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The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on arm9 and zigbee

The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on arm9 and zigbee



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    The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on arm9 and zigbee The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on arm9 and zigbee Document Transcript

    • The Design of Granary Environmental Monitoring System Based on ARM9 and ZigBee Li Xinchun Wang Na Liaoning Technical University, Huludao, Liaoning, 125105, China Abstract- Grain is an important strategic resource. Due to Parts of the wireless monitoring and control unit using starseasonal production, there are many problems in the stored network mainly include sensor node (or control node) and theprocedure. This article designs an environment monitoringsystem of the granary combining Embedded and ZigBee wireless coordinator nodes. The sensor node (or control node) is thesensor network technology. In the actual situation of the design, key part of the wireless monitoring unit and control unit, andusing ZigBee wireless sensor network to complete Multi-point also is the focus of this paper. This node is mainly responsibleacquisition and transmission of environment parameters, using for the collection and transmission of the environmentARM9 to achieve precise control of the barn environment as information (such as temperature, humidity, smoke, etc.).Thesystem data controller; and using GPRS to achieve the systemsremote control, it greatly improves the flexibility and scalability signals collected by the sensor through the A/D conversion areof the warehouse management. sent to the MCU processing. The ZigBee communication module changes the data into the data packets of ZigBee I. INTRODUCTION communication protocol which are transmitted to the coordinator node. Grain is our countrys important strategic resources. Due to After the coordinator node receiving the data packets sentthe seasonality of its production, the storage of grain is the top by the sensor node (or control node), on the one hand, itpriority event which relates to peoples livelihood. The would start handshake communication, i.e., and send aautomatic monitoring of the grain storage will help us to confirmation language source to the node of sending dataimprove the operation levels of grain storage, reduce the grain according to the original path in order to complete a fulllosses during stored procedure and reduce labor intensity. This ZigBee wireless communication process; On the other hand, itarticle designs an environment monitoring system of the should upload the data to the ARM master unit through thegranary combining Embedded and ZigBee wireless sensor serial port. The ARM master unit gathered the collectednetwork technology. Using ZigBee wireless sensor network to information data, using the weighted algorithm to makecomplete Multi-point acquisition and transmission of judgments for the environmental information, such as closingenvironment parameters, using the powerful data collection valves and so on. So, environment of grain storage is achievedcapabilities of embedded microcontroller to process all kinds intelligent control.of data, which sends available data to grain depot manager in The ARM master accesses network and provides networktime and filters invalid data on the spot. It makes many services by connecting GPRS modules. Storage managers canimportant aspects not need manager to complete on the scene, focus the storage information and send control instructionswhich saves a lot of manpower and material resources and through the Internet at any moment. Owing to the permanentimproves labor productivity. online features of GPRS, when abnormal situations appear, it II. THE OVERALL SYSTEM PLAN can send a timely PM to the storage manager to give an alarm through GPRS network. The overall structure of the system is shown in the Figure 1; The embedded database SQLite is transplanted in the ARMthe system is mainly made up of the main ARM controller unit, master, and it can move the collected data and the directiveswireless monitoring and control unit. which are issued by the ARM master into the database for querying by users. III. SYSTEM HARDWARE DESIGN The hardware of the system is mainly composed of the ARM9 processor based on S3C2440 and wireless transceiver transmission network based on CC2430. A. ARM9 and GPRS module hardware design ARM data control unit hardware platform includes Figure 1. System block diagram of the overall structure embedded CPU, Ethernet interface, serial communication port, Flash program controller, SRAM static memory, debug ports, 978-981-08-6322-7©Memetic Computing Society 395 ICCP 2010 Proceedings
