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Lec2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Matlab 7Lec 2-Fundamentals
  • 2. Topicsvariables, operators and expressions;arrays (including vectors and matrices);basic input and output;repetition (for);decision (if);
  • 3. Variablesmust start with a lettercan be alphabets (a-z), digits 0-9,underscore(_)may be as long as you likeMatlab rem only first 31 charactersEg r2d2 dhoni walle nano etcPay – day ,2s , name$ galtiyaaaaaaaannnn????????Official Matlab Documentation refers variables as Arraysscalar or vectorerror message:??? Undefined function or variable ...
  • 4. Matlab is Case Sensitivecamel Caps method eg. camelCapsCommand and Function names are case sensitive
  • 5. Workspacevariables you create during a session remain in workspaceuntill you clear them using clearwhos – size of variables who diff dekhoans – function=lastvalue of exp evaluated but not assigned to a variable example socho!double = holds a numeric value = double precision floating pointclear vname1 vname2Workspace Browser
  • 6. the myconstant.m exampleg=9.8;avo=6.23e23run myconstant at start of session,Workspace is loaded
  • 7. Arrays : Vectors and MatricesBasic Idea Of a Matrix – Rows and ColumnsVector – Special Type of Matrix,1 Row,1 Column; called list or arrays in some other Prog LangMatlab Handles Vectors and Matrices in a Same Manner
  • 8. VectorsEnter a statement in command line :x = [1 3 0 -1 5]Now enter disp(x) to see vector kaise dikhta haiAlso try y = [2,3,5]Then whos command or size(y) commandIska o/p kya hoga ? : - x =[130-15] bataaaaaoooooo?????a = [ 1 2 3]b = [4 5]c = [ a –b]Iska o/p bataaaaaooo ab????????
  • 9. Iske bare me kya khyal hai?? :a = [1 3 7];a = [a 0 -1];Vector can also be initialized asx = 1:10;x = 1:0.5:4;x=1:2:6 try karo! Kya galti hai statement me????x=0:-2:-5This is list method of initializing!make sure1.Elements in list must be enclosed in square bracket2.Shud be separated by either space or commas
  • 10. Ek aur tarika hai ki ap linspace function use karo!Yeh try karolinspace(0,pi/2,10)Ye 10 equally space points ka vector create karta hai0 and pi include karke
  • 11. Transposing vectors sanjhte hai ab:::Abhi tak Row vectors me khel rahe the abhi column vectors meate hai!U need to transpose the row vectors to get column vectorsTry thisy=[ 1 4 8 0 -1]’Sign used is the aposthrophe
  • 12. Ab ati hai vectors ki subscripts:Try thisRow vector of 7 random nosr = rand(1,7)Ab try karor(3)Isme joh no. 3 dale hai who subscript hai!Iske jawab do sochke and karker(2:4)r(1:2:7)r([1 7 2 6])
  • 13. Conclusion abt subscripts:Subscript is indicated inside () bracketsIt may be a scalar or vectorSubscript always starts at 1Fractional subscripts r always rounded downx(1.9) will be x(1)
  • 14. MatricesMatrix = rows and columnsTry thisa = [ 1 2 3;4 5 6 ]Ab apna transpose ka knowledge jhalkao!!!!Try a’Hum matrix same length ke vectors se bhi bana sakte hai!x=0:30:180;table = [ x sin(x*pi/180)]
  • 15. Capturing o/pEither copy pasteYa try thisdiary kp2diary off
  • 17. Problem statement:The equation for vertical motion under gravity is given byS = ut – ½ gt^2We ve to compute the value of s over a period of abt 12.3 secAt intervals of 0.1 secInitial velocity 60 m/sec lijiye g = 9.8M-file banaiyeSabse pahile 4 points ka structure plan sochiye and paper pe likhiye!next silde se match karke dekhiye ki kya ap sahi hai ya ap kitte sahi hai????
  • 18. Structure Plan1. Assign the data (g, u and t) to MATLAB variables.2. Calculate the value of s according to the formula.3. Plot the graph of s against t.4. Stop.
  • 19. t wala statement vector initialize karta hai. Operator ko dekho ye vectors ke liye hai!bad hum discuss karenge!Formula for s is evaluated for every element of vector t making another vectorDisp command ka use table display ke liye,,,, and … ka use
  • 20. OVERRRRRRRRR aj ke liye