Awaken Memories ... - CSE(UOM) 2008/09


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CSE reveals prominence in dissipating knowledge to the homeland, upholding its dazzling values in preserving the uniqueness.The family of CSE cherishes the memories of the past year’s efforts

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Awaken Memories ... - CSE(UOM) 2008/09

  1. 1. Awaken Memories…
  2. 2. S t r a t e g ic P a r t n e r
  3. 3. Awaken Memories… CSE reveals prominence in dissipating knowledge to the homeland. ,upholding its dazzling values in preserving the uniqueness. The family of CSE cherishes the memories of the past year’s efforts Wander along the lane of memories of the past Year……
  4. 4. D e p a rt me n t o f C o mp u t e r Sc ie nc e & En gine e r ing The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, though only 24 years old, is an innovative and stable sub disciplinary unit in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa. It is well known for its trendsetting, creative approach of undergraduate education since its inauguration in 1985. The aim of the Department of Computer Science is not merely to create employable graduates, but to produce globally competitive, world recognized graduates who can face any challenging situation. The department maintains outstanding standards in academic activities while enhancing the soft skills of its undergraduates. It has a dedicated panel of lecturers specialized in various areas of advanced computing and the department itself has created an enduring mark in the IT industry of the country and around the world as well.
  5. 5. Me s sa g e F ro m H e a d o f t h e D e p a rt me n t M s . Vis ha k a Na na y a k k a ra At Department of Computer Science & Engineering we believe in making our graduates good citizens who are readily employable from the day that they graduate. With very brilliant students all what we need to do is give them enough opportunities to improve themselves and guide them along the way. Enhancing soft skills, helping them improve their transferable skills require us to move away from traditional teaching mechanisms and include many different activities into the curriculum. At CSE we are very fortunate to have the assistance and blessings of the CS&ES to carry out this endure. Members of CS&ES are always willing to assist the department in taking up new initiatives. Finding resource persons and mentors for all activities has never been hard. Funding new initiatives through CS&ES has given CSE a very easy sail for any new voyage. The staff and the students at CSE are always ever so willing to embark in any new journey. My colleagues in the staff are always full of enthusiasm and vigor to introduce and follow up on new activities. Students are ready to take up all the challenges and opportunities given to them. The list of activities you see in this booklet are the flowers of the hard work the CSE staff, students and the CS&ES. I am very fortunate to have the reigns of such a dedicated and devoted community and this booklet is a tribute to all of them.
  6. 6. “Mind IT Balance IT” Conference & CSE Get -together S t r a t e g ic P a r t n e r P l a t in u m S p o n s o r Go l d S pon s o r s
  7. 7. “Mi n d I T b a l a n ce I T ” C o n f e re n ce & CSE Get-together Among the host of activities carried out by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) to benefit the academia and the society, the annual conference and CSE Get-together duo was the main event hosted by the department and the Computer Science & Engineering Society (CS&ES). The main idea of having a grand event once a year is to spur up enthusiasm, regarding issues, that has current significance, while bringing together the industry, alumni and the students. Having addressed technical aspects throughout the past ventures of the event, in 2008 the department took a detour and addressed a non-technical issue which has a huge impact on the IT professionals, bearing in mind its social responsibility. Studies have revealed that although IT has been used to solve some of the most pressing problems of the world, employees in modern office environments display psychosomatic symptoms. New stress types have emerged that can be tied primarily to human computer interaction. These include technology breakdowns, technology slowdowns, and electronic performance monitoring. Several stress-related psychosomatic disorders that affect employees in such working conditions have been identified. Furthermore, a majority of computerization projects fail to meet their deadlines with the originally specified functionality, mainly because human factors are not sufficiently taken into account during the planning and implementation phases of the projects. The solution to this problem by CSE was the „Mind IT Balance IT‟ conference, which aimed at addressing Stress Management issues which challenge IT professionals, and thereby help them master stress, manage priorities and understand the values of life. The conference was not only for the benefit of individuals in the IT industry but also for employer organizations too.