    • reset, power interfaces etc. The central processing uses 32-bit nonvolatile memory.microprocessor of S3C2440, whose highest frequency is In view of the designed system is applied in the food533MHZ, and normal operating frequency is 400MHz [1, 3]. warehouse, the necessary environmental data are collected,And select the K9F120 chip which is produced by Samsung to such as: temperature, humidity, light, combustible gasconstitute the 64M NAND FLASH, use two 32M concentration. In addition to similar 18B20 (temperatureHY57V561620 to constitute 64M SDROM [4]. sensor) digital sensor ports directly connected with the This system uses supervision to program the Linux system CC2430, its sensor end-nodes of the circuit has been shown inimage. In this system, embedded Linux system image is as a Figure 2.gateway, use transplant BoA as system web server, andtransplant SQLite database to storage the state of the detectedenvironment and action information [4, 5]. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is the abbreviation ofGeneral Packet Radio Service technology and it is a new datatransmission technology based on existing GSM systems. Itstheoretical bandwidth is up to 1712 Kbit, the practicalapplication of the bandwidth is about 40 100 Kbit, thechannel can provide TCP/IP connection for Internetconnection and data transmission. The wireless GPRSnetwork has the advantage that the users are always online andit charges by traffic and time, the communication cost is low.So, GPRS wireless data transmission technology is the best Figure 2 Schematic of sensor nodeschoice. Main function of GPRS module is to achieve data As shown above, the AD620AN (Analog Devicesexchange between ARM controller and household’s Mobile companys instrumentation amplifier) has been selected as thethrough GPRS networks. GPRS can establish a signal conditioning circuit. The Transistor in the input ofcommunication link between terminal equipment and server AD620AN integrated circuits provides differential bipolarthat connects to internet, which is to realize the systems input to ensure the accuracy of demand in gain control. Theremote control. By the consideration of performance and the structure of three op amp instrumentation amplifier has beencost, the system selected Siemens MC55 GPRS module, and used in it, the resistance of external resistor Rg determines thecomplete the configuration and data information transmission actual magnification of AD620. (Where R1, R2 is the currentthrough Serial Port 1 to connect ARM host controller. The limit resistor, used to protect the input stage) AD620AN gainLinux device file that corresponding to the serial port is / is calculated as follows:dev/ttyS1 [2]. 49.4 K ΩB. The design of terminal nodes G= +1 (1) Rg ZigBee is the latest proposed, two-way wirelesscommunication technology which is close, low complexity, According to the experiment, you can effectively preventlow power, low data rate, low-cost. ZigBee uses that the pre-amplifier from Blocking by interfering signals forself-organization network. The architecture is known as the magnification is too large, when magnification have beenwireless infrastructure wireless local area network. This set at 10 times. Thus, the design of preamplifier gain is aboutarchitecture has no restriction on the number of devices within 10 times. According to the formula (1), the external resistor isthe network, and can always create a wireless communications 5Kȍ.link. In the system designed in this paper, the terminal node uses IV. SYSTEM SOFTWARE DESIGNCC2430 chip as the processor nodes.CC2430 integrates A. Software design of ZigBee wireless sensor networkindustry-leading 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee RFtransceiver CC2420) and the enhanced 8051MCU (typical The achieved network topologies of ZigBee wireless sensorperformance up to 8 times the performance of the standard are star, mesh and cluster-like networks. The system of this8051) and superior performance, which has ultra-low power, paper uses star network topology. The ZigBee protocol stackhigh sensitivity and superiorinterference.CC2430 ZigBee is TIs Z-Stack protocol stack [1,6].protocol stack built, coupled with low consumption and other Star network topology consists of a network coordinator andcharacteristics, makes it possible use low cost components a number of network terminals. Among them, the networkZigBee nodes, and highly competitive. CC2430 includes a coordinator is the core of the network. Its main role is toDMA controller, 8K bytes of static RAM, 4K bytes of which create networks and the configurations relating to network,is ultra-low power SRAM, 32K, 64K or 128K bytes of such as helping to establish the security layer of the networkon-chip Flash block to provide in-circuit programmable and process the binding of application layer and so on. 396
    • between serial and ZigBee network protocol, On the one hand, it transfers the data sent from serial into the data that can be sent to the network by ZigBee protocol. On the other hand, it transfers the data that send from ZigBee network into the date that can be transported in serial port by ZigBee protocol, in order to realize the communication of the ARM main controller. The software process designation of Sensor nodes (or Figure 3. Indirect binding between the endpoint control node) is less complex than that without coordination, In this design, it must establish a binding table entry at the the main tasks that it contains are the node access to theend of the coordinator before any two nodes to communicate. network, collection of the environmental information data andThe role of coordinator is to maintain the binding table and data transmission (Control node instead of the part of dataforward packets. Figure 3 is the form of indirect binding collection in sensor will complete the control lation of theinstructions of endpoints. In this design, use of indirect device).binding to establish a binding table. When there are data B. Software design of ARM host controllercommunication requests in the two bound sensor nodes, thecoordinator will forward automatically basing on the binding The overall software structure of the ARM main controllertable. If the bound nodes are not in the network, the is shown in Figure 5. The system adopts Linux as thecoordinator will write data to the temporary buffer. After the operating system of the ARM’s main controller. The workbinding nodes add to it, it would forward. If the buffer is full, needed to be done is: the cutting and transplantation of Linuxthe oldest data packets are automatically discarded. 