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Culture at Nanigans

Culture at Nanigans



Why our executive team didn't write our culture deck, on Harvard Business Review: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/06/why_executive_teams_shouldnt_write.html ...

Why our executive team didn't write our culture deck, on Harvard Business Review: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/06/why_executive_teams_shouldnt_write.html

Is corporate culture really about organizational structure and incentives? What the company’s founders and executive team is on a mission to accomplish? How those same people ideally want their culture projected to investors? Or is company culture more about who people are and how they interact – what commonalities they share, and how they work and play?

Genuine culture is organic, not imposed. It’s why our executive team did not write our culture deck. Culture is what keeps people at Nanigans – not our mission statement or how our teams are structured. Our culture deck is a guide for company hiring and fit, as much as it is a signature of what’s made us so successful to date.



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Culture at Nanigans Culture at Nanigans Presentation Transcript

  • THE CULTUREWE‟VE CREATEDATa guide for company hiring and fitand the signature of what‟s made us so successful to date
  • “94% of executives and 88% of employeesbelieve a distinct workplace culture isimportant to business success.”- Deloitte, “Culture in the Workplace” study
  • culture is a core pillar of any successfulcompany, along with its• industry• product• customers
  • and yet for 3 years at ,we didn‟t really talk about “our culture.”
  • … why?
  • because it was so authentic already.
  • … and because we were moving so fast !(which is, of course, a big part of our culture)
  • but the truth is all along we knew,
  • genuine culture is organic, not imposed.it emanates from people,a natural expression of who they are,and arises out of shared experiences.
  • but after hyper growth from 35 to 100 peopleacross 4 offices in just over a year…
  • … it was time to step back and ask ourselves,
  • after hyper growth from !35 to 100 people across 4 offices !in just over a year…!almost everyone atanswered that question with, “great people.”
  • and then we asked ourselves,
  • after hyper growth from !35 to 100 people across 4 offices !in just over a year…!and almost everyone atanswered that question with, “our great people.”
  • so it became critical for business successto ask ourselves,
  • or to be more blunt,what defines a employee?
  • and together we said…
  • clear themes emerged about theculture, about• our people• our shared experiences
  • like our industry, we‟re always-on,dynamic and fast-paced.
  • like our product, we‟re analytical –embracing challenges, chaos and complexitiesto create real value.
  • like our customers, we‟re focused andresults-driven on the surface…
  • … with a fierce work ethic underneath.
  • we‟re committed to providing transparency forour industry, product and customers…
  • … in the same way we‟re direct (if not blunt)in how we communicate and share ideas.
  • so it‟s no surprise that we‟re agile and we‟reproblem solvers,
  • … that we‟re keenly data and market driven.
  • in fact, we‟re consistently first to market.
  • it‟s a result of our relentlessness,
  • … urgency,
  • … extreme dedication,
  • … and a special willingness, sacrifice and carefor team above self
  • (the epitome of collaboration).
  • so what’s missing in all this imagery of whatdefines a employee?
  • well, it deserves more than one slide...
  • with our founders…
  • and latest hires…
  • inside the office…
  • “clash of clans”“fbx swat team”“dress like yue day”“office warming”“meme art”“bunny / bar hop”“hadouken”“catvertising”
  • and outside the office…
  • “softball”“red cross food bank”“fashion‟s night out”“hub on wheels”“ladies night”“frog pond ice skating”“east meets west”
  • always with plenty of candor…
  • … and a true dedication to first GSD.(“gsd = get sh*t done”)
  • “ski weekend”“happy hours”“holiday party”“shooting range”
  • and we‟d be discounting just how authenticour culture is without the real answersto the question,
  • because these answers define theculture we’ve created atbetter than any imagery ever could –• our people• our shared experiences
  • “Everyone is busy, yet still willing to dropeverything to help you out. It‟s amazing.When someone does that for you, youcontinue to do it for them – you pay thatforward. That‟s our culture. That‟s the circleof life at .”– Campaign Management
  • “We‟re redefining the way big businessshould work, with vibrancy and passion andbeing united towards a common goal. Peopleare willing to work their butts off forcustomers and other departments – we’rereally in this together. We love the culturefor this, and don‟t want to work anywhereelse.”– Campaign Management
  • “People are united in the vision of growingthe company. They‟re goal oriented – reallydriven. There‟s selflessness, often workinguntil midnight and on the weekends. It takesa certain personality type.”- Business Operations
