I wish I\'d known that earlier!  One library\'s experience with the Summon discovery Interface
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I wish I\'d known that earlier! One library\'s experience with the Summon discovery Interface






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  • Newly instituted Distance Student Library Fee provided needed funds to upgrade/replace federated search productUsers wanted something fasterStaff wanted to provide Google-like search engine - Deliver an experience that's more satisfying to the userCustomized all in one search box
  • You have the option of using Summon’s default mappings, but I recommend that you carefully review each one. You have the option to remove content types from your profile, but you cannot add new ones or rename them. In many cases we found that it was preferable to use the MATTYPE rather than the leader/007 fields. The MATTYPE gets put in MARC field 907$e when exporting out of Millenium. Note that Summon will only let you make changes to your mapping table 2 times a year.
  • When searching Summon, you’re searching a copy of your catalog that lives on the Summon server, along with a copy of metadata taken from databases, publishers, and open-access collections. Your full load is just a review file(s) of all the active bib records in your scope that you want to be searchable in Summon. After submitting your full load, you must let Summon know whenever you make changes to your records in Millenium (deletes, edits, new records) so that they can make the same changes on their server.
  • Two types of changes to let Summon know about: updates and deletes
  • Daily send a file of all the new/updated records. Scripts can automate the process of creating a review file for you.
  • Send files of records to be deleted from Summon (the records must still be in Millenium in order to create a file to send)
  • MSSU workflow for deleting records:Code record to be suppressed (change location to unscoped, suppress if we’re the only institution with holdings attached)Record the bib# in our departmental wikiWhen the delete file is created by the script, open it and check if the records recorded on the wiki are included in the file.1 week later, delete record from Millenium
  • If you delete a record before sending the update to the Summon server, that record will still show up in search results…
  • …but when you click to see the resource you will get a screen saying “no such record”
  • The only way to remove a record from Summon that has already been deleted in your catalog is to submit a new full loadIt’s a very easy process, exactly the same as during set-up. The process, however, can take up to a month for Summon to condense all your data into a single index, and complete their quality control.Some Millenium institutions have chosen to just keep deleting records like normal without sending Summon those updates, and then just submit a new full load every three-four weeks. During that time you would still get those “new such record” results.
  • Don’t submit any bib records that get moved around a lot. MSSU has chosen not to submit Ebrary MARC records because that collection is always changing (titles added and deleted every month), and because Summon already gets all that metadata directly from Ebrary.MSSU also does not submit any on-the-fly records (personal copy reserve items; bibs for attaching payment info; etc.)
  • Make sure everyone in the cluster knows that you’re getting Summon and how that will affect deleting records.
  • Submit a new full load as often to keep things clean. MSSU submits a new full load quarterly.There is, however, a character limit of 99,999 characters in Data Exchange. Records with lots of item records attached can cause a bib record to exceed that character limit, and then it cannot be exported to Summon. This has only happened to a handful of very popular periodical titles (like People, New York Times, etc.) where all 10 institutions in SWAN have items attached. In this case, patrons can still search at the article-level from the metadata Summon gets directly from the database providers. They just won’t get a MARC record for the journal as a whole.
  • Don’t host the update/delete scripts locally unless you have staff on-hand who know Perl and are familiar with Millenium.We originally hosted the script ourselves, but when we decided to modify the scripts to exclude Ebrary and reserve records, our IT staff couldn’t really help us make those changes which was kind of frustrating. For us, it was definitely worth paying MOBIUS the annual hosting fee because they quickly can make whatever changes we want to the script.
  • MISTAKE #1 – Assuming that Serials Solutions Support Staff would help us create a customized TABBED search boxLESSON LEARNED: If you don’t have a dedicated IT person on the library staff have a good relationship with your campus IT department especially if you want a customized search box in short period of time
  • MISTAKE #2: Implementing 5 other new electronic products along with Summon service in 6 weeks before semester begins while Librarian primarily responsible for marketing is on maternity leaveLESSON LEARNED: Products need to be prioritized for rollout. Some may have to have later implementation date or as in our case LibGuides was implemented with 10 guides with marketing towards MORE COMING SOON Also, postponed Library Open House eventIF you don’t already have some formalized training in place it may take longer for patrons to become aware of them and staff to become comfortable instructing others on their use 
  • MISTAKE #3: Training library staff before having a complete understanding of the whole product.LESSON LEARNED: If staff can’t properly instruct users on different aspects of a product the users might begin to see the product as not usefulA lot of our staff initially thought checking this facet would provide citations from collections at other libraries using the Summon product because that was what I was telling them until found out differently while working with Serials Solutions Support staff.Add results beyond your library’s collection.This performs an open search of the entire Summon™  index (excluding other libraries’ catalogs and private, institutional A&I databases). A user can then see what is indexed on the breadth of a given topic and perform an Interlibrary Loan for items so which the library does not have full text access.MISTAKE #4: Believing that all of our subscribed content would be displayed by defaultLESSON LEARNED: Need to check box above to see provider citations that are not displayed in initial search results by default
  • MISTAKE#5: Not so much mistakes but problems encountered when teaching a new product. -broken links -incompatible browsers -duplicate item results -”New search” radio button default – lose any checked limitersLESSONS LEARNED: Make users your partner in discovering/reporting problems. Giving them the incentive of being able to provide them with the fulltext relatively quickly motivated them to report broken links.There are still going to be default settings that may or may not be available to change that you will have to learn to live with.
  • MISTAKE :6 Assuming the default of “new search” would carry over to the serials solutions supportedsearch widgets / search boxes introducedin Feb. 2012LESSON LEARNED: “Keep Search Refinements” radio button is selected by default in scoped search boxes and widgets. For consistency it may be better to change to “new search’ since this is currently not an option to configure on the default Summon interfaceSummon does not replace the need for native database instruction