  8. 8. “Mind IT Balance IT” Conference & CSE Get -together S ilv er S p o n s o rs P r in t & M e d ia P a r t n e r s
  9. 9. The conference was held on July 4, 2008 from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, and a group of eminent speakers, who are at the forefront of the industry and academia, addressed the audience. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Dhananjaya Rajapaksha, CEO, DogiEFA (Pvt) Ltd. In addition, Mr. Channa de Silva – Enterprise Leader, Microsoft Sri Lanka, Mr. Harshana Dassanayake, HR Executive, Dialog Telecom and Mr. Nalaka Hewamadduma, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant guided the audience along the topics of 'Mastering Stress', 'Managing Priorities' and 'Values of Life' respectively. The conference converged to the CSE Get-together from 6.30 p.m. onwards which was considered to be the major meeting point of IT professionals, the CSE staff and students. This was held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Computer Science & Engineering Society of the University of Moratuwa, which consists of the alumni of the department during its two decades of existence. The new board for the CS&ES was elected and it turned out to be an evening full of fun, excitement and companionship. The event also managed to attract the biggest ever financial backing for this year‟s venture of the event, proving the fact that the department has kept its promise to deliver the very best to the industry and society. Codegen became the Strategic Partner of the event while WSO2 was the Platinum Partner. Mubasher, Creative Solutions and WaveNet joined in as Gold Partners whereas the Silver Partnership packages were taken by Attune and Navantis. Furthermore, ETV joined hands with CS&ES as the valued Electronic Media Partner while the Daily News was the Print Media Partner.
  10. 10. THE MENTORING PROGRAM Sp o n s o r s
  11. 11. T h e Me n t o ri n g P ro g ra m The “CSE Mentoring Program” is one of the foremost programs, organized by the department in order to give undergraduates the opportunity to gain industrial exposure , build corporate awareness and develop soft skills. This effort by the CSE staff in collaboration with the industry targets to build confidence, improve personality and professionalism of the students. Under this program, the students get the privilege of meeting and communicating with top level drivers of the IT industry in Sri Lanka, who act as mentors of the students. This year‟s program covered important sessions related to leadership, team work and personality development. Some of these programs were carried out in batch sessions conducted by external experts. The mentees were given assignments which helped them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Mentors also gave feedback and guidance related to the students‟ presentation and communication skills. While helping the mentees to get an idea about their desired career in the industry, the program also provides them the opportunity to learn more on corporate etiquette and disciplines. The mentoring program enables undergraduates to share experiences with the mentors and add more value to their learning. It is a fine point of networking for CSE students, staff and the industry. The department appreciates the time and effort spent by the mentors in this rewarding task to all stakeholders
  12. 12. CSE DRAMA FEST Sp o n s o r s
  13. 13. D ra m a F e st Under every magnificent work done, lies a massive amount of effort and creativity. The drama festival is a product of a chain of thoughts among the staff members to see the advancement of its students, to craft them with confidence and to make them versatile and mature. The drama festival was also a valuable opportunity for the students to learn communication skills. Every student grabbed that opportunity to convert to a more complete and competitive person and with this collaborative effort the stage was set for a fabulous show of creative classical dramas. The stage performances helped the students to improve confidence in presentation skills. There were ten sensational dramas and “Sherlock Holmes and the Emerald of Alcazar” topped the festival, with a minute margin proving that every drama was high in class and performance. The drama festival opened up vistas of expansion of student creativity, versatility, confidence and maturity.
  15. 15. C o l o r W a sh i n g o f t h e H e l p K i d s Foundations Orphanage Every journey travelled leaves valuable memories instilled deep within one‟s mind and heart. Behind any superb effort, there must be a team which is equally up to those superb standards. This indeed was the case at the annual CSE community project “Color Washing of the Help Kids Foundation Orphanage” which helped to uproot the convention that software engineers are only armed with technical expertise, which can only guide the world to a climax in technological aspects. It was a magnificent opportunity for the students to bring out their exemplary physical skills, coordination of abilities and the leadership potentials to the limelight. The proposed orphanage was a large single story building. The students together with the staff painted the whole building plus did some other tedious work, which included tidying up the garden and flattening up a rather large pile of gravel. Along with the academic staff, the students reflected the true sense of CSE spirit. The fatigue which came with the hard work was drowned by the hearty jokes and the bonds of unity that developed further and further among the students and also between the students and the academic staff. As the day came to an end, witnessing the sunset from the top of a little rock-mountain nearby on which a small temple stood, all the students were awed by the beautiful view and the experience of a lifetime gained on that wonderful day. .
  16. 16. CSE PROGRAMMING COMPETITION Sp o n s o r s
  17. 17. C S E P r o g ra m mi n g C o mp e t i t i o n The programming competition was a remarkable opportunity, for the students, to not only display their programming knowledge, but also to get a chance to take part in a thrilling game and compete with their batch mates. The competition was called „Treasure Hunt‟ and it was all about hunting treasures as the name implies. The winners were to win tempting cash prices and all the students were enthusiastic and were looking forward to develop their own program and to compete with other challenging groups. On the day of the competition the teams gathered in the lab with great enthusiasm, intending to be the champions of the tournament. When the event commenced, the air started to fill with excitement. The players had to play the role of travelers, hunting for treasures in a weird island where amazing treasures pop up at various places at various times. In order to win these treasures the players had to overcome various obstacles and pitfalls in the island. The excitement reached it height when many players targeted the same treasure. After many challenging rounds, the group „seekers‟ became the winners. While encouraging students to build up their programming skills, this competition also helped them to enhance their team spirits and collaborative skills.
