Natural Ways To Make Breasts Grow and My Breast Growing Secret


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Natural Ways To Make Breasts Grow and My Breast Growing Secret

  1. 1. My Breast Growing Secret Do you envy girls with beautiful breasts? I’m not talking about those obviously fake ones that look like oversized balloons. I’m referring to those that are naturally big and round that add shape to your body. Unfortunately most women are not born with such lovely curves on their chests. I certainly wasn’t. When I was 19, my breasts were 34A. That might be alright for a small-sized girl, but I was 5’8” tall by then. I felt tall and gangly, not to mention disproportionate. By the time I turned 21, my breasts still had not grown beyond 34A. My friends told me that they would never grow any bigger since I had already become an adult . By Nancy Newton
  2. 2. I became very discouraged. I thought about going for surgery but when I looked up the cost, it turned me off because it was far too expensive. But was it true that after becoming an adult, my breasts could not grow anymore? I had to find out for myself. Fortunately we have the Internet these days. As I researched this topic, I found so much information that it boggled my mind. But the bottom line was despite reaching adult age, it is possible to grow my breasts and to do it naturally. That was good news, but the question was how? Again, I turned to the Internet. The first product I tried was a cream that was supposedly guaranteed to grow my breasts by two cup sizes within 60 days. From the first day I received it through the mail, I applied the cream on twice a day as instructed. The first 30 days went by. Nothing. Then 40 days, then 50.
  3. 3. Above is an example of the kind of results people are experiencing.
  4. 4. Still nothing. After 60 days had passed, I finished my supply of the cream but there was no change. I felt like a sucker for being so gullible. No more Internet products for me! I am going for over-the-counter products. At least that way, I could talk to someone if something goes wrong. But then one day, I was talking to an old girlfriend I had not seen for years. She looked different and looked stunningly beautiful, especially waist upwards. Since we were close friends, I asked her some pretty personal questions about her body, in particular her breasts. She told me her breasts grew from a 36A to a 36C in only two months thanks to a unique method she learned online. The very word ‘online’ was enough to turn me off. But yet I couldn’t deny the living proof I saw right before my eyes. So I listened as my girlfriend revealed her secret. She learned a unique method from an e-book entitled, “ How I made my Breasts grow Bigger Naturally ”. She told me where to find the book and encouraged me to give it a try. When I went to the website, I discovered it was created by Nancy Newton, who was the author of the e-book. I must admit, I was a bit reluctant to buy another Internet product, but since the e-book was quite inexpensive and there was a money back guarantee, I made the purchase.
  5. 5. After following Nancy’s methods for only a month, my breasts started to feel different, although I could hardly see any difference in size. My skepticism started to diminish as I continued for another month, then another. By the end of the third month, my breasts had grown by almost two cup sizes, just like what happened to my friend. I was so excited! Now I wear 34C bras, I am more self-confident and I feel great! I would highly recommend Nancy’s method to anyone. So now you know my breast growing secret. To me, this is one secret I’m happy to share. Thanks to Nancy’s Method For more info Visit her site @