TV vs. Online in Indonesia 2013


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TV versus Online Advertising in Indonesia 2013

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TV vs. Online in Indonesia 2013

  1. 1. TV vs. ONLINE 2013 Insight, case study and research IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.XM Gravity 2012 Credential | ©2012 XM Gravity. All contents & mater ials on this pr esentation belongs to XM Gr avity and its respectful partners. IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  2. 2. Online Advertising Achieves a higher ROIResearch undertaken by Nielsen indicates a high digital return oninvestment in Asia. For every marketing dollar spent in Asia Pacific, returnon digital was 1.78 dollars, higher than other options. Marketers mustleverage this knowledge and ensure digital is part of their media plans tooptimize returns. Source: Nielsen IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  3. 3. South East Asia Needs to Fast-Track Online AdvertisingGlobally 14% of advertising expenditure goes towards digital. South EastAsia region is trailing behind and, with increasing consumer eyeballs turningto digital media, allocation of marketing budgets needs to reflectthe new reality. Source: Nielsen IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  4. 4. Simultaneous Media Consumption Opens Up New Possibilities Nielsen’s Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report reveals 45% of digital consumers in Indonesia watch television and surf the internet at the same time. There is evidence suggesting campaigns that reach the same audience through both the internet and television perform better in terms of branding. There are many opportunities for advertisers to leverage this shift to media multi-tasking for deeper and more interactive engagement with these audiences. IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  5. 5. Indonesia Has Strong Trust in Social MediaOnline has grown rapidly in reach and influence in Indonesia, and according toNielsen, 62% Indonesians online claim to view product reviews on socialmedia for purchase decisions - much higher than mature markets like Japan,Australia and New Zealand. Source: Nielsen IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  6. 6. Online Behavior: Females 15-34 Years Malaysia Compared to Indonesia 82% Indonesian women online use the internet several times a week, and two- thirds of Indonesian women access the interview via mobile. Online activities are dominated by social media, with social networking activities accounting for as much as 78% of time spent online in Malaysia and 82% in Indonesia. Online usage of Indonesian women peaks at lunch-time and television peaks during prime-time. Strategy implications: • Use digital to reach women during the day and to compliment television in the evening • Leverage mobile usage in Indonesia for incremental reachSource: Nielsen IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  7. 7. Jakarta, Loudest City on TwitterThere are approximately 19 million active Twitter users in Indonesia. Morethan 200 millions of tweets are posted in Indonesia everyday and most ofthem are from Jakarta, making it #1 busiest city on Twitter. Source: Semiocast IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  8. 8. Tweets vs. RetweetsMore than half of tweets sent in Indonesia are retweets of other user’s tweets. This suggests that Indonesians enjoy sharing content of their interest. Source: SalingSilang IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  9. 9. Online video viewers in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia dan Philippines (data monthly) Data Comscore July 2012IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  10. 10. Each month online video in Indonesia achieves the following: Data Comscore July 2012 IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  11. 11. Data Comscore March 2012IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  12. 12. Mobile user data: Source: adsmobi 2012 IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  13. 13. Source: adsmobi 2012IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  14. 14. Source: adsmobi 2012IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  15. 15. Source: adsmobi 2012IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  16. 16. Online Media CTR Media Daily est. impression Est. CTRYahoo 5,000,000 0.12%Facebook 1,759,115 0.10%Detik 1,716,278 0.05%GDN 1,490,848 0.35%Kompas 420,023 0.10%Viva 269,364 0.11%Fimela 1,515 0.20%Yahoo OMG 22,755 0.10%YoutubeTube mogul networkTwitter IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  17. 17. Banner Performance Benchmark Source: Mediamind Benchmark 2012 IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.
  18. 18. Banner Performance Benchmark Source: Mediamind Benchmark 2012 IN ASIA, FOR ASIA.