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General Resume Presentation

  1. 1. Nicole Siegert-St.Clair<br />7500 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX 214.228.5636 Email:<br />
  2. 2. Professional Summary<br />Versatile detail-oriented administrative support, matured business manager and “results centered”,<br />reliable professional with 12+ years distinguished business experience including both start-up and global<br />corporate success in retail, hospitality, education, legal and technical services. Skilled in problem solving<br />and quickly assimilating new industries, project goals, business benchmarks, data metrics and surpassing<br />expectations. Client-centered, reliable lead team member with a track record of re-engineering<br />operational processes resulting in cost reduction and greater efficiencies. <br />MA graduate speaking German and French with current enrollment for Project Management classes, and quick learner in IT.<br />7500 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX 214.228.5636 Email:<br />
  3. 3. Core Skills<br />Project Management  Training & Development  Coaching  Operations Development  Consulting  Customer Service  PR  Administrative Management  Independent Worker/Team Player  Logistics  Business Start-Up Budgeting  Cost Cutting  Presentations  Business Strategy  Corporate Growth  HR Functions Financial Duties <br />Technical Skills <br /> PowerPoint  Excel  MS Office Suite  Lotus Sametime General Database Management<br />Character Traits: <br />Extroverted, Quick, Alert, Resourceful, Adept at Generating Conceptual Possibilities, Analytical, Organized, Innovative, Loyal, Reliable, Dependable<br />7500 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX 214.228.5636 Email:<br />
  4. 4. Industry & Skill Set Breakdown<br />7500 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX 214.228.5636 Email:<br />
  5. 5. Personal Background<br />Born in Germany, my upbringing privileged me with exposure to a variety of cultural backgrounds, languages and understanding in work ethics and methodology. I spent an equal amount of time in Europe and the US which resulted in a native proficiency in both German and English. In addition, I possess an intermediate proficiency in the French language. <br />My academic progress has been equally divided, allowing for a development of strengths in a global economy resulting in the ability to function confidently and autonomously with few restraints and high understanding of personality types and diversity. Understanding various mentalities has enriched my ability to integrate myself in a team setting and enhance global customer support. <br />At this point in my life, with my daughter beginning college this year, I have the bonus of 100% flexibility both on the job and in location. A relocation for a great opportunity is welcomed both domestically or internationally. As a recent MA graduate, I’m looking to grow with a company that offers a positive, dynamic, fast-paced and challenging environment. Additional references and information will be provided upon request. <br />I want to thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate for your company, and look forward to hearing from you soon. <br />Request Detailed Resume- Click Here!<br />7500 Bishop Rd., Plano, TX 214.228.5636 Email:<br />