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Calcium in indian vegeterian food
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Calcium in indian vegeterian food


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vegeterian food calcium

vegeterian food calcium

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Recommended Dietary Allowance of Calcium RequirementS.No Age Group Weight (keg.) Calories Calcium/Day1. Sedentary Male 60Kg. 2320kcal.2. Moderate working Male " 2730kcal. 600mg/day3. Heavy working male " 3490kcal1. Sedentary female 55kg 1900kcal2. Moderate working Female 2230kcal 600mg/day3. Heavy working female 2850kcal4. Pregnant Woman +350 1200mg/day5. Lactation (0-6 months) +600 1200mg/day6. Lactation (6-12 months) +520 1200mg/day1. Infants (0-6momths) 5.4kg 92kcal/kgB.W. 500mg/day2. Infants(6-12months) 8.4kg 80kcal/kgB.W. 500mg/day1. Children1-3 Years 12.9kg 1060kcal/day 600mg/day2. Children4-6 Years 18.0kg 1350kcal/day 600mg/day3. Children7-9 Years 25.1kg 1690kcal/day 600mg/day1. Boys 10-12 Years 34.3kg 2190kcal/day 800mg/day2. Boys13-15 Years 47.6kg 2750kcal/day 800mg/day3. Boys16-17 Years 55.4kg 3020kcal/day 800mg/day1. Girls10-12 Years 35.0kg 2010kcal/day 800mg/day2. Girls13-15 Years 46.6kg 2330kcal/day 800mg/day3. Girls16-17 Years 52.1kg 2440kcal/day 800mg/day The absorption of calcium in mixed diet is 40% to 60%.
  • 2. Exchange plan for 1500-1600 calories Diet.S.NO Food Exchange/Amount Calories Protein Calcium Groups1. Cereals & 10/1000gm 1000kcal 34gm 166mg Pulses2. Milk & milk 400ml 335kcal 16gm 600mg products3. Green leafy 100gm 26kcal 395mg 300mg & other veg.4. Fruits 1medium 90kcal 1.2gm 17mg (Banana) Fats5. Fats 15gm 135kcal -- --6. Sugar 20gm 80kcal -- -- TOTAL 1666Kcal 53.2gm 1083mg ●1400-1500mg calcium is available from 1800-1900kcal balanced diet. ●2000-2500mg calcium is available from 2500-2600kcal High cal High Protein diet.
  • 3. S.NO. Name of Food Items [kkn; inkFkksZ ds Calcium(mg/100gm) ukeA. Cereals Grains:1. Ragi 344mg2. Wheat Flour(whole) xsgw dk vkVk 48mg3. Rajgeera jktxhjk 223mgB. Pulses Legumes:1. Bengal Gram(whole)Channa Hkwjk puk 2022. Black Gram Roasted dkys pus Hkwus gq;s 583. Black Gram(whole) dkys pus [kMs 1544. Green Gram ewx dh nky a 1245. Moth eksB 2026. Rajma jktek 2607. Red Gram Dal elwj dh nky 738. Soya bean lks;kchu 240C. Vegetable:-Green Leafy & Others1. Amaranth (cholai) sag. pkSykbZ 3972. Bathua cFkwvk 1503. Betel Leaves iku dk iRRkk 2304. Cauliflower Greens iRrk xkSHkh 6265. Colocasia leaves vjch dk iRrk dkyk 460 (Black)(Arbipatta)6 Colocasia Leaves (Green) vjch dk iRrk gjk 2277. Corriander Leaves /kfu;k iRrh 1848. Curry Leaves dMh iRrk a 8309. Fenugreek Leaves esFkh gjh a 39510. Mint iqfnuk 20011. Mustard Leaves ljlksa dk lkx 15512. Radish Leaves ewyh ds iRrs 26513. Spinach ikyd 7314. Cluster Beans(guar phalli) XokjQyh 130 Lotus Stem dey xBBkD. Nuts & Oils Seeds 4051. Almond cknke 230
  • 4. 2. Coconut Dry ukfj;y lw[kk 4003. Garden cress seeds gkyw ds cht 3774. Gingelly Seeds frYyh 14505. Groundnut eqaxWQyh 906. Linseed Seeds vylh ds cht 1707. Mustard Seeds ljl®a@jkbZ 4908. Pista fi’rk 1409. Piyal Seeds pkjksyh 27910. Sunflower Seeds lwjtew[kh cht 28011. Walnut v[kjksV 10012. Water Melon Seeds rjcwt ds cht 100E. Condiments & Spices1. Cardimom (Elachi) byk;ph 1302. Cloves(long) ykSx 7403. Cumin Seeds (Jeera) thjk 1080 1604. Fenugreek Seeds (methi Dana) eSFkhnkuk 1805. Mango Powder (amuchur) vepwj 15256. omum (ajwain) vtokbu 15847. Poppy seeds (khus khus) [kl[kl 1508. Turmeric (haldi) gYnhF. Fruits1. Blackcurrent dkyh cMh euqDdk 1302. Anjeer(fig) vathj 1873. Kharak [kkjd 1204. Bael Fruits csyQy 855. Banana dsyk 176. Phalsa Qkylk 1797. Mango vke 148. Orange Lakrjk 269. Pineapple vukukl 2010. Chiku phdw 28
  • 5. 11 strawberry LVzkcasjh 1312. Seethaphal lhrkQy 1713 Tomato VekVj 4814. Kabeet (katha) Wood Apple dchV 130G. Fish: eNyh1. Fish(katla) dVyk eNyh 5302. Fish(rohu) jksgw eNyh 6503. Prawn >haxk 333H. Meat & Poultry1. Egg (2 nos) vaMk 602. Mutton eVu 115I. Milk & Milk Products:1. Milk (Buffalo) nw/k HkSl dk 2102. Milk (Cow’s) nw/k xk; dk 1203. Milk (goat’s) nw/k cdjh dk 1704. Curd (Cow milk) ngh xk; ds nw/k dk 1495. Skimmed Milk (liquid) eykbZjfgr nw/k 1206. Paneer (Buffalo milk) iuhj HkSl ds nw/k dk 4807. Cheese pht 7908. Khoa (mawa) (Buffalo) ekok HkSl ds nwq/k dk 6509. Skimmed Milk (Powder) eykbZjfgr nw/k ikoMj 137010. Whole Milk(Powder) nw/k ikoMj 950 J. Sugar kDdj 1. Jaggery XkqM 80