Achieve Your Personal Development Goals With Positive Self Motivation


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Expand your personal development and successfully achieve your goals. Do yourself a big favor and claim over $4,000 for free in self-help and personal growth goodies!

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Achieve Your Personal Development Goals With Positive Self Motivation

  1. 1. ==== ====Expand Your Personal Development And Achieve Your Personal Goals! Do Yourself A Big FavorAnd Claim Over $4,000 In Free Self Growth Goodies! ====Positive Self Motivation is the inner drive that puts optimism into action for winning in life. Winnersare driven by desire! A winner will have the desire to improve upon their own personaldevelopment. There never was a consistent winner in any walk of life, who didnt have that burningdesire to win internalized. Winners know that the basic behavioral axiom in life is the fact that youand I do become what we think about most. You and I are motivated everyday and moved by ourcurrently dominant thoughts. In other words we move only in the direction of that what we dwellon.Everyone in life is self motivated, a little bit or a lot, positively or negatively, even a decision to donothing is a decision based on motivation. Motivation is a force which moves us to action, and itsprings from inside the individual. Motivation is defined as a strong tendency toward or away froman object or situation, and it can be learned and developed, it doesnt have to be inborn.Positive Self Motivation Puts You In The Drivers Seat of Your LifeAnyone wishing to improve upon their personal development has to, in one way or another ignitetheir own motivation. For too long it has been wrongly assumed that motivation is extraneous, thatit can be pumped in from the outside through pep talks, or contests or rallies. Such activities doprovide concepts in education, encouragement, and inspiration for individuals to turn on theircreative powers, but only if they want to and only if internalized.Thats the secret, lasting change is effected only when the need for change is both understoodand internalized. Until the reward or incentive has been interrupted and internalized it has nomotivational power at all. So the real winners in life are the people who have developed, as aresult of an overall attitude of positive self expectancy, or optimism, a strong positive selfmotivation. This is key to improving upon your own personal development.In other words they developed this ability to move in the direction of goals that they set, or rolesthey want to play, and they will tolerate little or no distraction from moving towards those goals. Inthe face of all discouragement, mistakes, and setbacks, this inner drive keeps them movingupward towards self fulfillment. Motivation is a very emotional state, and the great physical andmental motivators in life, such as survival, hunger, thirst, revenge, and love are all charged withemotion. The two key emotions which dominate all human motivation with opposite but nearlyequal results are fear and desire.Fear is the most powerful negative motivator of all, fear is the great compeler and the greatinhibitor, fear restricts, tightens and panics, forces and ultimately scuttles plans and defeats goals.Fear can destroy a persons personal development and inhibit any attempt to improve it. Desire,
  2. 2. conversely is like a strong positive magnet, it attracts, reaches, opens, and directs, andencourages, and achieves goals.Fear and desire are poles apart and they lead to alternate destinys in life, fear always looks to thepast, and desire looks to the future. Fear vividly replays haunting experiences of failure, pain,disappointment, and unpleasantness and is a dogged reminder that the same experiences arelikely to repeat themselves. Desire on the other hand, triggers memory of pleasure and success, itexcites the need to replay these and to create new winning experiences. The consuming prisonwords of the fearsome person are likely to be, I have to, I cant, I see risk, and I wish. But desiresays I want to, I can, I see opportunity, and I will. Desire is that emotional state between whereyou are and where you want to be. To have successful personal development, we have to learn todeal with fear as well as with desire.In life winners know that all of their actions will be controlled by their currently dominant thoughtsand that you cannot dwell on the reverse of an idea. Thats why you cant lose weight if you keepthinking about how fat you are, you cant stop smoking if you see yourself as a smoker and thatswhy you cant get rich if you are worried about your bills. Winners see risk as opportunity, they seethe rewards of success in advance, and they dont see the penalties of failure. They see personaldevelopment as a positive step towards a better life. Individuals dominated by fear, they cant actwith choice or positive intent, they go through life reacting in defensive. People who are dominatedby stress are unable to change the world they live in, the world they live in alters them.Its a strange and sobering, fact that the thing we fear most, we ourselves bring to pass. Burningdesire is the perfect mental anecdote, for fear, and despair. Desire sparks activity which burns upexcessive adrenaline in the system. It