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September information pack 2013

  1. 1. Edition 12 2013 Information Page 1 Pack for CarersPack for CarersPack for CarersPack for Carers Stonham Birmingham Mental Health Carers Support
  2. 2. IMPORTANT NOTICE Before using any of the contacts, information or resources in this Information Pack, you must check it for safety/ reliability/ appropriateness. Advice in this Pack does not give a full statement of the law. It is intended for guidance only, and is not a substitute for professional advice. Stonham cannot accept any responsibility for loss or liability occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting on PALS Customer Relations Patient Advice and Liaison Service Can provide information on a range of mental health matters, and liai- son with all Trust services Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm Contact 0800 953 0045 Text 07985883509 Email Website: Please note that the PALS team is NOT a medical team. If you have an immediate health problem please contact NHS above or your GP Special points of interest: • Contact our infor- mation and refer- ral line regarding anything inside our info pack. • 01213804949 • Follow and be in- volved in our client involve- ment and diver- sity opportuni- ties. July 2013 Inside this issue: 5 6 8 10 14 23 29 Do you want to add Stories in our monthly newsletter, Do you have ideas about bringing carers together, Would you like to be Involved then let us know, by contacting By Phone: Information and Referral Line 0121 380 4949 By Email: Or by Post to: Carers Dedicated Website: Contribute articles. Poems Photographs Art Work Be InvolvedEdition 12 July Page 2
  3. 3. Birmingham and Solihull Equality & Diversity Client Involvement The way we do Business: A business that encourages a diverse culture Attracts people and helps it perform at its best. Diversity and Client Involvement Working in partnership to help support people within their local communities, working together to help prevent social isolation and improve access to services that people sometimes so desperately need. How to apply, ask your local client involvement and diversity representative for more information by phoning our infor- mation and referral line : 0121 380 4949. Birmingham Mental Health Carers Support Service, Unit 3, Holt Court North, Heneage Street West, Aston Science Park, Birmingham, B7 4AX. Be Involved We regularly meet up to bring ideas together to ensure that we are continually improving our service with the help of our clients, if you like to attend any events please call: 0121 380 4949 HaveYou Say 21st October 2013 10am to 4.30pm
  4. 4. CCARERSARERS RRIGHTSIGHTS DDAYAY 29 N29 NOVEMBEROVEMBER 20132013 Carers Rights Day is about helping carers get the information and advice they need to claim benefits, and access practical support. Carers Rights Day is a yearly event and it is estimated that millions of carers benefits are not claimed, and many carers do not identify themselves as carers and do not know their rights, and therefore miss out on support, even long term car- ers. Carers Rights Day is about raising awareness of the needs of carers an family members with the public, decision makers and professionals. This Years Theme:This Years Theme: Rights, Advice, Support.Rights, Advice, Support. This year Focus is on ensuring that carers understand their rights and get access to good quality advice that can support them to care. Carers Rights Day aims to make carers aware of different kinds of practical sup- port that could support them to care. Carers Rights day will this year also look at technology and how this can benefit carers, for instance accessing support and information online. NHS Health and Symptom CheckerNHS Health and Symptom Checker app for Android and iPhoneapp for Android and iPhone NHS Direct has launched a mobile app that lets you access trusted and reliable healthcare advice from wherever you are, straight to your Smart- phone. Is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate refer- ence resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally. It is updated regu- larly, and the database consists of over 26,000 pages of information; fast and reliable, many doctors use GP notebook during their consultations.
