Tiffany Trenda Strange Attractor


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Tiffany Trenda Strange Attractor

  1. 1. TIFFANY@TIFFANYTRENDA.COM WWW.TIFFANYTRENDA.COM “St range Att ractor” Performance PROPOSAL 1. Concept 2. Description 3. Performance 4. Role of the Viewer 5. Technical 6. Website 7. Materials for Installation 8. Equipment 9. Labor 10. Total Dimensions 11. Duration of Installation/Destall 12. Aftermath/Documentation 13. Sketch 1 & 2: Side View 14. Sketch 3: The mapping of the body. 15. Sketch 4: The posted data on the website.
  2. 2. 1. Concept Is there a system that can be found in the perception/objectification of the human body? 2. Description I will lay naked on an 8’ x 4’ table. There will be a surveillance ball camera place above my body. This camera will be filming me. The image will be placed live onto the Internet. The viewer will participate by logging onto the website and creating a profile name. They will have a total of 5 minutes to navigate the camera. There will also be (2) navigation possibilities. One will move the camera in every direction (Right, Left, Up and Down). These directions will be from the movement of the surveillance ball camera. The other will move the camera itself, on a tracking system from my head to my feet. After 5 minutes, the viewer will automatically be logged out and an image will appear on the website. The image is created from the data collected by the movement of the camera. It tracks where the viewer moved the camera in the 5 minutes. It also becomes the traces and residue that leaves from a 3D object into a 2D drawing. This work is data collected on how each individual investigates, perceives, and objectifies the body. The camera becomes an extension of the eye and how they see the body. The title of the piece, “Strange Attractor” comes from an example of chaos theory. Each viewer will be given the same amount of time. They will have a designated space that the camera can move. They will also start from the same place each time. By starting from the same point, the data has a beginning fixed value and position but will never be the same outcome. The title also plays upon the idea of a stranger (the viewer) who will be looking and objectifying the body as a concept of “attraction”. 3. Performance The performance includes me lying completely still on a table for a duration of 8 hours. 4. Role of the Viewer The viewer can log onto the website in the gallery space or on their own computer anywhere. 5. Technical I will create a simple, clean website. I will work with an engineer to create the tracking system of the camera moving from my head to my toes. The engineer will also create how the camera will be hosted live on the Internet and be able to track the movements of the camera to produce the image as the end result. 6. Website The website will have a simple and clean look. All of the drawings will post onto a page with the persons profile. A. Home: A description of the work. B. Live: This page will show the live video feed of me on the table.
  3. 3. C. Create a Profile: Here the viewer will create his or her own unique profile name. D. Log In: You will be able to log in and control the movements of the camera. E. Data: All of the collected data/drawings will be posted here. F. Documentation: Photos and video of the live performance will be placed here. 7. Materials for Installation A. (1) 8ft x 4 ft table B. (1) 2 x 4 wood C. (1) Track system for camera to move from my head to my feet. 8. Equipment: a. 1 laptop b. 1 surveillance ball camera 9. Labor I will work with (1) engineer. I will also need (1) person to assist in the installation of the piece and (1) assistant for the duration of the performance. 10. Total Dimensions: 11 ½ ft x 7 ½ ft 3 ½ ft x 3 ½ ft for the laptop computer 8 ft x 4 ft for the table 11. Duration of Installation/Destall It will take 1 full day to install the equipment and materials. It will take a few hours to destall. 12. Aftermath/Documentation After the performance, a video monitor can be placed in the gallery to show the documentation. The viewer will also, still be able to log onto the website and control the movements of the camera.
  4. 4. 13. Side View
  5. 5. 14. The mapping of the body. 15. The posted data on the website.