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Final presentation master-updated- v10

  1. 1. hello. ben huggins nandita chakravarti ray kung sandra niehaus Ingredients of Awesome Intuit Design Innovation Team May 29, 2013
  2. 2. finding the recipe for Awesome what makes people do this?
  3. 3. intuit: a culture of innovation awesomeland user principles in design principles + frameworks 10 ingredients product
  4. 4. engine of awesome
  5. 5. engine of awesome projecting aspects of the experience users are compelled to share with others coloring the essence of the product based on personal views expressing opinions or feelings of others Impact the user consuming ways that the product has direct impact on the user experiencing
  6. 6. and now... the ingredients.
  7. 7. sometimes we don’t realize we’re feeling it
  8. 8. until a discovery fulfills it
  9. 9. as sweet as the experience itself
  10. 10. it is…
  11. 11. it is… …
  12. 12. it is… … …
  13. 13. anticipation (heinz ketchup) Having to wait for something good can make it awesome.
  14. 14. it’s even more memorable as a social experience BODYSTORM INTERVIEW: Chris remembers waiting in the parking lot with fellow diners for his very favorite restaurant to open.
  15. 15. anticipation 1.  Can you help your audience envision it ahead of time? 2.  Plan hills and valleys of anticipation 3.  “Pacing” is setting, then partially fulfilling anticipation for intuit:
  16. 16. Makes it possible to amplify existing skills in order to achieve goals that were previously not possible. augmentation (super powers)
  17. 17. picture this...
  18. 18. what gives you that same feeling?
  19. 19. augmentation for intuit: 1.  Find the process or function that hurts 2.  Identify the skills users already have 3.  Give users the tool that boosts their skills to solve it more easily with less pain
  20. 20. scarcity There are two kinds of scarcity, something that is limited and something that is rare. But beware, there is a dark side to this ingredient when using scarcity for necessities or for novelty. (tickle me elmo)
  21. 21. awesome !
  22. 22. not awesome
  23. 23. Principles of Seduction for Scarcity •  Limited Duration •  Limited Access •  Limited Choice •  Competition •  Scarcity
  24. 24. scarcity for intuit: 1.  Find a quantity that people like 2.  Don’t give it all away up front 3.  Think about how to moderate the good things
  25. 25. social engagement item is shared either before, during, and/or after it is used or experienced GRASSROOTS a sleeper awesomeness goes popular ( )
  26. 26. what is it about the thought of finding a leprechaun in a tree?
  27. 27. h"p://  
  28. 28. 21 million+ views on youtube in one day phenomenon “where da gold at?” marketing campaign mentioned in the office every st.paddy’s day
  29. 29. unprecedented social event in crichton, mobile, AL going viral
  30. 30. tapping the social viral fame relatable mass appeal influence identity timing simplicity location unexpectedness community accessibility
  31. 31. social engagement for intuit: 1.  Identify a unique quality, something unexpected 2.  Create a community around the idea 3.  Use techniques of influence to spread the message
  32. 32. contrast Enter description here (white on black) It  stands  out  among  the  "typical",  against  the  current   circumstances,  the  previous  moment,  or  alternaDves.  
  33. 33. in experience BODYSTORM INTERVIEW: Rizwan recounts a long road trip with 6-month-old twins, transformed from nightmare to delight by the kindness of a hotel clerk.
  34. 34. we’re wired to notice it
  35. 35. in visual design in music Giuseppi Verdi – Requiem, Dies Irae v=rJWzEBEI5yg
  36. 36. it can be the whole
  37. 37. or just a part
  38. 38. because we’re wired to adapt to it, “Our  percept  of  the  world  is…  a  constantly  changing     interpretaDon  that  is  influenced  by  our  experience   over  the  past  few  minutes,  days,  and  lifeDme.”   G.M.  Boynton,  “Contrast  gain  in  the  brain,”     Neuron  2005;  476-­‐477.  
