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  • Walk through basic navigation of appIntroduction screen: Info, maps, experiences, events, favorites, search, museums listLet’s take a visit to the Air and Space Museum to see these sections on the museumGeneral Information
  • SI Mobile for DCWeek 2011

    1. 1. Recruiting the World: A quick introduction toMobile Strategy & Initiatives at the Smithsonian 9 November 2011 Nancy Proctor,
    2. 2. What is mobile?
    3. 3. Mobile includes both: Pocketable & Portable (phones, iPods, gaming devices) (tablets and eReaders) Smartphones & ‘Dumb’ phones (apps and mobile web) (voice calls and txting) Podcasts & other downloadable (video and audio) content (PDFs, eBooks) BYOD & mobile devices provided (bring your own device) on-site by SI museums & Large-screen websites Mobile web sites on mobile devices
    4. 4. SI Mobile’s Strategy1. Integrate mobile into everything we do to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts;2. Transform the way the Institution works in order to achieve its strategic goals and vision for the 21st century.We will measure our progress and success bymobile’s impact on the Accessibility, Quality,Relevance, Sustainability and Accountability of theInstitution.
    5. 5. SI Mobile’s Vision Recruit the worldto increase and diffuse knowledgeby using mobile platforms to enlistcollaborators globally in undertaking the realand important work of the Institution. Put the Smithsonian not just in the people’s pockets, but in their hands.
    6. 6. The People’s InstitutionLouise Rochon Hoover, James Smithson:"Secretary Henry Posts Daily “for the increaseWeather Map in Smithsonian and diffusion ofBuilding, 1858.” knowledge” The Megatherium Club, a group of young naturalists who collected for the Smithsonian in the 19th C. /Megatherium_Club
    7. 7. What is mobile?Mobile is social media
    8. 8. If we don’t want our mobile products to fall on deaf ears…Nancy Proctor, Conference 3 June 82009
    9. 9. We need to think outside the audiotour box “From we do the talking to From Headphonesyou Microphones we help to do the talking.” – Chris Anderson, Wired, Smithsonian 2.0 Conference, 24 Jan 2009
    10. 10. The Multiplatform Organization Museum
    11. 11. The Multiplatform Organization Museum
    12. 12. More than multiplatform…
    13. 13. Our Organization is a Distributed Network Edward Hoover, 2010, from Flickr.
    14. 14. Product Development Principles1. Mobile products should be accessible and used to enable access to the Smithsonian experience and resources for people of all abilities.2. Mobile projects should expand and create new opportunities for engagement, not seek to reproduce existing ones on mobile devices.3. Mobile should be understood as social media and projects should leverage its ability to create conversations, communities, and collaborations both alone and in combination with other platforms.4. Wherever possible, a mobile website built on a standards-based content management system should be at the core of every mobile application project.5. Digital content should be conceived for cross-platform use and re-use according to mobile content standards, and delivered using quality metadata and central SI web services.
    15. 15. Product Development Principles6. Wherever possible, existing mobile code modules should be reused from the SI Mobile repository: avoid writing new and/or dedicated code and using proprietary or dedicated systems.7. Whenever possible, make code, tools, best practices and other learnings from SI Mobile projects freely available to others to reuse.8. For quality and consistency of experience, SI mobile initiatives should use standard interfaces and include clear, easy routes to other SI mobile products and platforms.9. Embed metrics and analytic tools in every mobile product, and include audience research and product evaluation in every mobile project to inform iterative development and ensure quality.10. Every mobile project or product must include a commercial or other plan for its sustainability and maintenance.
    16. 16. SI Mobile Projects to Date
    17. 17. Mobile ArtJanet Cardiff, Words Drawn in Water, 2005
    18. 18. Over 20 Podcasts from across SI
    19. 19. Cellphone Tours • NASM "Explore the Universe" • NPG “Faces of the Frontier” exhibition • NPG "Mask of Lincoln" exhibition • NPG “Hide/Seek” exhibition • AAA exhibition • NMAI gardens • SAAM Luce Center audio tour • SAAM “William Wegman” exhibition • & more!
    20. 20. Mobile Websites
    21. 21.
    22. 22. NMAI Vantage Point
    23. 23. Cooper-Hewitt TriennialMobile Exhibition Website
    24. 24. Mobile.NASM.SI.edu
    25. 25. Chandra Xray Observatory
    26. 26.
    27. 27. (mobile)
    28. 28.
    29. 29. Apps
    30. 30. Design USA at Cooper-Hewitt “Don’t even think about not using it because then you won’t truly see the show.”Roberta Smith, NY Times, 14 January 2010
    31. 31. MEanderthal
    32. 32. Yves Klein: from the Hirshhorn to the Walker, on iPhone & iPad
    33. 33. Infinity of Nations, NMAI
    34. 34. NMNH Leafsnap
    35. 35. Artists in Dialogue 2
    36. 36. Smithsonian Mobile 36
    37. 37. Stories from Main Street
    38. 38. eBooks and Catalogues “Using Technology to Support STEM Reading” Matthew H. Schneps, Jamie K. O’Keeffe, Amanda Heffner-Wong, Gerhard Sonnert of the Laboratory for Visual Learning Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics <- Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
    39. 39. Games & Mobile Learning
    40. 40. Smithsonian Connections
    41. 41. NASM “Got a Question?” Txt Test • one week • 84 unique users • 88 responses
    42. 42. ARGs: GOAC, PHEON, PDP
    43. 43. mLearning Workshops
    44. 44. Mobile Learning at the Hirshhorn
    45. 45. In the Frame• Mall visitors’ app and mobile website• Crowdsourcing data on public art• Google goggles and visual recognition tests• Experiments in Augmented Reality• Mobile giving initiatives• Pan-Institutional and DC-wide game• More at: http://smithsonian- &
    46. 46. Metrics of Success We will measure our progress and success by mobile’s impact on the: 1. Accessibility, 2. Quality, 3. Relevance, 4. Sustainability and 5. Accountability of the Institution.
    47. 47. More about Mobile•• http://smithsonian-••• @NancyProctor,