  5. 5. Edition 12 July Page 5 British Redcross: Service for Refugees Redcross has had a long tradition of providing practical and emotional support to vul- nerable refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Redcross is a leading Humanitarian organisation. How does Redcross help People? Redcross helps support refugees in a wide number of ways from providing emergency provisions for those facing severe hardship to giving orientation support and friendly advice to the most vulnerable. Redcross Services Include: Orientation: Short Term support to help vulnerable and newly arrived refugees adapt to life in a new country. Destitution Redcross also provides support not only to new arrivals but to asylum seekers facing destitution. Many new arrivals and failed Asylum Seekers find themselves cut off from welfare benefits and may become entirely dependent on services like Redcross. In such cases, Redcross provides short term emergency support and expert advice on accessing whatever limited resources are available to them. Support for Young People and Refugee Woman Redcross also provides support to young refugees who may have fled their homes in traumatic cir- cumstances, Redcross has a befriending volunteers who offer a friendly welcome in an uncertain en- vironment, providing useful advice and helping young refugees develop their language and social skills. Female Refugees Redcross woman in crisis, projects provide one to one social and emotional support, helping their clients access their basic rights and rebuilds their lives. Redcross also has a family reunion and resettlement projects. Redcross Services are UK Wide, and provides services to help refugees and vulnerable migrants only in specific areas of the UK, and more details about Redcross and local Redcross offices can be found by accessing their website: For Birmingham Office please contact: Bradbury House, 7 Lowe Street, Camp Hill Birmingham, B12 0ER
  6. 6. FPA Sexual Health Week This year Brook and FPA are working together and have launched a major new national campaign XES – We Can't Go Backwards to speak up and stop our rights being taken away. For more information about Brook and FPA please follow: Sexual Health Week 2013, 16th to 22nd September This year the focus will stay on our XES – We Can't Go Backwards Campaign to protect and promote contraception and sexual health services. You are able to join the sexual health awareness campaign and speak up for those who need and use these essential services and information. Refuse to go backwards! Add your voice to our map and help us build up a picture of what's happening around the UK. Know your rights and visit their website and use their Bill of Rights to help you know what you are entitled to. Please visit for more information about this campaign. Sexual Health Promotion Service Website The Sexual Health Promotion Service’s aim to “maximise sexual health and well-being throughout Birmingham and to reduce inequalities in sexual health”. Their mission is to deliver a range of integrated, needs-led sexual health promotion initiatives to diverse communities and professionals. Their approach is based on a positive, holistic concept of sexual health which values sexual rights, choice and diversity. They recognise the importance of identifying sexually vulnerable groups and individuals, and of supporting people to develop the personal skills needed to de- velop healthy and safe relationships and resilience to sexual risk, pressure, coercion and violence. They also undertake targeted HIV prevention work and sexual health promotion with, African communities, Young People, African Caribbean communities and Primary Care (through the SHIP scheme). Attwood Green Health Centre30 Bath RowBirminghamB15 1LZ Tel: (0121) 334 0767Fax: (0121) 465 0357
  7. 7. Ménière's Society helping people with dizziness and balance disorders Helpline: 0845 120 2975 H e l p i n g p e o p l e w i t h d i z z i n e s s a n d b a l a n c e d i s o r d e r s The Ménière’s Society is a UK registered charity dedicated solely to supporting people with Ménière’s disease and other vestibular disorders causing dizziness and imbalance. The Society provides information to patients and those who care for them, health professionals and the general public. The Ménière’s Society helps people source specialists in their local area, they publishes a quarterly magazine, Spin, and factsheets on a variety of subjects (e.g. driving, surgery and vestibular rehabilitation). They also provide a telephone information line during working hours. You can also download some useful information by following the website and following the link below: Balance Retraining and Controlling Your Symptomsby Professor L Yardley To obtain copies of thes booklets, please email or call us on 0845 120 2975. Post The Ménière's Society, The Rookery Surrey Hills Business Park Wotton, Dorking Surrey, RH5 6QT United Kingdom. Admin & minicom +44 (0)1306 876883 or email The Ménière's Society is a registered charity no. 297246. World Mental Health Day This years theme “MENTAL HEALTH AND OLDER ADULTS”’ 10th October 2013 Every Year the world federation for mental health on Mental Health Day run a campaign to raise awareness about a particular mental health issue. For downloaded material please visit the link below For more information you can also following the mental health foundation who actively every promote world mental health day.
