Smithsonian Affiliates 14 June 2011
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Smithsonian Affiliates 14 June 2011







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Smithsonian Affiliates 14 June 2011 Smithsonian Affiliates 14 June 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Recruiting the World
    a practical approach to the
    Red Ink Business
    of Mobile for Museums
    Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution
    14 June 2011
  • Housekeeping
    Ways of staying in touch:
    Hashtags: #mtogo #SImobile
    Unanswered questions?
  • Is mobile a fad?
  • Apps don't generate profit for publishers.
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said, the App Store has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for developers. That sounds like a big number. But… One billion dollars in revenue for the approximately 225,000 apps is $4,444 per app--significantly less than an app costs to develop. …A typical iPhone app costs $35,000 to develop. The median paid app earns $682 per year after Apple takes its cut. With these calculations for the typical paid app, it takes 51 years to break even. It's not any better for free apps. A free app also costs about $35,000 to develop. But there are so many free iPhone apps that at a rate of 2 second per app, it would take approximately 34 hours for someone to check out each one. That's not great odds for a revenue model based on advertising.
  • Mobile includes both:
    • Pocketable(phones, iPods, gaming devices)
    • Smartphones(apps and mobile web)
    • Podcasts(video and audio)
    • BYOD(bring your own device)
    • Mobile web sites
    • Portable(tablets and eReaders)
    • ‘Dumb’ phones(voice calls and txting)
    • otherdownloadable content (PDFs, eBooks)
    • mobile devices provided on-site by SI museums
    • Large-screen websites on mobile devices
  • The Costs of Mobile
    • Platform
    • Rev shares: 30% to Apple, n% to platform provider
    • Interface design
    • Development (app/mobile website)
    • Software: CMS, statistics, distribution
    • For-fee services (or staff time)
    • SaaS
    • Players, charging racks, headsets, lanyards
    • Software: statistics, distribution
    • Operations staff
    • Opensource platform
    • Minutes
    • Text messages
    • On-site infrastructure
    • Project management & staff time
    • Content, include licensing of assets
    • Marketing
    • + Free Marketing (off-site)
  • Common Mobile Business Models
  • Freemium: National Constitution Center
  • Subscription: Museum Magazines…& more??
    Your magazine or catalogue here??
  • Open Data:
  • Ad-supported
  • Donations
  • Red Ink Businesses
    Invaluable collections = highest possible quality
    Public good = relevant, accessible &accountable
    ‘Forever business’ = must be sustainable
    Max Anderson, Prescriptions for Art Museums in the Decade Ahead,
    CURATOR, The Museum Journal, Volume 50, Number 1 January 2007
  • Museum Mobile Business Strategy
    Profitshould not be the imperative;
    Mobile should instead aim at network effects in support of mission goals, existing revenue streams and priority initiatives;
    And transforming the way we do business, to make it more effective, efficient, open and accountable to stakeholders.
  • A crazy idea?
    “A Wikipedia of the Physical World”
  • Wikipedia
    …78 million visitors monthly as of January 2010. There are more than 91,000 active contributors working on more than 17,000,000 articles in more than 270 languages.
    That means the average contributor works on ~186 articles?!
  • Meaningful Workers
  • SI Mobile’s Vision
    Recruit the world
    to increase and diffuse knowledge
    by using mobile platforms to enlist collaborators globally in undertaking the real and important workof the Institution.
    Put the Smithsonian not just in the people’s pockets,
    but in their hands.
  • The People’s Institution
    James Smithson:
    “for the increase
    and diffusion of
    Louise RochonHoover,"Secretary Henry Posts DailyWeather Map in Smithsonian Building, 1858.”
    The Megatherium Club, a group of young naturalists who collected for the Smithsonian in the 19th C.
  • The Multiplatform Museum
  • The Multiplatform Museum
  • More than multiplatform…
  • The Museum is a Distributed Network
    Edward Hoover, 2010, from Flickr.
  • Chandra Xray Observatory
  • Design USA at Cooper-Hewitt
    “Don’t even think about not using it because then you won’t truly see the show.”
    Roberta Smith, NY Times,
    14 Jan 2010
  • Set in Style iPad App
    National Design Museum
  • MEanderthal
  • NMNH Leafsnap
  • NASM “Got a Question?” Txt Test
    • one week
    • 84 unique users
    • 88 responses
  • mLearning Workshops
  • Mobile Learning at the Hirshhorn
  • Work in Progress…
  • Non-profit Network Effects
    Quality of the overall visitor experience
    Volunteer recruitment & crowdsourcing
    Community development
    Institutional collaborations, e.g. content sharing
    Membership & member benefits
    Ticket & product sales
    Monetizing user data: enhanced sponsorship value
    Edward Hoover, 2010, from Flickr.