Gps gsm integration for enhancing public transportation management services


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Gps gsm integration for enhancing public transportation management services

  1. 1. branches: hyderabad nagpurGPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing PublicTransportation Management ServicesAbstract:This paper proposes and implements a solution for enhancing publictransportation management services based on GPS and GSM in Punjab province ofPakistan. The system consists of four modules: BUS Station Module, In-BUSModule, BASE Station Module and BUS Stop Module. Equipped with PC andGSM modem, BUS Station Module sends the initialization information containingthe bus number and license plate number to In-BUS Module and BASE StationModule using SMS.The microcontroller based In-BUS Module consisting mainly of a GPSreceiver and GSM modem then starts transmitting its location and number ofpassengers to BASE Station Module. BASE Station Module equipped with amicrocontroller unit and GSM modems interfaced to PCs is designed to keep trackrecord of every bus, processes user request about a particular bus location out ofBUS Station and updates buses location on bus stops. BUS Stop Module isinstalled at every bus stop and consists of a GSM modem, memory unit and dotmatrix display all interfaced to a microcontroller.This module receives buses location information coming towards that stopfrom BASE Station module and displays the information on a dot matrix display.A person stop statistical analysis is carried out based on the number of passengersand a recommendation report along with this analysis is sent to Punjab
  2. 2. branches: hyderabad nagpurGovernment Transportation Department to have a check on the performance andservices offered by transporters to common people. The results have shown that thedeveloped system is useful for facilitating people using public transportationservices.Block Diagram: TransmitterControllerGPSModuleGSMModuleSwitch1 Switch2Switch4Switch3Step downtransformerRectifier Filter RegulatorMUX
  3. 3. branches: hyderabad nagpurBlock Diagram: ReceiverHardware Requirements:ControllerGSMMODEMPower supplyLCDStep downtransformerRectifier RegulatorFilter
  4. 4. branches: hyderabad nagpurTransmitter:1. Microcontroller2. Power supply3. GPS Module4. GSM Module5. SwitchesReceiver:1. Microcontroller2. Power supply3. GSM Module4. LCD DisplaySoftware Requirements:1. AVR STUDIO4
  5. 5. branches: hyderabad nagpurAdvantages:1. Solution for enhancing public transportation management services based onGPS and GSM.2. Facilitating people using public transportation services.Applications:1. Transportations2. Railways3. Courier services4. Postal department