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NANO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTRE (ISO 90001:2008) branches @ (Hyderabad & Nagpur) (040-39151877, 09640648777)is one of the leading top Training and Consulting in Hyderabad & Nagpur with a good placement track record. We will provide Regular training, Fast Track Training, Online Training with job assistance.
We are providing Exclusive Training on Real Time Live Projects. Faculty from top MNC’s with highly skilled domain expertise will train & guide you with real time examples, project explanation. We also help you in resume preparation and provide job assistance until you get job
We are providing Exclusive projects&Training on / EMBEDDED SYSTEMS(8051,ARM7,ARM9,LINUX,RTOS,PCB) / MATLAB / PLC AND SCADA,DCS / VLSI DESIGNING / ANDROID / SALES FORCE.COM / ONLINE TRAINING / PHP / iPHONE / UNIX / CATIA / AUTOCAD / HYPERMESH,Solidworks,ANSYS,Hypermesh,Online training for IT Courses,ETC......
Our training features :
** Training session are conducted by real-time instructor with real-time examples
** Best training material
** State-of-the-art lab with required software for practicing
** Exams and Mock Interviews
** Resume preparation by expert professional s and job assistance.

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Embedded Live Projects in Hyderabad

  1. 1. EMBEDDED LIST 2013-2014 ARM11,ARM9,ARM7 IEEE PAPERS You can interest any project please contact Mr.Mallikarjun:8297578555 BEM01. Design Of A VOIP Media Stream Encryption Device Design Of Embedded QR Code scanner System in shopping malls for building BEM02. Implementation of Speech Recognizers algorithm in embedded controller for controlling devices BEM03. Automatic Facial Expression Recognition for Intelligent Tutoring Systems BEM04. A Smart Home Security System Based On Video monitoring using 3G wireless technology BEM05. Design and development of Touch and Voice based electronic slate for Kids BEM06. BEM07. Color Recognition Embedded System for traffic signals BEM08. An Accelerometer Based Digital Pen With A Trajectory Recognition Algorithm For Hand Written Digital And Gesture Recognition
  2. 2. Integrating two wireless Deployment Guideline For Smart Grid BEM09. technology Zigbee-Wi-Fi Application Hand-Motion-Based Musical songs Of Affective Gesture Recognition BEM010. Design of embedded system for Face-Name Matching For Movie Character Identification BEM011. Design And Development Of ICARD for attendance system using RFID and QR code BEM012. Design of embedded system for wireless adapter for multimedia projectors BEM013. BEM014. Design of artificial eyes by using web camera embedded system to support safe walking of a blind person BEM015. Design of embedded system for control Remote Computer Applications BEM016. The Design and Implementation of a Smart e-Receptionist in corporate offices English Speech Recognition system and its application for visually impaired people BEM017. Embedded Face recognition Based Real Time Vehicle Theft Detection and Prevention System BEM018.
  3. 3. Embedded real-time finger-vein recognition system for mobile devices BEM019. RTOS based Online Real-Time Task Scheduling in embedded system BEM020. BEM021. Design And Development Of Paperless Fax Machine in offices BEM022. Optimizing Video Encoding For Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP BEM023. GRPS-Based Distributed Home-Monitoring Using Internet- Based BEM024. Implementation of embedded system for Tracking Multiple Moving Objects for Intelligent video Surveillance systems BEM025. Door Phone Embedded System For Voice and face recognition Based User Identification And Verification Platform BEM026. Development Of Embedded Web server on ARM9 Detection Of embedded system for Sudden Pedestrian Crossings For Driving Assistance Systems BEM027. BEM028. Design And Implementation Of embedded Virtual Keypad Design And Implementation Detection In Embedded System BEM029. Of Driver Drowsiness
  4. 4. BEM030. Design And Development Of The Lab Remote Monitoring System Based On Embedded Web Technology Moving Object Detection For Real-Time Augmented Reality Applications In A GPGPU BEM031. Implementation of embedded Pen Drive To Pen Drive Data Transfer Without PC BEM032. Physiological Parameter Recording With A Mobile Phone BEM033. BEM034. Monitoring From Optical Porting Of Embedded Linux On ARM And Ethernet Driver For It BEM035. Real Time SMS-Based Hashing Scheme For Securing Financial Transactions On ATM Terminal Research And Implementation Recognition System for investigation BEM036. BEM037. Of Embedded Face The Research Of Qt Embedded And Embedded Linux Application In The Intelligent Monitoring System Real Time Car Theft Decline System in vehicles Using Arm Processor BEM038. Evidence Collecting System From Car Black Boxes using webcam and voice BEM039. BEM040. Hardware-Software Co-Design Of Automatic Speech Recognition System For Embedded Real-Time Applications
  5. 5. A Reliable Transmission Protocol For Zigbee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring BEM042. Development Of Short Service For College school Usage Based On ARM Using GSM BEM041. BEM043. Design Of On-Line Interactive Data Acquisition And Control System For Embedded Real Time Applications BEM044. Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Human Body Temperature Signals. Efficient Resource Allocation For Attentive Automotive Vision Systems BEM045. Design For Motion Detection For Military Applications in secure areas BEM046. BEM047. Design Of Automatic Detection Of Human Faces In secure environments BEM048. An Implementation Embedded System Of Vehicle Detection, Tracking And Counting Objects For Traffic Surveillance System BEM049. A Low Cost Implementation Of GPS Guided driverless car BEM050. Design Of Embedded System For Automated Road Surveillance System For Speed Violation Detection BEM051. Bluetooth Based Data Logger For Industrial Automation
  6. 6. ARM7/8051 BEM052. Implementation Of Radar With Object Tracking And Object Distinguishing GPS Vehicle Theft Identification and Tracking and Control system BEM053. BEM054. Infopods Zigbee-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices GPS-GSM Integration For Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services BEM055. BEM056. Research On Method For Real Time Monitoring Dynamic Vehicle Loading Based On Multi Sensors Route planning and user interface for an advanced intelligent transport system BEM057. BEM058. Implementation Of Zigbee-GSM Based Home Security Monitoring And Remote Control System BEM059. Ultrasonic Spectacles For Visually Impaired And Blind Person GSM Based Wireless Home Application Monitoring And Control System BEM060. BEM061. Design and Implement of Missile Detection And Automatic Destroy An Adaptive Hands-Free Design Technique For Mobile Communication Systems BEM062.
