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Creel chronicles oct 2012

  1. 1. Creel ChroniclesVolume 2, Issue 1October 2012 Opening Day Welcome back to another If we look at the stocking rates) and the high cost fishing season at Pyramid rates over that same period, it of electricity, it is notSpecial points of interest: Lake. We are all excited to is clear that we are currently feasible to keep the fish see what the upcoming sea- stocking at a much lower in the hatcheries for as New Creel Surveying schedule son will bring. The good news poundage. This is due to sev- long as we used to. is that there are no changes eral factors: Sutcliffe Boat launch opens This year we took a total 1.4 to the regulations or fees this 1. Lahontan National Fish million eggs from our spawn fall. 2012 LCT stocking plan Hatchery (US Fish & channel and from that we Many people complained that Wildlife) has switched successfully hatched nearly Swimming Advisory update last year’s catch rates seemed over to rearing only Pilot 816,000 LCT. Early in the down from previous years Peak strain LCT. It has summer approximately Pyramid Lake Store closes (especially from the shore). taken them several years 122,188 fry were stocked into Let’s look at the data. Overall, to build-up their brood- the Truckee River below Mar- the catch rate was around 2 stock, and as a result ble Bluff Dam. We currently AIS reminder hours/fish; however, the they have not been able have about 670,000 three to shore catch rate was 3.4 to stock very many fish four inch fish in our hatcher- hours/fish, while the boat in Pyramid Lake. Their ies. By December we plan to catch rate was 1.5 hours/fish. next stocking is tenta- stock about 220,000 each, tively scheduled for Feb- four inch, five inch and six Prior to the slot limit being ruary 2013. inch fish in the lake. About instituted in October 1991 the 18% of each size group will be average catch rate was over 4 2. Pyramid Lake FisheriesInside this issue: marked with adipose fin clips hours/fish. Between 1991 and has been renovating and coded-wire tags. About 1996 the catch rates steadily their hatcheries, and has 20,000 fish will be held over improved to 1.5 hours/fish, had to plant the fish at aAngler Information 2 until spring for attraction to and remained relatively sta- much smaller size.Needed the Sutcliffe spawn channel. ble until 2004. Since 2004 3. Due to the poor state ofSutcliffe Boat Dock 2 the catch rates have slowly Written by Nancy Vucinich,Opens the economy (resulting crept up to about 2 hours/ PLF Biologist (stocking num- in very low interestCurrent Lake Elevation 2 fish. bers courtesy Denise Shaw)Creel Schedule 3Water Advisory Update 3Pyramid Lake Store 3ClosesAIS Reminder 4
  2. 2. Page 2 Creel Chronicles Angler Information Needed Pyramid Lake Fisheries and valuable information pertain-  Tag Number US Fish & Wildlife are re- ing to the fish strain, age, questing your assistance in stocking date, growth and  Tag color gathering information on survival rates.  Date/Location caught tagged fish caught in PyramidFloy tag and placement on the fish This information will help Floy tag number will be a 6- Lake. biologist determine the best digit number (i.e. 000123) We are looking for coded wire stocking strategies. If you there is also a phone number tags and floy tags, both types catch a floy tagged fish and on the tag. The floy tag colors will also have adipose fin return it to the lake, please will vary. clips. do not pull out the tag . Please call the phone number The floy tags identify the Pi- Whether you decide to keep on the tag or turn in informa- lot Peak strain of LCT which a legal size fish or if you de- tion at our Creel Station. If are raised in the Lahontan cide to return it to the lake you are interested in the in- National Hatchery in Gard- and it is marked with either formation on the fish we can nerville by the USFWS. All type of tag, we would appreci- provide it to you, so please Pilot Peak fish released in ate the following informa- leave your name and address. Pyramid Lake are marked tion on that fish: * Some information and pictures with a fin clip or floy tag. courtesy USFWS poster. LCT being injected with a coded  Fork length/weight wire tag. Fisheries personnel Each tagged fish contains must retrieve this microscopic tag. Sutcliffe Docks Open Pyramid Lake Fisheries Objects in the water, rem- worked with the Pyramid nants from the old 1980’s Lake Tribe to complete the docks are clearly marked or The boat launch was Sutcliffe boat launch project. covered and a map of all ob- This project was slated for stacles is clearly posted at the completed and opened completion in December dock. 2011 but had some technical in mid-July 2012. difficulties. The docks are able to accom- modate boats up to 24 feet The boat launch was com- with no problems. Please use pleted and opened in mid- caution when docking and beBelow are a few of the author- July 2012. This will ease courteous , keeping in mind Dock before obstacles wereized fishing charters for Pyramid traffic at the Pelican docks. there are only two slips. markedLake:Cutthroat Charters Current Lake ElevationsGeorge MolinoPhone: (775) 476-0555 The elevation of the lake for August 2012 is 3802.5 feet above sea level. The level hasEagle Eye Charters declined since the July high ofJoe and Sherry Mendes 3803.5 feet. Although it seemsOffice Phone: (775) 574-0900 like the lake level has dropped dramatically , it has only de-Cell- (775) 224-9815 clined one foot since the June level (high mark for the year).Sorry, we don’t have a current * Elevation readings are cour-listing of all other authorizedguides for the 2012-13 fishing tesy of US Geological Service.season.