2.6.32, the programming of the serial driver, the programming Based on the analysis of above tasks, we create the of touch screen driver, the implementation of Web server andfollowing three tasks to complete the system: TaskesMain, the migration of SQLite database, the system also adopts ofZigBeetoCom, ComtoZigBe. TaskesMain will realize the the graphical user interface based on QT/E and establishes aprotocol stack initialization, network connection maintenance, QT user interface to optimize the human-computer interactiontask initialization and call. ComtoZigBee will package the environment [7].data that is send from the serial port through ZigBee protocolthen sent to the ZigBee wireless network. ZigBeetoCom’s Embedded Web Server SQLite Data Basemission is to send the data that transfer from ZigBee networkto the serial port through the ZigBee protocol resolution, hand Application Program TCP / IP protocolin the ARM host controller. The process shown in Figure 4: Interface Linux Operating System Serial port driver Touch Screen Driver Other The under hardware Figure 5. The overall structure of system software of ARM data control module Remote communication module is mainly made of three parts the GPRS wireless modules, SIM card and the serial port module. The ARM main controller uses the AT command to communicate with GPRS module through RS485 interface. The working principle: ARM main controller processes protocol encapsulation of the data which is collected from the ZigBee sensor network, then sends the data packet to the GPRS module through the RS232 interface. At here the data is packaged into TCP / IP packet, finally the GPRS module sends the data to the GPRS network, and then sends the data to the data management center through various gateways and Figure 4 Part of the program flow chart of ZigBee Network Coordinator routes. Coordination module not only complete the tasks ofnetworking but also realize bi-directional data transfer 397
    • The AT command code of the landing GPRS network are as communication and sensor technology. Finally this systemfollows: realizes the intelligent management of the grain storage, withAT+IPR=57600; //Set the baud rate of serial communication is superior performance, clear structure and good scalability. The57600bps. system shows that the GPRS network has the capability of fastAT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","CMNET"; //Initialization of GPRS packing and transferring data, it can guarantee the datamodule. Set the access Gateway of GPRS. If it returns "OK", collected transmitted to the user management center real-time,the initialization is successful. to ensure that the user can barn environment timely and makeAT+CGCLASS="B" // Enable it with the capabilities of GPRS the right decisions. The system not only saves the energyand GSM voice. consumption significantly, but also reduces a large number ofThe category of the mobile terminal is Class B. inputting on the human and material resources in theAT+CGACT=1, 1, // If it returns OK, it indicates that GPRS management. Applying embedded technology and ZigBeenetwork connection is successful. wireless transceiver technology to the rapid deployment Finally, it sends the command "ATD * 99 *** 1 #" to system of the incident detection of emergency food storageconnect GPRS network to the Internet. environment without complicated connections, it enhances the In addition, using SQLite databases to the collecting storage system’s flexibility, small size, low cost and good effective, soinformation in the system is to provide the theoretical basis of it is easy to install and migrate.managing storage environment to the user. The database has aseries of advantages: powerful, simple interface, fast, small REFERENCESsize and so on,so it especially applicates in the embedded [1] Sun Fang and Li Qiang, “A Study And Design Of A Wireless Serial Port Hub Based On ZigBee,” Control and Automation Publication Group,systems. In this system, the version of the database is vol.24, 2008.sqlite-3.5.9. At the mode the command line, creating house.db [2] Lv Jie, GPRS technology, Beijing University of posts anddatabase in the/root/FamilyGate catalog and inserting the data telecommunications press, pp.117-139, 2001. [3] He Caijun and Fang Houhui, “Application of ZigBee Technology intable colectivo table (used to store the collection of Industrial Monitoring Network,” Computer system,” vol.19,2010.environmental information data) and action table (recording [4] Wei Dongshan, Complete Guide to Embedded Linux Applicationmovement data of the system). Development, Post & telecom press, pp.170-180, 2008. [5] Zhang Jianwu, LiJie, and Yao Yingbiao, Design and Development of Embedded System, XiDian university press, 2009. V. CONCLUSION [6] Jiang Ting and Zhao Chenglin, ZigBee purple crazy Technology and Its Application IEEE 802.15.4 , Beijing university of posts and The system of this paper is developed based on the telecommunications press, 2006.integrating with ARM control technology, ZigBee wireless [7] Ni Jili, QT and window design of the Linux operating system, Beijing industry press, pp. 156-187, 2006. 398