  8. 8. On 3 September 2013, Library of Birmingham opens to the public. Birmingham-based company Capsule are producing the opening season with the Library. They are working with a number of partners including The REP and Writing West Midlands to deliver a fantastic opening season on the theme of Discovery. The opening season will invite people on a journey of discovery through the new building and through its dynamic architecture and state of the art facilities. Booking for ticketed events is now available online for some events. Go to The BOX . For other events go to libraryof Launching the Festival and Birmingham's New Poet Laureate The STUDIO at Library Of Birmingham 3 October The REP - Backstage Tours 7 September 2013 – 18 January 2014 Backstage Tours Laura Kate Chapman, Children's Drawing Workshop 7 September – 9 November Library Of Birmingham - Children's Sunday Film Club (22nd September 2013) 22 September The STUDIO at Library Of Birmingham Workshop - Science Fiction For Beginners 8 October, Library Of Birmingham Shakespeare Schools Festival 21 – 25 October The Old Rep To celebrate the opening of the Library of Birmingham next September we have planned a programme of exciting events and activities for all ages that will run from Tuesday 3 September until 31 December 2013. Discovery Season in the Library of Birmingham
  9. 9. For a full programme of events and a free guide please visit the link below:
  10. 10. See and hear people’s real-life experiences of health and illness Share your own experiences on My youth health talk and My health talk. On and, you can watch video clips from interviews with over 2,000 people, all sharing their stories of health and illness. Find out how they make decisions, choose treatments, tell their friends and family and manage work and social life. They don’t look for just the most extreme or shocking stories that you might see in the news. All interviews are done by Oxford University, with people from all walks of life. So you can be sure of a balanced range of opinions and experiences. Helping one another… there when you need it Cancer Nerves & brain Mental health Dying & bereavement Chronic health issues Intensive care Heart disease Bones & joints Pregnancy & children Carers Living with disability Medical research Later life is the website of The DIPEx Charity PO Box 428, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 9EU Tel: 01865 201330 DIPEx is a registered charity no.1087019 June 2011
  11. 11. Edition 12 July Page 11 Mutual Caring Are you caring for someone or are they caring for you? Do you have a disability and have changing care needs? Do you need support through this journey? For more information and to speak to a mutual care advisor contact their freephone number: Or visit their website About Carers Carers Together is an exciting new volunteering project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and de- livered by TimeBank and Carers UK. The project offers face-to-face mentoring to 70 carers in Birmingham, plus tailored online support to 300 carers across the country. It aims to reduce social isolation, improve emotional well-being and help carers cope with the stress and strains of caring. How does it work? TimeBank recruits, trains and supports volunteers who have current or previous caring experience and who would like to act as mentors to other carers. Mentors are able to share their own experience and techniques that have helped them. They offer face-to-face and online mentoring. Carers are matched with a volunteer mentor to help them take a fresh look at their own situations and identify goals . What is involved? Volunteer mentors in Birmingham will meet with carers for around five hours a month over a period of 6-12 months. Online volunteers should be available to give around three hours’ sup- port over two months. This is available through a dedicated - and completely secure - web-based messaging site. For more information please contact 0121 236 2531, or individuals are able to send referral form to Carers Together, Timebank , 10 Water Street, Birmingham, B3 1HL. Or by email at: car- Follow us on Twitter: @TimeBank And Facebook: TimeBank is an ONE20 initiative. ONE20 is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales no. 3695114 and a registered charity no. 107383; Scotland.
