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A presentation for the luncheon August 25, 2010

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  • Healthcare Social Media Presentation

    1. 1. (Healthy) Social Media (Healthy)Social Media Methodist Healthcare-San Antonio
    2. 2. It’s a marathon, not a race
    3. 3. What does a healthcare system have to tweet, post, blog, vlog about? Eight hospitals. One mission: “Serving Humanity to Honor God” Unlimited stories.
    4. 4. We proudly share our story
    5. 5. Numbers at a Glance YouTube (21 Videos) 3,522 total uploads Facebook pages(8) 2,844 fans Twitter 1,079 followers
    6. 6. (Healthy) Social Media Methodist Healthcare Uses Social Media to: Listen Engage Communicate Fortify Brand Improve Increase Loyalty Awareness Transparency Create Improve Tell People Stories Relationships Customer Service
    7. 7. Without Social Media We... wouldn’t have connected with Matthew Zachary, who founded Stupid Cancer Foundation in New York wouldn’t have met Vickie, a local kidney transplant patient who found her organ donor on Facebook. wouldn’t know that our patient Kim blogs daily about her medical condition--and her Methodist Healthcare experience.
    8. 8. Content Strategy Identify facility/departmental Find and Tell Stories: Video, blogs, champions who can help administer status updates sites or provide tips for content. Promote with Social Media, Traditional Marketing Monitor your competitors and other Mayo Clinic,Lee Aase, Ed Bennet businesses for best practices, content Be consistent.Track followers, fans, Organize and track what works views, clicks, interactions, loyalty
    9. 9. Social Media is NOT a fad.
    10. 10. Connect with Methodist Healthcare Vote for the 2011 SXSW Panel Proposal: Integrating Social Media in Hospital Systems: True Confessions Speaker: Nancy Preyor Johnson Deadline to Vote: 11:59 CDT Friday, August 27, 2010 %3Amethodist+healthcare   Young Adult Cancer Tweet Up Friday, Oct.1, 2010 6:30pm For info: mention #YCancer on Twitter and connect on Did we mention the free food? Entertainment? The good feeling you will get just for showing your support toward a good cause? Connect on Twitter @nancypjohnson @sahealth210 #YCancer   Connect:
    11. 11. Social Media Healthcare Resources Vanderbilt University Medical Center Social Media Tool Kit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Media Ed Bennett’s Hospital Social Network List Lee Aaase’s Social Media University Global Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Social Media Governance Social Media Policy Database
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