  7. 7. BEM063. Electronic voting system design for Rigging-free Governing using SMARTCARD & Biometric (Fingerprint) BEM064. Supermarket shopping guide system based on Internet of things Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued RFID Based Identification BEM065. BEM066. Two-dimensional position detection system with MEMS accelerometer for mouse applications BEM067. Advanced patient monitoring and alert system using ZigBee and GSM for hospitals and old age home’s BEM068. Design and development of CAN based accident avoidance system BEM069. Design and development of advance security interface for vehicle with CAN protocol implementation for inter ECU communication Design and development of multi CAN network for automotive communication protocol BEM070. Design and Implement of Sensor Network Based Oil Well Health Monitoring And BEM071. Intelligent Control Design of Biometric finger print identification based bank locker security system BEM072.
  8. 8. BEM073. Application and Evaluation of High Power Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network in Water Irrigation Control Monitoring System BEM074. More Efficient Energy Management System Based On Zigbee Communication And Infrared Remote Control Design and Implement of Finger Print Based Voting System for Rigging-free Governing BEM075. Design of Home Automation Using Speech Recognition And Zigbee BEM076. Design and Development of User dependent speech recognition based security access BEM077. Control system Design and development of Touch screen based Smart home automation system BEM078. BEM079. Design and development of micro controller based text to speech converter for dump and duff. Design and Development of Touch screen EEPROM based smart card based ticket BEM080. booking system. BEM081. Design And Assessment Of An Online Passenger Information System For Integrated Multimode Trip Planning
  9. 9. BEM082. An Intimation To The Parents About The Bunking Of The Student For The College Through GSM SMS BEM083. Design of an intelligent SMS based Remote electricity Metering and billing system. A scheme for the application of smart message language in a wireless meter reading system. BEM084. Design and development of GPS based universal clock BEM085. Field Variable Monitoring In Real Time (GPS, Soil Moisture, Temperature) With Precision Farming Applications BEM086. The Design And Implementation Of Intelligent Campus Security Tracking System Based On RFID And Zigbee Design of simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami through GSM network BEM087. Biometric Finger Print Recognition Based Time And Attendance System BEM088. Design And Development Of Real Time Vehicle Tracking And Accident Sensing BEM089. BEM090. E -Cash Pay Off For Fuel Station An Extensible Embedded Terminal Platform For Wireless Tele-Monitoring BEM091. BEM092. Application of environmental Management on energy saving and Green house Gas Reduction
  10. 10. BEM093. FPRS, keypad based ATM security system. BEM094. Payment Automation At Tool-Gate Using RFID With SMS Alert BEM095. Development Of Block Box Recorder Design and development of FPRS based automatic vending system for milk booths BEM096. Design and development of Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miners BEM097. BEM098. Design and development of vehicle tax pay & access system BEM099. ZigBee-GSM based Automatic Meter Reading system. BEM0100. Design and development of Touch screen based wireless mouse BEM0101. SMART Cursor Movement: Computer Cursor movement based on Movement of Your hand in the Air or Hand Gestures BEM0102. Paperless E-Cash Smartcard Technology Management System By Using BEM0103. Automatic Agricultural Monitoring And Controlling System Using Wireless Communication Monitoring Of An Aeroponic Greenhouse With A Sensor Network BEM0104. BEM0105. Development Of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System
  11. 11. BEM0106. ATM terminal system based on finger print recognition Design and Development of Over Speed Identification With Zigbee And Rfid BEM0107. BEM0108. PC Based Stepper Motor Control For Robotic Applications Design And Implementation Of Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair BEM0109. BEM0110. Design And Development Of GSM Controlling Robot By SMS Embedded Control System Design For Coal Mine Detect And Rescue Robot BEM0111. BEM0112. RF Control system with robot car for spying operations BEM0113. Development Of Robot Movement Controlled By Object BEM0114. The design of intelligent robot based on embedded system BEM0115. Development Of Human Tracking Robot BEM0116. A Low Cost Microcontroller Implementation of Neural Network Based Hurdle Avoidance Controller for a Car BEM0117. Implementation of obstacle avoidance and ZigBee control functions for omni directional mobile robot Embedded Control System Design For Coal Mine Detect And Rescue Robot BEM0118.
  12. 12. Design And Development Of Weather Monitoring Flying Machine BEM0119. BEM0120. A Color-Based Target Localization Method And Its Implementation On Embedded Auto-Mobile Robot System Design And Implementation Of Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair BEM0121. BEM0122. Visual detection of objects in a robotic work area using hand gestures Design and development of System Of Oil Field BEM0123. Power Quality Monitoring Designing and Implementing an Intelligent BluetoothEnabled Robot Car BEM0124. BEM0125. Design and implementation of RF controlled Robotic arm for industrial and commercial applications.