Cooperating Virtual Memory and Write Buffer Management for Flash-Based Storage Systems–IEEE 2013


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Cooperating Virtual Memory and Write Buffer Management for Flash-Based Storage Systems–IEEE 2013

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  4. 4. 77. The Research of Qt_Embedded and Embedded Linux Application in the Intelligent Monitoring System Control-IEEE 2011 78. Design and Implementation of the Lab Remote Monitoring System Based on Embedded web technology-IEEE 2010 79. The design of granary environmental monitoring system based on ARM9 and GSMIEEE 2011 80. A Paperless Fax Machine with A Single-Touch Panel—IEEE 2008 81. Developing ZigBee Deployment Guideline Under WiFi Interference for Smart Grid Applications. -IEEE 2011 82. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring. IEEE 2012 83. A Smart ECG Measurement System Based on Web-Service-Oriented Architecture for Telemedicine Applications. -IEEE 2010 84. GRPS-Based Distributed Home-Monitoring Using Internet-Based Geographical Information System-IEEE 2010 85. An aggressive power optimization of the ARM9-based core using RAZOR –IEEE 2012 86. A Power-Efficient 32 bit ARM Processor Using Timing-Error Detection and Correction for Transient-Error Tolerance and Adaptation to PVT Variation –IEEE 2012 87. A cloud computing-based image codec system for lossless compression of images on a Cortex-A8 platform –IEEE 2012 88. DFCloud: A TPM-based secure data access control method of cloud storage in mobile devices –IEEE 2012 89. Supporting Audio Streaming in Application Cloud for Embedded Systems–IEEE 2012 90. A low cost web based remote monitoring system with built-in security feature for vulnerable environments -- IEEE 2013 91. Integration of face recognition and sound localization for a smart door phone system – IEEE 2013 92. Eye state analysis using iris detection based on Circular Hough Transform –IEEE 2011 93. Circular though transform based eye state detection in human face images-- IEEE 2013 94. A temperature auto-monitoring and frost prevention real time control system based on a Z-BEE networks for the tea farm–IEEE 2012 95. Data acquisition system design of bridge rubber bearing test machine on ARM9–IEEE 2012 96. Research of the robot for the elderly based on star positioning–IEEE 2012
  5. 5. 97. The Application of Wireless Sensor Network Technology in Earthquake Disaster–IEEE 2012