  18. 18. CSE OUT-BOUNDZ Sp o n s o r s
  19. 19. CSE Out-Boundz CSE Out-boundz 2008 provided a platform for both the junior and senior students to interact with the staff and get to know each other better. It gave an opportunity to freshen up the minds and take a break from the hectic daily schedules. At the dawn of Saturday the 16th of August 2008, it was apparent that this was not just a “camp” but was going to be a more monumental event. The “lagaan”, which was chosen as the venue for Out-Boundz 2008 had been completely transformed into an ancient village with thatched tents, bridges and even tree houses. With a giant bamboo gate and a thatch to welcome visitors, and benches for one to rest on, the place reminded everyone of a Robin Hood movie. It was indeed a grand welcome. At the beginning, all participants were divided into groups, each named after cities and villages from the Lord of the Rings. These teams proceeded through the events, collecting points and earning money to be the winners with most earned points. The activities organized at Out-boundz 2008 were of great variety. Some of the most popular games were giant slippers, helium stick, „Dress and style‟ and the treasure hunt. In the Giant Slippers, the members of the team were tied to two strips of boards by the feet so that the only way they could move was to move their feet together. In the „dress and style‟, each team was given a basic pack containing newspapers, sellotape, etc and one of their teammates was to be dressed in the most original way. They could also use items won during other activities.
  20. 20. CSE HIT THE GROUNDS Sp o n s o r s
  21. 21. There was a puzzle game running in the background where teams negotiated for the pieces which were distributed among the teams to complete the puzzles. It was undoubtedly an enjoyable event for everyone. The day ended with a talent show; dances, songs and musical performances by the students making it another golden memory. At the end of the day, the students and staff left with more friends, a huge experience, a great day off and a load of entertaining memories. C S E H i t T h e G ro u n d s In the local IT arena CSE is iconized for producing the most sought after graduates. Yet IT professionals always mark CSE in their calendar as a place to look for some fun during the year. It has now become the custom for IT professional to gather on one day at the University of Moratuwa to show their talents in cricket. Many years ago, CSE started the annual cricket tournament “Hit the Grounds” to just provide a day of fun and camaraderie for the students, staff and the industry. The tournament is open for teams formed by students, staff and software industrial firms in Sri Lanka. The number of participating teams kept rising throughout the past consecutive years and today Hit the Grounds has become The Cricket Tournament for local IT companies. Hit the grounds awards a trophy for the winners and every team is eager to win it for their team. In the 2008 CSE Hit the Grounds there was no single champion; rather the championship was shared by the two teams from MIT and WSO2.
  22. 22. CSE ALUMINI DAY OUT Sp o n s o r s
  23. 23. C S E A l u mn i D a y O u t CSE has a strong bond with its alumni. CSE Alumni Day Out 2008 organized by the CS&ES for the 2nd time was held on the 12th of November at Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala. The main purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for the graduates of CSE to have an outing and network with their past colleagues, staff and current undergraduates. Several fun events took place throughout the day and the event progressed very successfully. Games like „Strongest man‟, „Filling the bottle‟, „Musical chairs‟ were among the most amusing ones. Participants took part in sports like cricket, table tennis, football and also games like carom and darts. The water polo tournament was one of the most enjoyable and successful events of the day. The most intriguing thing about all these events was the participation of not only the students, graduates and the staff members, but also family members. Other than these sporting events, a karaoke event was also organized. A calypso team mesmerized the participants throughout the day with their charming music. An awards ceremony was held in the evening to mark the conclusion of a fascinating day.