keeps the mind busy and the hope of achievement alive.High achievers in life have strong personal development skills and they hold a high degree ofmotivation. The enduring power that moves them to action comes from inside themselves.Success in life is not reserved for the few, success is almost totally dependent upon drive andpersistence.We need to really learn and remember how to really develop this winning action quality of positiveself motivation. Its important for you to remember that everybody is self motivated, either a little bitor a lot, positively or negatively and that motivation is not optional, even the decision to do nothingis a motivation. Each of us is motivated by our fears or our desires. Fear is unavoidable because itcan get you out of danger, and save your life, it can save a childs life, but as a habit or a way oflife, fear has an extremely destructive side effect.Fear is a red light that can stop dangerous behavior, but desire is the green light that lets you goforward toward your goals. So your most valuable exercise in developing positive self motivation isto try to replace fear motivation with desire motivation. Fortunately, because fear and desire aretwo sides of the same coin, this is not as difficult as it appears to be. Fear of poverty can bereplaced with desire for affluence.Fear of sickness can be replaced with desire for good health, fear of failure can be replaced withdesire for success. All these actions must be present to attain improved personal development. Alack of effort is the same as giving in, when there is no true attempt to seek improvement, therecan be no improvement at all to relish over. Dont let the fear of failure halt you in your journey forgreater personal development, hold onto the desire for complete success and true life fulfillment.
  3. 3. Winners realize that they are motivated by their currently dominant thought, so your concentrationshould be on the reward of the success that you seek, rather then the possible penalty of failure.Make desire your currently dominant thought and it will propel you with the motivating energy forsuccess in every area of your daily life.Behind every winner is the burning desire, of optimism and enthusiasm toward the reward ofsuccess and not the penalty of failure, toward the solution in place of the problems and toward theanswer in place of the question. Behind every winner is the burning desire, the absolute need, andthe never ending drive for complete improved personal development.To Follow are Some Action Reminders Towards Positive Self Motivation!First off, replace the word cant with can in the daily vocabulary, can applies to about 95% of thechallenges you encounter.Next, replace the word "try" with "will," in your daily vocabulary, this is a form of semantics andsimply establishes your new attitude of dwelling on things you will do rather then on things youplan to try with that built in excuse in advance for possible failure. Focus all your attention andenergy on the achievement of the objective your involved in right now, forget about theconsequences of failure. Keep your drive for personal development at the for front of your mind.Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.Remember you usually get what you think of most. Next, make a list of your five most importantwants or desires, and right next to each, put down what the payoff or benefit is when you achieveit. Look at this list before you go to bed each night and upon waking each morning. Always givesolution oriented feedback when people tell you their problems. When the problems are your own,focus on the immediate thought..."Whats the answer?" Seek out and talk to a person, this week,that is currently doing what it is you want to do most, and be certain that it is someone who isdoing it well. This applies to anything, earning, or selling, skiing, or acting, speaking, managing, oreven being a good spouse or parent.Find an expert, get the facts, make a project of learning everything you can about other winners inthe field. Take a course in it, get personal lessons and generate excitement by mentally seeingyourself enjoying the success. Finally, make it a habit for everyone of your goals, to repeat again,and again, "I want to, I can, I want to, I can." The power these steps will have on the improvementof your personal development, is unmeasurable. You will feel empowered, strengthened, andsuccessful, nothing can stop you, your achievements will pile one upon another, you will knowwhat true personal development feels like in action.Hi! My name is Howard G. Platt 111 I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I did inwriting it. I have been enthused with the field of Personal Development for most my life and itbrings me great pleasure to share my knowledge with others. You will find dozens of articlesdealing with Self-Motivation and Personal Development by visiting my site and my PassionPositive Thinking For Personal Development and while you are there be sure to sign-up for myFree Video Course: Turning Your Dreams Into Your Reality! And if you leave me a comment youwill receive a Free Gift Instantly! I hope to see you there:)
  4. 4. Article Source: ====Expand Your Personal Development And Achieve Your Personal Goals! Do Yourself A Big FavorAnd Claim Over $4,000 In Free Self Growth Goodies! ====