morph-LDP: An R2RML-based
Linked Data Platform implementation
Nandana Mihindukulasooriya1,2, Freddy Priyatna2,
Oscar Corch...
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morph-LDP: An R2RML-based Linked Data Platform implementation


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The W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) candidate recommendation defines a standard HTTP-based protocol for read/write Linked
Data. The W3C R2RML recommendation defines a language to map relational databases (RDBs) and RDF. This paper presents morph-LDP, a novel system that combines these two W3C standardization initiatives to expose relational data as read/write Linked Data for LDP-aware applications, whilst allowing legacy applications to continue using their relational databases.

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morph-LDP: An R2RML-based Linked Data Platform implementation

  1. 1. morph-LDP: An R2RML-based Linked Data Platform implementation Nandana Mihindukulasooriya1,2, Freddy Priyatna2, Oscar Corcho2, Raúl García Castro1,2, and Miguel Esteban Gutiérrez1,2 1Center for Open Middleware 2Ontology Engineering Group, Facultad de Informática Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain {nmihindu,fpriyatna,ocorcho,rgarcia,mesteban} Objective: To expose relational databases as read / write Linked Data applications Challenges: (i) Converting RDB to RDF and vice versa; (ii) Exposing RDF as read/write Linked Data Approach: Combining the W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) and W3C R2RML standards Linked Data Platform morph-LDP Use Case and Solution An example – Retrieving the list of group members R2RML Mapping Language LDP4j morph-RDB identifies Registration Office morph-LDP Web App Relational Database Library Legacy Applications configures exposes consumes Tabulator OpenLink Data Explorer ldspider LDIF represents Freddy Priyatna dereferences to LDP Request Handler LDP4j Template Matcher Morph Proxy Morph Engine Query Translator R2RML Processor Data Translator A set of rules for generating RDF triples from database rows/values. A RESTful protocol for HTTP-based read/write Linked Data. StandardsImpl. • An open-source R2RML Engine implementation • Data and query translator • Beyond the R2RML specification • support for read / write access • An open-source Java LDP implementation • Middleware layer for building LDP applications • Beyond the LDP specification • support for vocabulary management LDP Resource (LDPR) Non-RDF Source (LDP-NR) RDF Source (LDP-NR) LDP Container (LDPC) Basic Container Direct Container Indirect Container GET /oeg/members/ HTTP/1.1 Host: Accept: text/turtle 200 OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/turtle; charset=UTF-8 Link: <>; rel="type" ETag: W/"195482449" @prefix dcterms: <>. @prefix ldp: <>. <> a ldp:BasicContainer; dcterms:title "Members of OEG, UPM"; ldp:contains <> ; ldp:contains <> ; ldp:contains <>; ldp:contains <>; ldp:contains <> ; ldp:contains <> . HTTP Request HTTP Response Mapping LDP and R2RML Concepts R2RML Mapping TriplesMap LogicalTable PredicateObjectMap PredicateMap ObjectMap SubjectMap RefObjectMap SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s a foaf:Person . FILTER (REGEX(STR(?s), "^")) } SPARQL Query 3 1 10 SELECT id FROM oegmembers 5SQL LDP Request Handler Query Translator HTTP Request ResultSet Data Translator - - - - - - LDP Request Handler -asun -fpriyatna -mesteban -nmihindu -ocorcho -rgarcia 1 HTTP Response 2 3 45 7 8 9 10 M D 6 SQL Query oegmembers id fname lname website email phone asun Asunción Gómez Pérez http://delici.. asun@fi.up +34913367417 fpriyatna Freddy Priyatna http://delici.. fpriyatna@f +34913363670 mesteban Miguel Esteban Gutierrez http://delici.. mesteban@ +34913363671 nmihindu Nandana Mihindukulasoori http://www. nmihindu +34913363670 ocorcho Oscar Corcho http://delici.. ocorcho@ +34913366605 rgarcia Raul Garcia Castro http://delici.. rgarcia@fi +34913366596 D @prefix rr: <> . @prefix foaf: <> . <TriplesMapPerson> a rr:TriplesMap; rr:logicalTable [ rr:tableName "oegmembers" ]; rr:subjectMap [ a rr:Subject; rr:class foaf:Person; rr:template “{id}"; rr:termType rr:IRI; ]; rr:predicateObjectMap [ rr:predicateMap [ rr:constant foaf:firstName ]; rr:objectMap [ rr:column “fname"; rr:termType rr:Literal; ]; ]; rr:predicateObjectMap [ rr:predicateMap [ rr:constant foaf:lastName ]; rr:objectMap [ rr:column “lname"; rr:termType rr:Literal; ]; ]; … M