Traffic accident automatic detection & remote alarm device


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Traffic accident automatic detection & remote alarm device

  1. 1. Traffic Accident Automatic Detection And RemoteAlarm DeviceWang WeiCollege of Electrical EngineeringHenan University of TechnologyZhengzhou, China,450052ww6691@126.comFan HanboCollege of Electrical EngineeringHenan University of TechnologyZhengzhou, China,450052fanhanbo321@163.comAbstract—An automatic alarm device for traffic accidents isintroduced in this paper. It can automatically detect a trafficaccident, search for the spot and then send the basic informationto first aid center within two seconds covering geographicalcoordinates, the time and circumstances in which a trafficaccident takes place. By means of satellite navigation system,first aid rescuers can accurately locate the place with maximumerror controlled by 10 meters, so that they can save the injuredpeople as soon as possible.Key words traffic accidents; MEMS; automatic alarmdevice; GPSINTRODUCTIONThe rapid development of economic construction andpeoples living standard continues to improve. as well as roadtraffic accident take place frequently which caused hugelosses of life and property to the country and people. Traffichas become an important event in the national interest. it willbe a serious consequences if pelple can not sent weft to theoutside for help when traffic occur. Poor emergency incidentis a major cause for the high number of traffic fatalities andthe death rate in our country[1].The design is a equipment which can detectaccidents ,search of accident place and sent rescue alarmautomatically.application of this device can significantlyshorten the warning time of the accident and determine theaccident site. accident detection and information sending arefull automated, which win a valuable rescue time. It plays asignificant role in rescuing the wounded lives and reducingloss of lives and property of the State and people to reduceroad traffic hazards. This design has acquired the utility patentof State Intellectual Property Office, patent number: ZL200920089697.9SYSTEM STRUCTUREthe design is a traffic accident automatic detection andlong-distance alarm device.It makes up of the control moduleMC9S08AW60 [2], information detection module includeslarge range dual-axis accelerometer MMA621010EG andsmall-scale three-axis accelerometer sensor MMA7260QT,GPS positioning module GS-87, people machine interactionmodule, including the keyboard and LED, and messagesending module TC35i module. When a vehicle collisionaccident occurred,large number dual-axis accelerometerMMA621010EG detects the level of the collisionautomatically, vehicle rollover accident occurred, the Z-axisof small range acceleration sensor automatically detects thevehicle roll angle . Accident signal is sent when the angle isgreater than the set value given. using mobile phone textmessages of accident information (accident geographicalcoordinates, altitude, license plate number, time, date) throughthe TC35i sent to the owners family and friends, rescue unitsand the transport sector.block diagram shown in Figure 1.978-1-4244-8039-5/11/$26.00 ©2011 IEEE
  2. 2. Figure 1 system structure diagramGS-87 real-time search for satellite signals, through theprogram to extract the geographic coordinates, altitude, time,date and other information. The phone number to receive textmessages and the license plate numbers can be directlysolidified in the program. Keyboard keys are "false alarms","emergency", "reported safety" and "close the colorful LED".LED lights indicate system functions were normal, the systemfails, GPS satellite signal search, and send information thenormal and abnormal signals.HARDWARE DESIGNA The Information Detection ModuleInformation detection module consists of large-rangedual-axis accelerometer MMA621010EG and small-scalethree-axis accelerometer sensor MMA7260QT.MMA621010EG is a proven special car accident sensorwhich is integrated XY-axis accelerometer and built-in serialperipheral interface SPI bus, compatible with 3.3V and 5Vvoltage .The accelerometer has self-test function.mechanicaland circuit can be calibrated performance before and after theinstallation.advanced converter design to improve the sensoroffset and over damped response, to improve systemreliability and reduce the high frequency , high amplitudeattenuation of the parasitic resonance.The sensor can help identify false status which may leadto an accident situation, to ensure accurate detection ofaccident information.Accelerometer MMA7260QT, can read low order ofmagnitude drop, tilt, locomote, orientation, shock andvibration errors. Sensitivity is 1.5g, 2g, 4g and 6g. It has 3 Asleep mode configuration, 500 A low operating current, 1.0ms fast response power supply, which can effectively detectvehicle rollover accident information, etc. [3].B GPS Location ModuleGPS location module GS-87 is the third generation of GPSreceiver chip designed by the United States SiRF star IIIcompany, which consists of a radio frequency integratedcircuit, a digital signal processing circuit and standardembedded GPS software composition [4].Radio frequencyintegrated circuit is used to detect and process GPS RFsignal.Digital signal processing circuit is used to process theIF signal.The standard embedded GPS software is used searchand follow up GPS satellite signals, Users to coordinate andspeed is available according to the information. It is a highperformance, low-power intelligent satellite receiver moduleor called satellite engine, is a complete GPS receiver.C Message Transmission ModuleMessage transmission module is TC35i module of theGerman Siemens TC35 module series. This is the latestSiemens wireless modules, compatible with the TC35functionally. TC35i supports dual-band 900MHz and1800MHz and supports for voice, data, short message and faxservice, low power, is a highly integrated GSM module [5].Module and the microprocessor interface circuit shown inFigure 2.
