Maximizing your online presence (2)


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  • Consider redesigning the homepage of your site. Sometimes referred to as the landing page, the home page of a website is like the preface of a book. There are some attributes that every homepage needs to have:It should show your visitors who you are. Show the company name and/or log in a reasonable size and noticeable location; the upper left corner is usually the best placement. Include a tag line that explicitly summarizes what the site or company does.It should inspire your visitors to read more on your site or buy your product. Consider adding a candid video of either a testimonial from a client or the company’s CEO taking about the products offered. A good video always improves what you do and why they should care. Right next to the video, consider adding a call to action box on the home page (can be “join mailing list,” “request a quote/call.”It should show what your visitors can find useful on your site. Emphasize the highest priority tasks so that users have a clear starting point on the homepage. It should also allow your visitors to navigate to other sections of your site easily. A horizontal navigation bar is preferred.
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  • Maximizing your online presence (2)

    1. 1. MI-SBTDC Website Review & Online Marketing Tool Livingston SBTDC Nancy Johnson
    2. 2. Social Media in Small BusinessStudy finds….most don’t plan on investingonline until they understand the practices,payoffs; and virtually none have hired an expertto show them how.Source: OfficeArrow and Social Strategy1 conducted a survey of smallbusiness owners and entrepreneurs, November 2011.
    3. 3. MI-SBTDC Marketing Review ToolSEO rankings: Where you rank todayKeywords: How people find youBuild Inbound Links: Authoritative pagesCreate Content: Optimizing content to draw trafficRecommendations: Next steps to improve online presence
    4. 4. Uses for the Business OwnerLearning ToolCommunication ToolCurrent Rankings of Online PresenceBasis for Setting Goals for Tomorrow
    5. 5. Top Three PrioritiesInbound Marketing: Getting found by potentialcustomers/clients actively in process of seeking you out!  Content  Social Media  SEO
    6. 6. Content Review
    7. 7. Content in Headings
    8. 8. Recommendations on ContentConsider redesigning the homepage  It should show your visitors who you are.  It should inspire your visitors  It should show what your visitors can find useful on your site.  It should also allow your visitors to navigate to other sections of your site easily.Consider creating unique page titles across thewebsite.
    9. 9. Social Media
    10. 10. Social Media FeedbackCreate content: Companies that blog get 55% more webtraffic and 70% more leads than those that dont.Social media: Consider ramping up your social mediapresence. 1. Create an engaging page 2. Leverage the viral nature of Facebook 3. Draw on your existing network 4. Make your Page publicly searchable 5. Use Facebook Ads for an extra push
    11. 11. Social Media – Planning!!!ResearchBrainstormThink about your purposeScheduleRespondAnalyticsIf we knew what it was we were doing, it would notbe called research, would it? Albert Einstein
    12. 12. SEO Where your website ranks Track improvements
    13. 13. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Page Title: WORD COUNT: 11 One Girls Treasure | Fashionable Resale in Grand Rapids MI META Keywords: WORD COUNT: 0 Recommended number of keywords is 10-40 words META WORD COUNT: 0 Description: Recommended number of words in description is 15-55 words Google Pagerank: 3 out of 10 Recommended Pagerank is 2 or higher Google PageRank is the standard to measure how important a specific page is on the internet today Pages in Google: 0 page(s) on this website indexed by Google This website is not currently indexed by Google. Add your website to Google Pages in Yahoo: 0 page(s) on this website indexed by Yahoo This website is not currently indexed by Yahoo. Add your website to Yahoo Pages in Live: 0 page(s) on this website indexed by Live (Microsoft) This website is not currently indexed by Live. Add your website to Live (Microsoft) Page Index: Your site has 38 pages indexed by search engines Broken Links: 0 Images: We found 13 images on your homepage, and 12 of them have alt tags
    14. 14. Inbound Links - AuthoritativeBrand exposure and awarenessDirect/indirect traffic and leadsSearch engine rankings through residual traffic.
    15. 15. Building Inbound Links
    16. 16. Long-Tail Key Words
    17. 17. Glossary of TermsUnderstand basic terminologyAlt tagsInbound linksKeyword densityKeyword stuffingLong tail keywordsTitle tagPick up a handout of glossary or contact Livingston SBTDC at 810.227.5086.
    18. 18. Strategy No one knows your business like you! Do what is right for you Be wise Be authentic Be willing to experiment Learn the most through trial & error!!
    19. 19. Your Marketing Consultant Important member of your team Labor intensive work Requires short and long range planning Good communication and trusted partner
    20. 20. Feed the Creativity in You!
    21. 21. For a free website & social media review, contact:Nancy JohnsonSatellite DirectorLivingston SBTDC810.227.5086 Thank you for filling out the feedback form!!!