  12. 12. Caring for carers is a course to prepare participants, both carers and professionals to- gether, to deliver an eleven-week programme covering information sharing, coping strategies and support to carers of people experiencing mental health difficulties. Caring for carers is run by the Meriden Family Programme. This is achieved through ex- periential learning, and the provision of an extensive range of written materials. A de- tailed manual has been prepared with eleven modules covering the following topics: • Introduction – the experience of mental health problems in a family • Experiences of caring • Information sharing – assessment and treatments • Information on local mental health services • Communication in families • Communicating with professionals • Problem solving • Dealing with crisis and relapse management • Recovery and hope • Taking care of your own health Since 2005 the “Caring for Carers” programme has been delivered on a number of occa- sions and has been adapted to meet the needs of specific groups of carers. A Black and Mi- nority Ethnic (BME) programme had been produced, and also a substance misuse adapta- tion, both of which received excellent feedback and evaluation. Supporting Carers Better. Edition 12 July Page 12 Caring for Carers To find out more about Caring for Carers please contact The Meriden Family Programme on: 0121 301 2895 Or our information and referral line on: 0121 380 4949 Tall Trees The Uffculme Centre 80 Queensbridge Road Moseley Birmingham West Midlands B13 8QY
  13. 13. Edition 12 July Page 13 213 Trittiford Road Billesley Birmingham B13 0ET Tel: 0121 464 4772 Fax: 0121 464 4917 FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL ‘’This is an event to support families who care for someone with a disability/additional need” Friday 20th September 2013 6 00 pm - 8 00 pm The whole family is welcome to attend FREE ENTRANCE Fancy dress optional Supported by: Registered Charity Number: 1124758 : Ofsted Registration Number: 227 245. Registered office address: Company Registration Number 213 Trittiford Road, Billesley, Birmingham B13 0ET. 4733989 Registered in: England and Wales.
  14. 14. Phab Residential Projects 2014 For many years Phab has organised a fantastic range of projects for people with and without Disabilities. All Phab projects have an emphasis on self-reliance, building confidence, breaking down barriers, supporting other and learning to work as a team. A range of programmed activities. canoeing climbing, abseiling Archery everyone can participate Phab enables each person to achieve their full potential Explore your Horizons PHAB welcomes referrals from families, carers and professionals. To apply please make an application via the PHAB Website in advance due to demand. If you have any enquires please contact PHAB. For more information about the projects visit the website at or contact Rebecca Hargreaves, National Project Manager on 01254 824784. Edition 12 July Page 15 Phab's aim is to promote and encourage people of all Abilities to come together on equal terms, to achieve complete inclusion within the wider community Charity No. 283931 Address: PhabSummit House, Wandle Road, Croydon CR0 1D Tel: 020 8667 9443
  15. 15. Edition 12 July 2013 Page 16 Youth Space Youthspace programme aims to support a preventa- tive approach to youth mental health difficulties and targets the 14-25year age group. Youthspace offers advice and information from clinicians, professional staff and young experts on all aspects of mental health & emotional wellbeing. Please see for more information: Step Project The step project is a soft skills programme aimed at young people aged between 16—25 not in employment, economically inactive or work- ing less than 8 hours per week. Step Project encourages and guides young people in order to build con- fidence develop communications skills Find and prepare them for employment, training, education. For more information contact Playwright media Email: Telephone: 0121 622 7377 Website:
  16. 16. What is Release? A project based in the north of Birmingham providing awareness and support for young carers aged 9—25 and their families. R Raising awareness of young carers E Educational Support L Life Skills E Events, activities and days out. A. A place to meet and make friends S Supporting the whole family E Easy Access to other services. Edition 12 July Page 17 Sutton Coldfield YMCA George Williams House Watson Close St Bernards Road Sutton Coldfield Birmingham B72 1LE Tel—0121 354 5614
  17. 17. For more information please call: Call us: 0121 460 5870 Or visit their website on: Bayc is a voluntary sector youth organisation working to create opportunities for change in the lives of young people. They work with young people, with youth workers and youth groups, and with other agencies and organisations to advocate for young people and youth work. Bayc is an umbrella organisation dedicated to serving the needs of youth groups in Bir- mingham, the Black Country and the wider West Midlands. They have up to 200 affiliated youth groups and work in Birmingham, the Black Country and surrounding areas. They also work to engage with young people as equal partners through our 4 main service delivery areas. Youth Involvement Youth Arts Working with Young Women Supporting youth groups. Supporting young people.