  • “We care more about our jobs than anyone Iknow. It‟s clearly shown in the hours we workand amount of time we choose to spend witheach other outside of work. Were all invested– it‟s not something you learn, it‟s somethingyou’ve been your whole life.”- Campaign Management
  • “The caliber of people here is incredible.Everyone is impressive every day. Peopletackle so many different things, and manageall with a smile and efficiently. It‟s impressivehow technical people are, too – frommanagement to campaign managers.”– Engineering & Data Science
  • “The motivation and work ethic here isamazing. So is the intelligence of people –their desire to learn. We‟re innovative; wehave a desire to solve problems.”- Engineering & Data Science
  • “I‟ve never worked at a place where everyoneis so open and honest with one anotherinstead of just glossing over things. It‟s reallya self-fulfilling culture.”– Account Management
  • “We laugh a lot. It cuts through even the moststressful situations. There‟s a lot of givingand taking jokes. There‟s some bigpersonalities here, that bring out the best ineveryone.”– Business Operations
  • “One time, after going back and forth with aclient until 3am, [a coworker] sent me a thankyou email. No one expects a pat on the backfor this stuff, it‟s just part of their duty – butpeople still express gratitude and reallycare.”- Campaign Management
  • “When a team wins the WorldSeries, reporters always ask how they did it.Some player always brings up how it used tobe „25 guys, 25 cabs‟ home at night. But thatthis team was special. They spent time witheach other outside the ballpark. They evenspent time with each other‟s families.Hell, they were a family. Well, that‟s what it‟slike at .”- Business Operations
  • “There‟s an internal sense of humor here.We even know when to make cat jokesduring client calls – it just shows that werehuman.”– Campaign Management
  • “When [a coworker] can spend fifteenminutes at a holiday party cracking jokesabout [our CEO and COO], it‟s really telling ofour company‟s fun, open and transparentculture.”– Account Management
  • “Everyone works really hard to carry theirown weight and make sure theyre pushingthings forward as much as they can. Butthere‟s also lightheartedness, poking fun atstuff and joking around. It‟s that good mix ofreally hard work and having a good laugh atthe same time.”– Campaign Management
  • “People don‟t take themselves tooseriously, and yet really take ownership andget things done. We‟re informal and fun, butdead serious about the work.”- Account Management
  • “It‟s a 24/7 culture – we‟re always on.Everyone is hard working, goal-driven andpassionate. People come to work becausethey enjoy the challenge. It‟s not a cut anddry system. We‟re constantly learning andapplying those learnings.”– Campaign Management
  • “We‟re all united by GSD. Its very clear ifyou‟re not going to be able to keep pace.There‟s a blue collar work ethic you need togain respect, and can be ostracized if youdont have it.”– Business Operations
  • “What impresses me most is how peoplepitch in. I remember launching [a majorcampaign] that wasn‟t spending to goal. Wewere frantically checking settings to figure outwhy, and eventually looped in [our CEO] whohelped triage. It was 10pm and he called inengineering. They made code changes, andby 11pm the campaign was spending andfrom there on out kicked ass.”– Campaign Management
  • “There‟s fires to put out all the time, and that‟swhen people really come together. Peopleare in the tunnel with you, even when youcan‟t see the light.”– Business Operations
  • “I was so floored at the quarterly meetingbecause it was so transparent. It wasn‟t faketransparency; it was actual numbers. I‟venever had access to that, and it makeseverything you‟re doing so much moremeaningful. You saw how every campaignand step across departments was affectingthe whole company.”– Campaign Management
  • “There‟s no B.S. here. Work matters, resultsmatter and titles and seniority matter a lotless – we‟re team oriented and thinkers fromthe top down.”– Engineering & Data Science
  • “People here are analytical, self motivatedand hard working. Nobody is going tomanage you. You have to manage yourselfand be a team player.”– Account Management
  • “People take ownership individually, andeveryone wins as a team. People feelaccomplished and play an integral role inthe company‟s success, instead of just beingalong for the ride. People really care, and arecommitted to achieving and seeing success.”– Campaign Management
  • “People are very close and very social here.It‟s a strong bond for such a large group ofpeople. It‟s kind of like a frat – but in a goodway.”– Business Operations
  • “We don‟t have co-workers, we have friends.Everyone genuinely enjoys each other‟scompany, has fun together and wants tohangout. The bonus is getting to come towork every day with them.”– Campaign Management
  • and as we continue to move so fast,
  • this “culture deck” serves as our guide forcompany hiring and fit…
  • … as much as it is a signature of what‟smade us so successful to date.
  • our executive team did not write our“culture deck”…
  • after hyper growth from !35 to 100 people across 4 offices !in just over a year…!… culture matters at .
  • … does it matter to you?
  • we‟re out to transformperformance marketing at scale.