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The slowest animal in the world sloths!

The slowest animal in the world sloths!






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    The slowest animal in the world sloths! The slowest animal in the world sloths! Presentation Transcript

    • Slow Poke! Created by Emily May 2010
    • Habitat
      • Sloths live in tropical rainforests, with boa consistor, poisoned-frog, spider monkey, rhinoceros beetle, macaw, toucan, morpho butterfly.
    • Distribution Map
      • The sloths live in tropical rainforests in Southern America.
      • Picture of the Southern America map
    • What the Sloths Eat
      • The sloths eat berries, Cecropia leaves.
      • Other example is that the sloths eat twigs, flower petals.
      • Another thing is that the sloths eat more fruits more leaves, and it eats asparagus
    • Food Habits
      • The sloths finds its food by smelling.
      • It takes 10 hours to find its food! 3 hours coming down from the trees, 4 hours to find food, and 3 hours to climb the tree up again.
      • The sloths finds its food on morning and save it for night.
      • When the sloths finds its food, it picks it up with its hand.
    • Interesting Facts
      • One of the interesting facts is that the baby sloths is just born it tries to climb up side down, try to walk, try to pick a leaf from a tree, and tries to eat the leaf.
      • Another example is that the sloths have very interesting body parts. The grown up sloth claw is about 5 inches long, and the baby sloths claws are about 2 inches long. The sloths have big eyes, round face, and a little snout.
      • The other thing is that the baby sloths weigh about 2.25 pounds, and the grown up will weigh about 5.25 pounds.
    • Why is it Endangered?
      • The sloths are endangered because of pollution, people over-hunting.
      • Other example is because of food source, and poaching.
      • Another thing is because loss of habitat. People cut down the trees, and sometimes the people make fire on the forests.
    • What Has Been Done to Help?
      • The C.I.T.E.S have helped the endangered animals. C.I.T.E.S. means Convention of International trades endangered species.
      • F.A.P.A.S are helping endangered animal that are in Spain.
      • Green peace are helping the animals that is in everywhere.
    • Conclusion
      • The sloths might become not extinct because since it’s endangered, the people won’t kill it. And if a person kills it, that person has to go to the jail.
    • This book is done!
        • The End!