  18. 18. The Skills Show 14 – 16 November 2013 The NEC Birmingham FREE entry. Don’t miss out book now at: I AM… Going places FREE entry
  19. 19. Support Locally and Nationally for Young Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People. Barnardos: Birmingham Space Support for young girls and young woman under 18 years of age who are or at risk of being sexually exploited within the Birmingham Area. Telephone: 0121 212 2855 or 0800 072 5070 Email: Brook In Birmingham Free confidential Sexual health ser- vices and advice for young people Telephone: 0121 643 5343 Email: Website: Birmingham Parents Support Group Supporting families and friends of gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Telephone: 0121 742 0230 (Maureen) Website: Freshwings LGBT project Telephone: 0121 415 6685 Email: Website: Flat Out (St Basils resettlement Centre) Advice and support on accommoda- tion, homelessness or moving towards independence. 16 to 25 years old. Telephone: 0121 236 3990 Healthy Gay Life Counselling Service Free sexual health and mental health counselling for young LGBT people. Telephone: 0121 446 1085 Lesbian and Gay Switchboard: West Midlands Information, support and referral ser- vice for lesbians, gaymen, bisexuals, and transcommunities from all back- grounds in the West Midlands. Every day 7pm to 10pm. Telephone 08452578255 Whittal street clinic For appointments please Telephone: 0121 237 5700 Website: Young Gay Men`s Sexual Health Advice and Infor- mation for young gay and bisexual men Sexwise For confidential answers about sex and relationships Telephone 0800 282 930 Birmingham LGBT Centre. Visit the homepage of Birmingham LGBT. They have been working for over a decade to support and sustain a vibrant, diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community in Birmingham. Visit the website to find out details about us, our services and projects in LGBT Health & Wellbeing, Research, Heritage, Community Infrastructure, Arts & Culture & Sports including; Visit and Find: LGBT Health & Wellbeing Supporting independent LGBT Community Groups LGBT Community Forum SHOUT Festival Pink Picnic Training & Events Pride in Sports Gay Birmingham Remembered and more Monday 11:00am - 4pm , Tuesday 10.00am - 6pm , Wednesday 10.00am - 6pm Thursday 10.00am - 6pm , Please note we are not open bank holidays and weekends but may have events, group meetings and other activities outside of these core opening hours. West Midlands B1 1EQAddress:
  20. 20. Birmingham Energy Savers Birmingham Energy savers is set up to take up energy efficiency, tackle fuel poverty, provide resi- dents with warmer homes, Making the city a cleaner and greener place to live and provide a boast to the local economy with the creation of new jobs and investment. The scheme offers households a range of energy efficiency measures such as heating, insulation, and glazing and crucially the funding arrangements that make the improvements affordable and acces- sible to all. Each vulnerable households on qualifying benefits that own their own home or rent privately make be eligible for improvements at no cost. To find out what improvements you could have installed please register for an assessment on 0800 917 5772 or for further information call Jennifer Mcintosh on 0121 530 5531 CERS Team The CERS team will then work with the Carer and the person they care for to put together a Contingency Plan detailing what they want to happen in an emer- gency, for use in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency affect- ing the carer, CERS will put the plan into action. You have to be registered to access the service. For More Information and to Register Please Contact: 0845 468 1338 Or email The service is free of charge. Carers Advocacy Service. In Birmingham Carers Advocacy Service can help support carers to: • Get help if they cant cope • Apply for services • Make a complaint • Speak up in meetings • Get help if their situation changes This service is free for carers in Birmingham Phone: 0800 23 49 490 Email: Text: 07773334555 Are you a carer aged 18 or over? Do you carer for someone 16 or over? Do you need support to make sure your needs as a carer are listened to? Carers Emergency Response Service.