I wish I\'d known that earlier!  One library\'s experience with the Summon discovery Interface I wish I\'d known that earlier! One library\'s experience with the Summon discovery Interface Presentation Transcript

  • I wish I’d known that earlier! One library’s experience with the Summon Discovery InterfaceLydia Welhan, Technical Services Librarian, welhan-l@mssu.eduNancy Crabtree, Reference & Instruction Librarian, crabtree-n@mssu.edu
  • PresentersLydia Welhan• At MSSU since 2009• Technical Services Librarian• Site Coordinator Nancy Crabtree • At MSSU since January 2003 • Reference Librarian • Instruction Coordinator • Webpage Administrator
  • Student Profile Source: Missouri Southern State University College Portrait http://www.collegeportraits.org/MO/ MSSU/characteristics
  • Why Summon?“When comparing libraries to search engines, overwhelmingly, Americans considersearch engines to be more convenient, faster, more reliable and easier-to-use.”DeRosa, Cathy, Joanne Cantrell, Mathew Carlson, Peggy Gallagher, Janet Hawk, and Charlotte Sturtz.Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community. Rep. Dublin, OH: OCLC, 2011, p.38-39.
  • Technical Services & Cataloging o Set-up of Summon o Maintaining holdings o Lessons learned
  • Set-Up: Mapping Tables
  • Set-Up: Mapping Tables• Which fixed-field elements indicate format? MATTYPE = 907$e
  • Set-Up: Full Load Catalog Open- Access Summon DatabasesCollections Publishers
  • Maintaining Holdings• Updates• Deletes
  • Maintaining Holdings• Updates – In your scope – Not suppressed – Updated since last script ran (runs every day)
  • Maintaining Holdings• Deletes – Unscoped location code – May be suppressed or unsuppressed – Updated since last script ran (runs Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Data Exchange mode:Maintaining Holdings• Code as un-scoped/suppressed• Record bib record #• Check list against delete file• 1 week later, delete from Millenium
  • Maintaining HoldingsOnce you delete a record in Millenium you cannot delete it from Summon
  • Maintaining Holdings
  • Maintaining Holdings
  • Maintaining Holdings Submit a new full load as often you want• Same process as during set-up• Process can take up to a month• Only way to remove a deleted record from Summon
  • Lessons Learned
  • Lessons Learned1. Don’t submit all your bib records
  • Lessons Learned1. Don’t submit all your bib records2. Inform all catalogers in your cluster
  • Lessons Learned1. Don’t submit all your bib records2. Inform all catalogers in your cluster3. Submit your full load often (but watch for character limits)
  • Lessons Learned1. Don’t submit all your bib records2. Inform all catalogers in your cluster3. Submit your full load often (but watch for character limits)4. Don’t host the scripts yourself (unless you have staff who know Perl)
  • Customizationwww.mssu.edu/library
  • Marketing & Training  Faculty Study Conference  Library Staff Training
  • Training vs1. Only see items in your collection 1 & 2 on left PLUS • Your own library’s citations • Catalog 3. Provider citations for which you do • LibGuides not have full text • Local repositories (if added) • Flagged as: Citation Online2. Provider citations for which you subscribe to full text • Flagged as: Available Online *Never see citations from other libraries’ catalogs or private, institutional A&I databases.
  • Instruction Discoveries“Summon would not always work on certain browsers and some of the articles I would tryto pull up would not always work” Summon @ MSSU Survey, April 2012“I dislike that you have to click a box to build off of your last search. I don’t know why butI figured that would be the default” Summon @ MSSU Survey, April 2012
  • Instruction Discoveries“Even when narrowing searches, information receivedcan still be difficult to locate in many instances and in avery broad amount” Summon @ MSSU Survey, April 2012 http://mssu.summon.serialssolutions.com/widgets
  • Most Important Discovery Most students like using Summon! • Fast, easy • This tool is an extremely beneficial search engine which is relatively easy to learn and navigate • Amount of databases I can search at once • Easy to find on MSSU website • Ability to click on so many filters cuts finding resources time in half • I like that the school provides it • The folder to save articles and email bibliography • I can search all types of materials in one location Summon @ MSSU Survey, April 2012
  • Questions, Comments, Discussion