  24. 24. CSE ACHIEVEMENTS G oogle Sum m e r o f C o d e 2 0 0 8 Summer of Code is an International open source software development contest organized by the Internet giant Google, on an annual basis. The main objective of the contest was to promote open source projects and encourage young students all around the world to get actively engaged in writing open source code for world class software products. Keeping in line with its world class status, University of Moratuwa became the world‟s top University at this event by earning the highest number of projects. University of Moratuwa undergraduates succeeded in making 24 winning project proposals to surpass some of the finest Universities and tertiary IT education centers in the world. The department of CSE was indeed the biggest shareholder of this exceptional accomplishment, since 18 out of the 24 winning project proposals were created and submitted by CSE undergraduates in level 4 and level 3. The numbers prove that CSE alone has produced more GSoC winners than any top world class University. Having their project proposals for GSoC 2008 accepted, CSE undergraduates developed open source code for a multitude of well known projects using a variety of programming languages and platforms. Most of the projects were carried out using Java, C, C++ or PHP. Each project pushed the winning undergraduates to their limits, since all the projects required conducting some research, performing literature surveys and communicating with IT expert from all around the globe. In addition, students got an opportunity to put their software design skills to good use since all the projects required students to design all the software modules they were supposed to develop. The four months long development phase of the projects were carried out under the close supervision of Google, mentoring organizations and other open source enthusiasts.
  25. 25. Many of the CSE GSoC winners worked on projects of the Apache Software Foundation, the biggest open source software foundation in the world. Apache Xerces, Apache Harmony, Apache Qpid, Apache Axis2 and Apache Tuscany are a few of them. Sahana, the world famous open source disaster management system developed in PHP, initiated by the Lanka Software Foundation, also had some winners working on their project. A press conference participated by many leading media organizations of the country was held at the IESL Auditorium to reveal the remarkable accomplishment to the country. His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka conveyed his special appreciation to the University, on this unprecedented achievement. With the glamour of GSoC 2008 sparkling by its side, CSE has again won 17 awards at 2009 GSoC.
  26. 26. ACM-ICPC COMPETITION Sp o n s o r s
  27. 27. CSE -UO M P a rt i ci p a t i o n i n ACM -I CP C Com pe tit ion The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) was a multitier, team-based, programming competition operating under the auspices of ACM. The contest involved a global network of universities hosting regional competitions that advance teams to the ACM-ICPC World Finals. Participation has grown to several tens of thousands of the finest students and faculties in computing disciplines at almost 2,000 universities from over 80 countries. The contest fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation in building new software programs, and enables students to test their ability to perform under pressure. Quite simply, it is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest in the world. The contest was held in two phases, namely the regional competition, and the world finals. The regional competitions were held in various parts of the world, where the winners of each regional (usually the top two teams) make it to the world finals. Participation in the regional competitions was open to any private or state owned university. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) has been participating in the ACM-ICPC competition since 2006. The team selection is done by a university-wide programming contest with the participation of students from many departments of the university.
  28. 28. Students from Level 1 through Level 4 strive to make it, into the team at this competition. This contest takes a similar form of the real ACM ICPC competitions, where students are made to individually solve, a number of programming problems, which includes extensive programming and algorithmic skills, in a time constrained environment, and upload their results to a server, after which they will be graded and the team selections finalized. The selected teams are given further training by the department with the participation of past team members, and senior staff members. The students of the University of Moratuwa had fared well at past ACM ICPC competitions in 2006 and 2007 obtaining an honorable mention in the regional competitions held in Kanpur, India, in 2006 th and being placed 4 in 2007. In 2008, the two teams from the university participated in the regional competitions held at Kanpur and Amritapuri, India, where th th they won 4 place, and 5 place respectively.
  29. 29. Im a gine C u p 2 0 0 8 Imagine Cup Software Design Invitational challenges students around the world to explore their own creativity by designing software solutions to solve what they consider to be challenging problems at hand. The theme for the year 2008 was “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment”. Team “Will Power” from CSE batch 06 emerged 2nd runners up for the software solution they presented: “Cleaning License Management System” which is aimed at protecting the air that all people share from motor vehicle air pollutants; at the local final round of software design category held on 22nd April 2008, which was organized by the local Microsoft subsidiary. NBQ S A Me ri t A w a rd s The National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) competition is an annual event organized by the British Computer Society Sri Lanka (BCSSL) Section. The competition serves to showcase and benchmark Sri Lankan ICT products, which fulfill a much needed requirement of the software industry in this highly competitive globalist economic structure. A Group from Batch 04 of CSE received a merit award competed under “Tertiary Education” category , for the project, Rampart2 - A High Performance Web Services Security Module for Apache Axis2. This was a remarkable achievement for CSE at National level . ICAM E S 2 0 0 9 ICAMES is the "International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students", organized by the Engineering Society of Bogazici University ,which brings together university students and academics from various parts of the globe ,on an international base in Turkey. “Project eID”, a final year student project group of CSE Batch 05 was selected to participate and present their project at this prestigious event.
  30. 30. Awaken Memories…