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Презентация Владимира Юнева, эксперта по технологиям разработки программного обеспечения компании Microsoft, в ходе семинара 29.06.2012.

Презентация Владимира Юнева, эксперта по технологиям разработки программного обеспечения компании Microsoft, в ходе семинара 29.06.2012.

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  • Worldwide sales since launch of Windows 7. Regional breakouts in appendixWindows is, by far, the largest platform in the world. There are over a billion Window PCs in current use, including 500m Windows 7 devices as of last December. In fact, over the last two years, there have been more Windows licenses sold than Android, iOS and Macs combined.Every Windows 7 PC can run Windows 8Most Windows licenses are sold with a new PCThis is a huge developer opportunity..
  • Windows Reimagined.Let me explain what Windows re-imagined means:A new UI where touch is a first-class citizen along with full mouse-and-keyboard supportSupports a new range of scenarios from traditional computing to mobileBased on Metro, a shared design language across all of Microsoft’s consumer platformsdo more with less, be fast and fluid, authentically digitalDesigned from the chipset up for multiple form-factors, including tablets, laptops, desktops & all-in-onesRe-architected from the chipset up for both Intel and ARMThe Windows Store on every device with full payments support and flexibility Fully modern store with all the things you would expect from a modern store, including a curated experience, full commerce experience, and installation on every deviceSupports a wide range of business models with flexible payment options and the best economicsTalk more later in the deckNew development models built on WinRT, including native support for HTML/CSS/JS, C#/XAML, C++/DirectXEnables many developers to leverage the skills and assets they already know and have


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  • 6. Рынок платформ сегодняUnits Since Launch of Windows 7 as of March 2012, IDC
  • 7. Windows: создана заново 18
  • 8. Сценариидляоблака
  • 9. Что это и зачем оновам нужно?
  • 10. (с )http://gigaom.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/go-cloud-r3.jpg
  • 11. • Облако для разработчиков • Team Foundation Server (TFS) Online • Облако для ИТ-профессионалов • Windows Intune • Private Cloud with Hyper-V “…about 70 percent of the folks who work for us today are either doing something that is designed exclusively for the cloud…”• Windows Azure – облако для всех – Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/steve/2010/03-04Cloud.mspx
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  • 14.  http://windowsazure.com  http://msdn.ru/• Вебинар: 6 июля все про Windows Azure, Q&A  http://rdir.in/azurewebinar vyunev@microsoft.com http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vyunev/