  3. 3. Volume 2, Issue 1 Page 3Creel ScheduleOur Pyramid Highway Creel on duty. Stop by when a Creel clerk isStation will be opening on on duty and you have a We are encouraging anglersSundays only on the week- chance to enter our $50 to use the self surveyends this season. In addition monthly drawing! Give us forms when the station isa creel clerk will be on duty your fishing report and we closed. These forms are lo-one weekday each week, so will give you an entry form. cated at both Nixon and theshould you be out fishing Pyramid Lake station. One winner is chosen eachduring the week, stop by and month . Sorry guys but youreport your fishing efforts. Please fill out as much infor- cannot enter on the self- mation as possible and pleaseThe weekday will vary so look survey. We hope to see you feel free to leave your com-out for the bright flags on the soon and hope you have a ments, we want to hear yourCreel signs on the highway great fishing season! opinions. Brad Stout 2/9/2012which means there is a clerk 17 lbs.August Swimming Advisory UpdateIn the midst of one of our This advisory urged caution ecosystem healthy. Swim-busiest months here at Pyra- for individuals with sensitive ming in water with an algaemid Lake, there were several skin and advised against bloom has been known toreported incidents of swim- swimming in shallow, warm occasionally cause skin rashmers suffering from a “rash” areas of the lake. but whether it was a contrib- “All tests have beenafter swimming or wading in uting factor is unknown. negative for any Water samples collected fromthe warm, shallow areas of contaminants in the the affected areas and several There has not been any morewater on several beaches. other beaches were immedi- reports of “rash” since the water, therefore thePyramid Lake Paiute Tribe ately sent to the State of Ne- initial reports. All tests have advisory has beenissued a Water Advisory no- vada water quality lab in been negative for any con- lifted.”tice on August 3, 2012 and a Reno. All tested parameters taminants in the water,group of water quality spe- met EPA standards for clean therefore the advisory hascialist met to devise a plan water. been lifted. If you have anythat kept the safety of the questions please call This was also the start of anpublic in mind. An advisory (775) 574-0101 Ext. 19. algae bloom. This bloom is awas posted but the beaches essential part of the nitrogenwere not closed. cycle that keeps the lakesPyramid Lake Store ClosesThe Pyramid Lake Store Wilbur took with him his throat Fishing Charter, Can-closed it doors on July 8, expertise at fly tying and dec- non Repair and the Boat/RV2012 after 30 years of opera- ades of fishing stories, which storage business.tion. he told while sitting at his “To All the fisherman that table in the store.Several factors influenced were not only customers, butthis decision by George and After reflection, Carla and regulars and friends, CarlaCarla Molino. Foremost was George decided to pursue a and I will miss you and wishthe passing of Wilbur Smith ‘normal’, 5 day work week. you tight lines and don’t missin Mid March, this left a big Carla now works at the that big one.”void in the hear t of his fam- Tribal Health Center and George and Carla Molinoily and the business. George is continuing his Cut-
  4. 4. Pyramid Lake Fisheries was founded in 1975. Dedicated to the recovery of the nativePyramid Lake Fisheries Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and the603 Sutcliffe DriveReno, Nevada 89510 endangered Cui-Ui toPhone: 775-476-0500Fax: 775-476-0558 Pyramid Lake and the lowerE-mail: nvucinich@plpt.nsn.us0r Truckee River Visit us on the web: Send us your big fish pictures and information and we will include them in our next issue. Like our Facebook page and you can share your pictures and stories on our page! AIS Update By following a simple procedure each time you leave the water, we  Never release plants, fish or ties. can stop aquatic hitchhikers. animals into any body of Some common hitchhikers are Knowing which waters contain water unless they came from Zebra Mussels, New Zealand nuisance hitchhikers is not as that body of water. Mudsnails, Hydrilla, Whirling important as doing the procedure Be informed and take action. We Disease, Spiny Water Fleas, Round every time we leave any lake, all need to work together to pro- Gobies, and various water plants. stream or coastal area. tect our environment. Why is this Please take a moment and look at Simple procedure: important? Because these hitch- the ANS Task Force and the US hikers can: Coast Guard websites for more  Remove any visible mud, information. plants or animals before  Reduce game populations. transporting equipment. Let’s keep Pyramid Lake free  Ruin boat engines and jam of any of these hitchhikers.  Eliminate water from equip- steering equipment. We have not found any of ment before transporting. these threats in our waters  Make rivers and lakes unus- but we are monitoring and Aquatic hitchhikers!!!  Clean and dry anything that able to boaters and swim- hope that you will follow came in contact with water mers. these simple steps of preven- (Boats, trailers, equipment, tion.  Reduce native species and clothes, etc.) degrade ecosystems. Thank you and have a great fishing  Always empty and dry out season.  Effect local economies of live-fish wells after removing water-dependant communi- fish.