The mysterious golden lion tamarin

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  • 1. The Mysterious Golden Lion Tamarin Created by: Sofia May 2010
  • 2. Habitat
    • The golden lion tamarin lives in the “rainforest” habitat. There are many plants like the Venus fly trap and there are many animals like monkeys.
  • 3. Distribution Map
    • The golden lion tamarin lives in Brazil, South America. The climate is very humid in the rainforest.
  • 4. What The Golden Lion Tamarin Eats
    • The golden lion tamarin eats stuff like mangos, bananas, berries and other fruits.
    • It also eats insects like lady bugs, and dragon flies .
  • 5. Food Habits
    • The Golden Lion Tamarin gets its food by using its long fingers to poke in small tree holes to get small insects. The golden Lion Tamarin sleeps in the canopy where many insects live so the Golden lion doesn't have much trouble when it comes to finding food.
  • 6. Interesting Facts
    • The golden Lion Tamarin is a very interesting animal. It has many enemies like hawks, eagles, jaguars and more. When a Tamrin sees a hawk it will send out an alarm and warn other Golden Lions. When the alarm is heard it ALL Golden Lion Tamarins will drop or hide.
  • 7. Why is it Endangered?
    • The golden lion tamarin is endangered because people capture it and keep them as pets. The skin of the golden lion tamarin is so silky and pretty that it is worth $20.000 at the Black Market.
  • 8. What Has Been Done to Help?
    • The golden lion tamarin has been helped by many people. Poco de Antas has helped the golden lion a lot. it is located in Brazil. Uni<o is also helping the golden lion tamarin.
    You can see a picture of a golden lion on the van. Save us!!!!!!
  • 9. Conclusion
    • I think that the golden lion tamarin will be saved from extinction. I believe so because many people are helping to save them.
  • 10.
    • WHAT will happen? Nobody knows…………….