Want to Eat More Veggies?


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Want to Eat More Veggies?

  1. 1. Want to Eat More Veggies? Nancy Otero notero@stanford.edu
  2. 2. How to change behavior? Even though we want to eatmore vegetables, not always we have the motivation to buy, prepare, and eat them This presentation is about taking advantages of those moments you are motivated to include veggies in your diet and find the way to make it easier for you
  3. 3. Quick Overview on Behavioral Design• Because we are not motivated all the time, when we are, we can do something meaningful to help us achieve what we want to do when we are not very motivated – Find a way to trigger the behavior you want to do – Make it EASY to do. As easy as possible – Be patient and start little by little – Reward yourself every time you do it• For more information go to Guru on Behavioral Design and Stanford Professor B.J. Fogg’s site http://www.bjfogg.com/
  4. 4. Do it NOW If you are seeing a presentation about eating vegetables probably you are motivated rightnow. Let’s make a plan for you to buy vegetables this week!
  5. 5. First Step: Buying Veggies• An easy trigger is to be once per week in a place where people are selling the veggies that you want to buy. For me that place is the Sunday’s Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto• If you don’t know how to chose the vegetables, go to a place where friendly people can help you. At the Farmer’s Market, farmers will be very happy to help you. Make buying vegetables something easy for you
  6. 6. Suggestions for Buying Veggies• Find a place that is easy to go. The Farmer’s Market is close to Stanford and you can bike there• If there is no easy place to go, make the vegetables come to you. Many companies offer vegetables delivery to your door. You can order a 3 months delivery right now! – http://www.fullcircle.com/, http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com/,
  7. 7. Going to Veggieland• An easy way is to make a commitment of going with someone that goes every weekend. If you know a person like that, call him or her now. If that person can pick you up even better• If you don’t know a person like that, invite a friend. Arrange the details for it to happen now.
  8. 8. Farmer’s Market Group and Social Commitment• Join the Stanford Facebook Group: Stanford Eats Vegetables. You can come with me to the Farmers Market every Sunday • Other option is for you to create a social group that buys vegetables. Even if you don’t know anything about it, you’ll learn from the people that joined the group.
  9. 9. To come… How to make sure you eat the vegetables you bought?