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A presentation on experiential travel prepared and delivered for the Sustainable Travel Institute by Dr. Nancy Arsenault and Ms. Judy Karwacki

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Sti spc tc_exp travel_10_jan12

  1. 1. Experiential Travel:Differentiating Your Destination While Spreading the Benefits to Communities January 10, 2012 Sustainable Travel International Webinar Series
  2. 2. Sustainable Travel InternationalSTI’s forward-thinking solutions strengthen the positive impacts of tourism worldwide, with a clear focus on the bottom line for businesses and destinations. We look forward to working with you in 2012 and beyond! Leave the World a Better Place®
  3. 3. Program Overview• Destination Stewardship• STEP: Education & Eco-Certification• Carbon Management• Philanthropy Development• Partner Program• Sustainable Travel Leadership Network• Marketing & Communications
  4. 4. 2012 Overview• Refining our offerings and creating next generation tools• Delivering increased value and quality results• Advancing the sustainable tourism movement• Expanding our global impact
  5. 5. Destination Stewardship Overview• Share in STI’s innovative and strategic suite of sustainability solutions• Connect with destination stakeholders across the tourism value chain• Work with STI’s special advisors • Identify priority issues • Develop practical solutions • Foster a collective vision
  6. 6. Destination Stewardship The STI Approach• Assessment and Roadmap• Green Communities• Education & Monitoring• Sustainable Futures
  7. 7. Your Speakers Today!Judy Karwacki (MA, MBA) Nancy Arsenault (Ph.D.)
  8. 8. Experiential Travel:The Defining Global Trend
  9. 9. Experiential Travel Photo Credit: GMIST Photo Credit: Celes Davar Photo Credit: Experience PEIEngages visitors in a series of authentic, memorable travel activities,revealed over time, that engage the senses, are inherently personaland makes connections on a physical, emotional, spiritual,intellectual or social level. Source: Nancy Arsenault (2004). Packaging Experiences.
  10. 10. Experiences can be big and small!
  11. 11. An exciting gastronomic adventure exploring the delectable and varied world of Vietnamese cuisine A journey that takes in must see sights of Vietnam while tantalising the taste buds with some of south-east Asias finest cuisine.Highlights (10 days/9night):• 3 Cooking classes including full day with local celebritychef• Chef-led visit to a Fish Market and cruise on a local driftboat• Prepare and dine on a traditional ‘Royal Dinner’• Learn Relaxing Tai chi in a park in Saigon• Visit renowned Mai Gallery and private meeting withowner Doung Tuong, who translated for Jane Fonda duringher visit to Hanoi during the war• Interpretive walking tour of Hanoi’s Ancients Quarter• Farewell Dinner at the legendary Hanoi Press Club
  12. 12. Explore multiple ethnic communities and discover their cultural and ethnic expressions in dress and textiles This is an extraordinary, close up journey into the communities where we meet the people and artisans who create visual masterpieces.Highlights (10 days/9 nights):• Learn of the Indigenous Textile Traditions of Oaxaca• Meet weavers and coops in remote communities to learnof their unique traditions in weaving and dress• Travel with the purple Murex dyers of the coast to see howthey extract this scarce purple dye• Learn about the history and evolution of "traje" from theIsthmus of Tehuantepec• Meet weavers and dyers from Teotitlan del Valle whocontinue to develop their ancient traditions
  13. 13. How is it Different? “A tourism Product is what you buy ...A tourism experience is what you remember. “ Photo Credit: Theresa Storm
  14. 14. The Experience Economy Authors: Joe Pine & James Gilmore (1999) GreaterDifferentiation Higher Yield Transformation Experiences Services Goods ROE drives value pricingUndifferentiated Commodities • WOW Guest Experiences Lower Yield • Good Partnerships • Word of Mouth and Word of Mouse Value of Economic Progression
  15. 15. Agri-Touism GreaterDifferentiation Higher Yield Great Canadian Kitchen Party (Experiences) Wine Tastings (Services) Bottled Wine (Goods) GrapesUndifferentiated (Commodity) Lower Yield Inniskillin Value of Economic Progression
  16. 16. Differentiating with Experiences
  17. 17. Step 1:Know your customer
  18. 18. Step 2: Know your community and region
  19. 19. Step 3: Think about experiences that make sense for your business Photo: Fairmont Empress
  20. 20. Step 4: Choose a theme or story
  21. 21. Step 5: Plan the experience ... in detail!
  22. 22. Step 6: Establish the flow with the itinerary
  23. 23. Step 7: Select partners, suppliers and experience providers
  24. 24. Step 8: Think about market positioning Photo Credit: Travel Alberta
  25. 25. Step 9: Set the selling price Cost-based Pricing Value-based PricingFixed Costs (e.g. rent, Fixed Costs (e.g. rent, $25 $25overhead, HR, insurance) overhead, HR, insurance)Variable Costs (e.g. guide fees, Variable Costs (e.g. guide fees, $20 $20fuel, F& B, momentos) fuel, F& B, momentos) Total Costs $45 Total Costs $45Profit Margin @ 30% $14 Profit Margin @ 30% $14 Selling Price $59 Value added @ 20% $9 Selling Price $68
  26. 26. Step 10: Marketing and communications Photo Credits:Canadian Tourism Commission Photo Credit: Olivier Bekaert
  27. 27. Step 11: Prepare the team and pilot the experience Photo Credit: Kevin Loughlin
  28. 28. Step 12: Deliver andevaluate the experience! Photo Credit: New Brunswick Tourism Parks and Recreation
  29. 29. Marie France Doucet, General ManagerLe Pays de la Sagouine, New Brunswick, Canada “Getting the community involved in tourism instills community pride, particularly in small rural areas.”
  30. 30. Download your FREE toolkit today compliments of the Canadian Tourism Commission Authored by: Dr. Nancy ArsenaultEnglish:
  31. 31. Q & A and Wrap-Up: Keep In Touch! For more information,including proposals and pricing: Call Us:+503-488-5500, +44-780-221-3931 Email Us: Find Us Online: @STI_travel
  32. 32. Webinar Follow Up Help us serve you better• Next webinar: STEP Dive Center Standard January 25, 9am PST/12pm EST• Presentation and audio recording will be made available via email shortly after the webinar• Feedback Survey – please help us improve our educational offerings. No more than 5 minutes of your time!