Bureau
      Delaware, Ohio
      Univ of Maryland, Delaware
      AGNR, CANR
      Other Ag/Extension Related
      MidAtlantic Farm Credit
      AgriNews Publication
      Grow It Eat It
      Local/State Businesses and Organizations
      Talbot Tourism
      WCEI Radio / Star Democrat
      The Wine Coach
      Maryland State Parks
      Facebook - Organization Examples
    • 19. Twitter
    • 20. Like a text message
      Allows you to communicate with a group of people quickly and easily
      Limited to 140 characters
      You “follow” others
      Other people are your “followers”
      Your “tweets” go out to all followers
      Your “tweets” are also public and available via searches
      Twitter Basics
    • 21. Twitter Messages - Examples
    • 22.
      • Special symbols used:
      • 23. @username (replies or mentions)
      • 24. # (Hashtag) – used in front of keywords
      • 25. To make finding similar/related messages easier
      • 26. RT (Retweet)
      • 27. D username (Direct Message)
      • 28. You can Direct Message (DM) followers for privacy
      More Twitter Basics
    • 29. Check out Twitter w/o creating account:”username”
      Breakingnews – MSNBC Gilmerdairy
      JPlovesCOTTON/ag-women (this is a list)
      Search Twitter: – and do a search
      Search keywords or company names
      #ag #beef
      #farm #farm2u
      Each @username and #hashtag are links. You can click them to see more about the user or the hashtag
      More Twitter Basics
    • 30. Use Settings link – update and manage your account information
      Can make your account Private so that only people that you approve can follow your tweets
      Use a real picture or logo
      Be respectful
      Your tweets are around forever and go to ALL your followers as well as the public
      Can be liable for defamation, etc
      Posting the same update over and over is SPAMMING
      Search topics using keywords and hashtags to find people that you may want to follow
      Look at users tweets before you decide to follow
      Twitter - Safe Tweeting
    • 31. TweetDeck:
      Desktop & Mobile (iPhone)
      Firefox Web Browser Add-on (notice the .NET)
      Desktop, Web, and Mobile (Blackberry & Android)
      Blackberry – used to be called Twitterberry
      Tweetie: Available through iTunes Store
      Allows you to share photos on Twitter
      Can shorten web links to post on Twitter
      You can send a tweet from any cell phone.
      Twitter – Tools
    • 32. Tweetdeck Example
    • 33. Blog = Web + log
      A blog is a lot like an online journal/diary
      Can be random topics or focused on a topic
      Different from a Web Site/Page
      A single page of entries
      Reverse chronological order
      Public (usually)
      Single/Multiple Authors
      Text blurbs – can also contain pictures, links
      Side Menus
      Searching, Keywords, Archives, Links
      Blogging Basics
    • 34. Blogspot –
      Part of Google
      Can’t search all blogs, but you can “See Next Blog”
      Wordpress –
      Highlights various blogs on their home page
      Can search all blogs
      Posterous –
      Can email blog updates, pictures, videos, links
      Blogging – Creating a Blog
    • 35. The Dairyman’s blog
      Andy Kleinschmidt – Ag Educator, Ohio
      Grow It - Eat It Program
      Kent County Delaware Extension
      Blog Examples
    • 36. We often hear about funny videos or even not so funny videos on YouTube
      There are also educational and interesting videos that are available for free
      Use the Search Box at top
      Click the “Channels” link
      To see videos by category
      Create a Account to have your own “Channel” and save your favorites, create a playlist
    • 37. Acceptable formats:
      .avi, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .3gp (cellphones)
      No larger that 2gb
      No longer than 10 minutes
      Free Editing Software
      Apple iMovie
      Microsoft Movie Maker
      Many others available for $$$
    • 38. Integrated Example
      Will Gilmer – Gilmer Dairy Farms - AL
      Website –
      Blog – The Dairyman’s blog
      Facebook – Gilmer Dairy Farm
      Twitter –
      Youtube –
    • 39. Anyone want to share their experiences????
      Slides are available at: