Rvm construction commerical deck 5.23.13


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Commercial Construction and Tenant Improvements- made easy!

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Rvm construction commerical deck 5.23.13

  1. 1. Functionality, Fluidity,and EfficiencyTenant Improvements and Whole Factory RemodelsRVM Construction, Inc.
  2. 2. Keep your eye on the prize, what doyou want to accomplish?Commercial construction usuallybegins from a pain point. Does thissound familiar?• You just moved your operation andyou need to rebuild to suit yourneeds.• The company is growing and youneed more space or the space youhave needs to serve more purposes.• You are downsizing.• The workflow isn’t working well andthat is costing your operations $$.• Your business has purchased newequipment and it needs to beintegrated into your factory.• You have code violations that haveto be addressed.• It’s been decades since your lastremodel.
  3. 3. Now What?RVM Construction can helpOur proven process allows us to guideyou in making the most out of yourspace. We provide qualityenhancements that bring added valueto your business.Our mission is to provide exceptionalcustomer service and projectmanagement while constructingexceptional quality projects. Our goal isto meet the budget and schedule needsof our clients. That’s our bottom line!Contact us at (714) 632-9420 and visitus at: www.rvmconstruction.com.RVM Contractor License #586334
  4. 4. Phase 1Determine your needsWe do all the research neededso that we can help you designand build an office space or amanufacturing plant to increasethe revenue, efficiency andoverall value of your business.We become part of your teamand work with your board.We ask all the right questions,and many you probably didn’tthink of, so that we can get to theheart of what you want toaccomplish. We know you havegoals for your business, we canhelp you achieve them.
  5. 5. We consider all of the keyparameters• Work flow• Digital management flow• Paperwork flow• Interaction betweenemployees, managers, anddepartments• Cash flow• Space planning• Industry standards, regulationsand compliance• Safety• Production flow increased• Labor management• Quality control• Future growth• And much more…
  6. 6. Phase 2Research and value added projectmanagement• Meet with the entire team to reviewthe construction goals• Research similar facilities and theiroperations• Meet and consult with suppliers ofspecialty items• Inspection and benchmarking ofcurrent operations• Interview key employees and clients• Note upcoming changes in theindustry• Review compliance regulations• Building code analysis• Future company growth
  7. 7. Budgeting and Financing• What is your actualbudget?• What other budgetconsiderations are there,i.e. interior décor?• Allow approximately 10%for overruns.• Control budget and workwith your landlord onlease negotiation.• Timing of funds availableand how it will affect thebuilding process.• Architect consultationand hiring.
  8. 8. Construction and Completion of theProject• Meet with affecteddepartments ahead of time tominimize downtime and gettheir input on best practices.• Work around companyschedule and shifts to keepbusiness running.• Pro-active projectmanagement to keep onschedule and on track.• Keep review card up to datewith city inspectors.• Prepare and review finalchecklist with client forcomplete agreement.• Review all completed work, nodetail left unfinished.
  9. 9. Our Specialties• CommercialBuildings remodeledor expanded• ManufacturingBuildouts fromscratch or remodel• TenantImprovements• Land Development• Investment PropertyImprovements
  10. 10. Why choose RVM Construction,Inc.?Before we met RVM we knew we had a big taskbefore us and we were a little wary of all thecomplex details. Our plans to grow our companyrequired moving our entire manufacturingoperations to a new facility and improving a newbuilding so that our business could expand in aspace that was right for us. Most importantly, thishad to be done while not loosing production timeand keeping our customers supplied every step ofthe way. Almost every aspect of the businesswas affected: office space, warehouse space,machinery, dust collection, water processing andeven scales. RVM did a great job of working withall of the department heads to manage theimprovements with their staff and schedules tominimize downtime and create a more efficientwork place. We are extremely happy with theresults and would recommend them to anymanufacturing facility. Their project managementcapabilities bring so much to the table.Jeff Stallings, MericalI personally reviewed the construction on aregular basis and was impressed with the quality,efficiency, and ethics of RVM’s crews. Wheneverwe had questions Ron responded quickly with theanswers. We would highly recommend Ron andRVM for any of your construction projects. Thecrew at RVM Construction worked with ourchurch staff to modernize our Sanctuary and giveus the ceiling clouds that now enhance the overallfeeling of spirituality at New Life Church. Thankyou Ron and the RVM team for your qualitywork, non-stop communication, and dedication.We love it!Jason Vandergrift, New Life Community Church