Nanoyou outreach by Patricia Munoz King
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Nanoyou outreach by Patricia Munoz King






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    Nanoyou outreach by Patricia Munoz King Nanoyou outreach by Patricia Munoz King Presentation Transcript

    • Teacher outreach models Patricia Muñoz King
    • Objectives of the outreach
      • Year 1 phase of outreach - academic year 2009-2010
      • First set of pilot schools
      • Year 2 phase of outreach – academic year 2010-2011
      • Second set of pilot = YOU!
      • Part of your role as pilot schools is:
          • T o disseminate the project and spread the word about Nanoyou.
          • To give advise and support to other schools (through school platform mainly).
    • Dissemination ideas:
      • Examples from last year:
      • Press and local media
      • Peer to peer - information days,
      • Nano day for your school teachers
      • And other neighbour schools ♥♥
    • Dissemination ideas
      • Online media, and social networks (twitter, facebook..)
      • Conferences, education events
      • Any other new ideas!
    • Dissemination
    • Dissemination. Lessons learned. The effect of this “peer to peer” dissemination has showed in different ways: The interest to take part in Nanoyou has dramatically increased (from 87 applicants in 2009 to 592 applicants so far in 2010) Schools from the regions of the pilot schools are very actively applying to be part of the project. European Schoolnet receives daily inquiries from teachers interested in being part of the project.
    • Keep us updated through the blog – dissemination tool
      • Public page:
      • Private page:
      • Username: nanoyou_school
      • Password: nano4u
      • Encourage other schools to post in the blog and share your knowledge with them, you are their guide to Nanoyou
    • A bit of admin
      • Admin:
      • Contract signed (2 copies) send to [email_address] Rue de Treves 61, 1040 Brussels.
      • Vendor form with financial data of your SCHOOL for the payment. – As per contract first payment will be done at the beginning of the contract. Second will arrive after you submit your final report –
      • What do we do with the money? To be spent on the school needs to perform Nanoyou (chemicals, lab equipment, visit to related expos, and ….our favorite: organising workshops to show other schools what your students learned).
    • A bit of admin
      • Day to day work with us:
      • Participate in monthly online meetings (1 per month – afternoon)
      • Keep us posted on your work and feel free to ask us for help or advice
      • Take part of the eTwinning lab on Nanoyou (15-26 November 1-11 Feb) Team up with colleagues or others already involved in eTwinning. Help us select the eTwinning kit!
      • Be prepared, when you have started to do Nanoyou in your school we would like to interview and possibly visit your school to see your students 
      • Summary of results.
    • Your main references Nanoyou pilot schools approach
      • Nanoyou schools blog
      • Public page:
      • Private page:
      • Username: nanoyou_school
      • Password: nano4u
      • Important: don’t forget to write your name at the end of your post!
      • Nanoyou main website
      • Nanoyou slideshare
      • Username: nanoyou
      • Password: nano4u