  39. 39. it’s always judged by its context
  40. 40. contrast 1.  Deliberately control what stands out 2.  Ensure it appears in a conducive context 3.  Think broad, across time 4.  Think small and cumulative, too for intuit:
  41. 41. Helps identify and navigate the route to a desired goal, especially a difficult one, to ultimately gain a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction. achievement (treasure map)
  42. 42. picture this...
  43. 43. what gives you that same feeling?
  44. 44. achievement for intuit: 1.  Understand a goal that your users value 2.  Convince them it is worth achieving (marketing!) 3.  Create empathic process and decision support and reward their accomplishments along the way
  45. 45. reputation Reputation can make you famous or notorious for something. To be either is to be known for a certain attribute, one stand out point, either positive or negative that can elicit a following. (ivy league)
  46. 46. reputation for intuit: 1.  Cultivate a relationship around one distinct attribute 2.  Guard your reputation 3.  Don’t be afraid to go all the way!
  47. 47. synchronicity Time and place can elevate great to awesome CONVERGENCE (Multiple "good" things coming together at the right time to create a serendipitous feeling of awesome) (meaningful coincidence)
  48. 48. street art, Berlin
  49. 49. have you thought of any of these things in the last 24 hours? a hot cup of coffee (or tea) the comfort of your bed chocolate a glass of wine a vacation on a sunny island reading a good book
  50. 50. people level Monday morning gloomy, rainy day Friday evening travel, vacation vacation 5 pm being outside hot drink reading a book going out the sun good dinner travel fleeting moment memorable event triggers convergence triggers convergence
  51. 51. 60s 70s 80s-90s present
  52. 52. virgin america
  53. 53. why is timing important in design?
  54. 54. synchronicity for intuit: 1.  Understand what is most relevant to your users 2.  Always consider the context in which the user will experience your product/idea 3.  Revisit your idea ever so often and re-invent/ transform to the user’s changing needs
  55. 55. Creates a powerful, visceral association with an experience, situation, time or emotional state. sentiment (old t-shirt)
  56. 56. picture this...
  57. 57. nostalgia (time & place) sentiment what gives you that same feeling?
  58. 58. sentiment for intuit: 1.  Identify a meaningful association that would improve the user experience 2.  Activate the association using metaphor, etc. 3.  Consistently reinforce that association, making sure it remains consistent across all touch points
  59. 59. influence Even though we are naturally resistant to change, we actually fondly remember the the things, people, or events that was a factor in impacting us in a way we deem to be positive. (your favorite teacher)
  60. 60. Principles of Seduction for Influencing •  Uniform Connectedness •  Humor Effect •  Story •  Priming •  Trigger •  Variable Rewards •  Authority •  Anchoring & Adjustment •  Conceptual Metaphor •  Sequencing •  Visual Imagery •  Aesthetic-Usability Effect •  Sensory Appeal
  61. 61. influence for intuit: 1.  Don’t just solve a problem, inspire people to their greatest self 2.  Become your customer’s ideal 3.  Make your ideal’s shine in products and services
  62. 62. the ingredients •  Anticipation •  Augmentation •  Scarcity •  Social •  Contrast •  Achievement •  Reputation •  Synchronicity •  Sentiment •  Influence
  63. 63. 10 ingredients of awesome
  64. 64. engine of awesome projecting aspects of the experience users are compelled to share with others coloring the essence of the product based on personal views expressing opinions or feelings of others Impact the user consuming ways that the product has direct impact on the user experiencing As products, services or experiences cycle through the engine, perception of awesomeness is increased. If there is a weak spot in the engine, awesomeness can decrease. In some cases, weak spots can be improved through strategic marketing.
  65. 65. everyone is talking about thisit changed me for the better it is so hard to get everyone knows about this I can’t wait for this to me, this is so much better this came along at the right time/place it made me better at ... I am proud of this this defines part of who I am engine of awesome achievement anticipation sentiment influence contrast social reputation synchronicity scarcity augmentation The stronger each ingredient is, the more momentum it will add to the engine. If an ingredient is absent, the product will not lose awesomeness, as long as it has enough momentum to propel it to the next cycle.
  66. 66. thank you. ben huggins nandita chakravarti ray kung sandra niehaus
  67. 67. methods and approaches