  21. 21. The group is open to anyone with an interest in promoting a greater awareness of mental health is- sues across the communities of Birmingham and Solihull. Your chance to share information, news & views with statutory agencies, voluntary sector organisations, user groups - and individual users/ carers/staff. Monthly Networking Meeting dates for 2013 Come and join one of the biggest mental health networking meetings in the Midlands, every month! Just turn up – no need to book. Meetings include guest speakers, information table, light refreshments & a chance to chat and catch up. Thursday 26 September – from 2.30pm to 4.30pm Thursday 31 October – from 2.30pm to 4.30pm Thursday 28 November – from 2.30pm to 4.30pm Thursday 19 December – from 2.30pm to 4.30pm ALL MEETINGS ARE HELD AT Friends Institute, 220 Moseley Road, Highgate B12 0DG Only eight minutes by bus, right to the door of the Friends Institute building. BUS ROUTE 50 runs every few minutes from BIRMINGHAM CITY CENTRE Stop “MS2” Beside Bullring / across the road from rear of M&S / Moor Street Station. Stop “DS1” Outside Birmingham Voluntary Services Council, Digbeth. PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) at BSMHFT can offer information on this group and other voluntary or user groups within Birmingham and Solihull – Phone 0800 953 0045 Positive Mental Health Group Edition 12 July Page 22 West Midlands Contact a Family provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability. In the West Midlands, they carry out their service through thei regional office in Birmingham, home-based workers and volunteers. Working at a local and regional level, they have up-to-date information on local services and support for families. Contact a family West Midlands team offers: Advice, information and support to help families find out what is available locally, including workshops, events, opportunities, and they provide a regular newsletters and ebulletins with useful information for families. National freephone helpline 0808 808 3555 Monday to Friday, 9.30am-5pm, or visit their website:
  22. 22. Edition 12 July Page 23 Group Venue Address Type of Group Frequency When Contact Longbridge Car- ers Group Longbridge Health and Com- munity Centre, 10 Park Way, Rednal, B45 9PL Mixed Car- ers Support Group Every Two Weeks 28th August & 11th, 25th September 2013 11am to 1pm. Janet Summers 07713385888 Carers Group Kinmos Centre 1 High Street Kings Heath, B14 7AR Mixed Group 1st Friday of Every Month 4th October 2013. 10am to 12pm Janet Summers 07713385888 Northfield Car- ers Group Creative Support, 88 Bristol Road South, Northfield, B31 2NS Mixed Group Alternate Wednesdays 21st August & 4th, 18th Septem- ber & 2nd Octo- ber 2013 2pm to 3.30pm Janet Summers 07713385888 Kings Heath Carers Group Mind Furniture Shop 2A Addison Road, Kings Heath, B14 7EW Mixed Group 1st Thursday of every month . 5th September & 3rd October 12.30 to 3pm Janet Summers 07713385888 Stirchley Carers Group Hazelwell Street, Stirchley Birmingham, B30 2JX Mixed Group 3rd Thursday of Every Month 19th September & 17th October 11am – 2pm Janet Summers 07713385888 Woman's Crea- tivity group 8 Heathfield Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7DB. Centre No: 0121 464 6717 Art Group Women Only 1st Wednesday of every month September 4th 7pm to 9pm Janet Summers 07713385888 Newbridge House Evening Group 130 Hob Moor Road, Small Heath. B10 9JH Evening Group Advice and Info Group Last Wednesday of Month 25th September 2013 6pm to 8pm Mick Brown 07713 385 893 Stechford Carers Group The Stechford Club, 7 Victoria Street, B33 8AJ 16th September 2013 7pm to 9pm