  3. 3. 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940TC35i40PIN3.6VS1R12KR2 10KR111KR121KR83.3KCCRSTCCIOCCCLKCCVCCCCGNDSIMC10.01ufC2 0.1uf+C3220uf S23.6VQ33.6VLED3.3V4MSW 10KVSS21VSS59VDD22VDDAD44VSSAD45VREFH54PTE1/RxD114PTE0/TxD113PTG5/XTAL57RESET3VREFL55PTG6/EXTAL58MC9S08AW60_GSM10M22pf 22pf100100104Figure 2 TC35i module connected with the microprocessor circuitThe 1-5,6-10 pins of TC35i are power supply pins, areconnected to 3.6V power supply "+" and "-" .The 15-pin ofZIF socket is the module enable pin. The serial port pins18,19 are connected to microprocessor serial communicationpins. 24-29 pins are connected to SIM card. 32-pin SYNC isconnected to LED to indicate system status. LED light canindicate that TC35i is off or sleeping, SIM card is not insertedor the network login and TC35i being logged into the networkis holding machine status signals.SYSTEM SOFTWARE DESIGNThe development environment for the system software isCodeWarrior 6.1 with the C program language been used.Flow chart of the program is presented in Fig.3. It is showsthat the system includes the features as motorcycle accidentinformation detection, GPS satellite positioning and alarminformation sending. After the system initialized bypowered-on, it runs the sensor calibration program and systemself-test program. Sending alarm information when the systemis abnormal. It is to determine to send "false alarm",“Emergency for help "and "reported safety" information byscanning keyboard signal. It is confirmed that the motorcycleaccident occurred when data abnormal detected byinformation detection module. Position information searchedby the GPS and then sent by GSM.X Y of MMA621010EG and Z-axis of MMA7260QTconnected to the AD conversion interface of themicroprocessor after a RC low-pass filter. The analog signalconverted to digital by the 8-bit AD. It enables themicroprocessor to detect the rollover or collision accidentinformation effectively by calculating the different roll angleand set collision acceleration threshold.According to NMEA-0183 protocol standardspecifications, GPS receiver transmits the position and speedinformation to the PC and PDA etc. via the serial port.NMEA-0183 is a standard protocol which GPS receivercomplied with. It is the most widely GPS receiver usedprotocol currently. According to NMEA - 0183, data is sent instatements. The receiver send multiple types of statements,only a few of letters in certain statements is valid, so it needsto parse the received data, separating out the requiredinformation.GS-87 module provides a serial communicationinterface, this design chooses 9600bps, serial communicationparameters: Baud Rate: 9600, Data bits: 8 bits, stop bit: 1 bit,no parity. The SCI communication interface ofMC9S08AW60 can read data sent by GS-87, the processingprogram can extract the effective geographic coordinates andtime information.TC35i module data input/output interface is compliantwith ITU-T RS232 interface standard. Fixed parameters: 8data bits and 1 stop bit, no parity, baud rate 300bps ~ 115kbps,hardware control signal RTS0/CTS0, software flow controlXON / XOFF, CMOS level, support the standard ATcommand set. Because instruction content is the ASCII codeand short message in Chinese is encoded UNICODE code, thetransmitting data must be encoded when microprocessorcontrol TC35i module via AT commands. For the number ofChinese characters is large and the microprocessor resourcesare limited, the UNICODE code must put into themicroprocessor memory which related to the Chinesecharacters involved in the message.
  4. 4. Figure 3. System software flow chartCONCLUSIONAn automatic alarm device for traffic accidents is designedin this paper. It can shorten the alarm time greatly and locatethe accident spot accurately, realizing the automation ofaccident detection and information transmission.Consequently, it will save the rescuers form wasting their timein search. The experiments of model car’s collision androllover proved that this system can automatically detectcorresponding accident and sent related information. Suchfunctions can be achieved by buttons representing "falsealarm", “help” and “safety”, respectively.REFERENCES[1] Yao Jin. The discussion of Road Traffic Safety Countermeasures System[J]. Private Science and Technology, 2010, (06).[2] Wang Wei. Embedded Microcontroller MC9S08AW60 Principles andApplication [M]. Beijing: Beijing Aerospace University Press, 2008.[3] Zhu Yi, Yang Shubo. MMA series of acceleration sensor principles andapplication [J]. Medical equipment, 2008, (04).[4] TAYLORRK, SCHROCKMD, BLOOMFIELDJ, Dynamic testing of GPSreceivers [J]. Transactions of the ASAE, 2004,47 (4).[5] SIEMENS, TC35i Hardware Interface Description [M]. April 14,2003[6] Ma Chao. Embedded GSM message interface hardware and softwaredesign [J]. Microcontroller and Embedded Systems, 2003, (7).