  23. 23. Edition 12 July Page 24 List of Stonham’s Carers Groups in Birmingham Newbridge House Daytime Group. 130 Hob Moor Road, Small Heath. B10 9JH Day Time Group Advice and Info Group Last Wednesday of the Month 28th August & 25th September 2pm to 4pm Mick Brown 07713385893 Sutton Carers Group Our Place Community Hub 1 & 2 South Cottages, Farthing Lane, Sut- ton Coldfield B72 1RN Mixed Group Last Thursday of Every Month 29th August & 26th September 2013 6pm – 8pm Mick Brown 07713385893 Arts Group New Heights St Johns Centre Warren Farm Road, Kingstanding B44 0QN Mixed Group Weekly Every Thursday Morning 10am - 12pm 2 hours Joanne Davies 07711378476 Phoenix Centre Drop – In Phoenix Centre, Harrison Road, (off Erdington High Street) Erdington B24 9AB Mixed Carers Group Weekly Every Wednesday 11am – 1pm 2 hours Joanne Davies 07711378476 Carers Drop In Group Our Place Community Hub 1 & 2 South Cottages Farthing Lane, Sutton Coldfield B72 1RN Mixed Group 2nd Tuesday of every month 13th August & 10th Sept & 8th October, 2pm to 3.30pm Joanne Davies 0771137 8476 Chinese carer group Chinese community centre, 99 Bradford road, Digbeth, B12 0NS Chinese carers only 2nd Wednesday of every month 11th September 10.30am to 12.30pm Safia Sawal 077133 87325 Caring for Carers Group Zinnia Centre 100 Showell Green Lane Sparkhill B11 4HL Mixed carers group Third Wednesday of every month 21st August & 18th September & 16th Oct 2013 5pm – 7pm Safia Sawal 077133 87325
  24. 24. Edition 12 July Page 25 List of Stonham’s Carers Groups in Birmingham Caring for Carers group Small Heath Health Centre 42 Chapman Road Small heath B10 0PG Mixed Carers group First Wednesday of every month 4th September & 2nd Oct 2pm – 4pm Safia Sawal 07713387325 Carers group Maryam House- Bridge Road Saltley B8 3SF Mixed Carers group Every Tuesday 3rd, 24th September 2013 1pm to 3pm Safia Sawal 07713387325 Carers group Creative Support 64 Water Street B3 1HN Mixed Carers Group Last Friday of every month 27th Sept 2013 2.00 to 4.00pm Safia Sawal 07713387325 Library Carers Group Springhill Library, Springhill, Hock- ley, Birmingham, B18 7BH Mixed Carers Reading and Social Group 4th Mondays during the Month 9th September & 14th Oct 2.00 – 4.00pm Safia Sawal 07713387325 Chinese Carers Group Chinese community centre 99 Bradford road Digbeth B12 0NS Chinese carers group. Second Wednesday of the month 11th, Septem- ber and 9th October 10.30 to 12.30 Safia Sawal 07713387325 Personality Disorder Carers Group Callum Lodge 242 Lodge Rd, Winson Green, B18 5SJ Carers Group Every 2nd Tuesday 8th October 5.45—7.30 Safia Sawal 07713 387325 Ward End Library Ward End Library Westwood Heath Road, B8 2HF Mixed Carers Group Every 4th Tuesday of the month 27th August & 24th September 2013 11 to 1pm Mick Brown 07713385893
  25. 25. Edition 12 July Page 26 Carers UK Birmingham are pleased to announce that over the coming months there will be some new therapy ses- sions, relaxation/meditation classes taking place at the Community Hub. There are a couple of group ses- sions upcoming at The Hub with our Counsellor Nicky Cornish. Due to high popularity the Reiki sessions are now all full but if we can get sufficient numbers Alec would be happy to put on another class. New relaxation/meditation classes Below are some dates for some relaxation and meditation classes that will be taking place at the Community Hub in Sutton Coldfield we have upcoming. Thursday 19th September 10.30am – 12 noon Thursday 10th October 10.30am – 12 noon Thursday 14th November 10.30am – 12 noon Thursday 12th December 10.30am – 12 noon New Group Counselling and Group Bereavement session Both these sessions are a six week session and will be held at the Community Hub and be with our coun- sellor Nicky Cornish. Group Counselling Session The group counselling sessions will be starting on Monday 9th September and after be held on 16th September, 23rd September, 30th September, 7th October and 14th October. All sessions will be 1.00pm – 3.00pm. Group Bereavement Session The group bereavement sessions will be starting Wednesday 11th September and after be held on 18th September, 25th September, 2nd October, 9th October and 16th October. All sessions will be 1.00pm – 3.00pm. If you would like to discuss anything regarding the Group sessions with Nicky Cornish you can contact her on 0121 355 1006. Carers UK Contact Information: Telephone: 0121 355 1006 ( Mon - Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm ) Helpline: 0121 681 6086 ( Out of Office Hours ) Email: Address: Community Hub, Farthing Lane, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B72 1RN Opening Times: Mon - Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm
  26. 26. Page 27 t U h u South Birmingham Carers Group Are you a carer for someone experiencing men- tal health difficulties? A chance to meet other carers and share experiences in a relaxed and supportive environment Informal Group in a friendly atmosphere For information sharing and guidance Refreshments available 1st Friday of every month 10.00 to 12.00 At Kinmos Centre, 1 High Street Kings Heath, B14 7AR For more information call Jan on 07713385888 i d e Carer’s Support Group Are you a carer for someone experiencing mental health difficulties? For a chance to take a break, share experiences and get useful information for carers, why not come along to our support group. at Creative Support 888 Bristol Road South, Northfield, B31 2NS Alternate Wednesdays from 2.00pm – 3.30pm: on 18th September For more information call Charlotte on 01214764349 or Jan on 07713385888 a y e If you are caring for someone experiencing mental health difficulties and need some support why not come along to our Carer’s Support Group for a chance to meet other carers share experiences and get useful information 3rd Thursday of every month3rd Thursday of every month 11.0011.00 –– 2.00pm2.00pm Stirchley Community ChurchStirchley Community Church Hazelwell Street, StirchleyHazelwell Street, Stirchley B30 2JXB30 2JX For more information contact:For more information contact: Jan on 07713385888Jan on 07713385888 Carer’s Support Group at Longbridge Health Centre, Park Way, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 9PL 11am to 1pm For more information contact Jan on 077133 85888 or just come along
  27. 27. Edition 12 July Page 28 Are you a carer for someone experiencing mental health difficulties? For a chance to take a break, share experiences and get useful information for carers, why not come along to our support group. Mind Furniture Shop 2AAddison Road Kings Heath B14 7EW First Thursday of Every Month 12.30 to 3.00pm For more information call Jan on 07713385888 25the September 2pm to 4pm
  28. 28. Edition 12 July Page 29 Monday 14th October Monday 11th November Monday 9th December 2.00pm-4.00pm
  29. 29. Edition 12 July Page 30
  30. 30. Edition 12 July Page 32 To Report it Dial 999, 101, 0800 555 111 To Report a Hate Crime West Midlands Police Are please to certify that Stonham Birmingham Mental Health Carers Support Service Or 0121 380 4949 Is an official Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crime Have you or someone you know been a victim of a hate crime or hate incident? Hate crimes and incidents come in many different forms. It can be because of hatred on the grounds of your race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability. Hate crime in any form is wrong. That is why it is important that if hate crime happens to you or someone you know, that you report it. True Vision is here to give you information about hate crime or incidents and how to report it. On this website you can: • Find out what hate crimes or hate incidents are. • Find out about the ways you can report them. • Report using the online form. • Find information about people that can help and support you if you have been a victim. Reporting makes a difference – to you, your friends, and your community. By reporting hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it happening to someone else. You will also help the police to better understand the level of hate crime in your local area, and improve the way they respond to it
  31. 31. Stonham Carers Service, Unit 3, Holt Court North, Heneage Street West, Aston, B7 4AXPlease use for your com- ments, feedback or com- plaints & return to…