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  3. 3. TOPIC: EFFECTS OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY TO URBANIZATIONDEFINITION: Urbanization, urbanisation or urban drift is the physical growth ofurban areas as a result of rural migration and even suburban concentrationinto cities, particularly the very largest ones. The United Nations projected thathalf of the worlds population would live in urban areas at the end of 2008.AIM & OBJECTIVES:• To help human to understand the impact of technology in an urban areas .• To enable human to know the diversity of technology in urbanization .• To encourage an useful usage of technology in helping human throughout urbanization .MOTIVATION:• Technology has helped develop more advanced economies (including todays global economy and has allowed the rise of a leisure class.• Technological processes produce unwanted by-products, known as pollution, and deplete natural resources, to the detriment of the earth and its environment.• Various implementations of technology influence the values of a society and new technology often raises new ethical questions. Examples include the rise of the notion of efficiency in terms of human productivity, a term originally applied only to machines, and the challenge of traditional norms.
  4. 4. IDEATION & CONCEPT:• My concept in this project is to capture the technology used during urbanization . My video art will show an useful information on what have happen during urbanization process .REVIEW , ANALYSIS & PRECEDENT STUDIES:DESIGN APPROACH:• Video Art• Interactive application art
  6. 6. RESEARCH MATERIAL 1.0DEFINITION SMARTPHONES , CELL PHONES / MOBILE PHONES , & PDA(PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT)SMARTPHONE :• Operating System: Operating system that allows it to run productivity applications , such as the BlackBerry OS , the Palm OS , or Windows Mobile .• Software: A smartphone will offer more than just an address book. It may allow you to create and edit Microsoft Office documents or manage your finances.• Web Access: offer some sort of access to the Internet . You can use your smartphone to browse your favourite web sites , social networking such as twitter , facebook , tumblr.• QWERTY Keyboard: A smartphone includes a QWERTY keyboard, so the keys are laid out in the same manner they would be on your computer keyboard.MOBILE PHONE :• Frequently called cellular phone / cellphone .• Connects to a wireless communication network through radio waves or satellite transmissions .• Provide voice communications , short message service (SMS) , multimedia message service (MMS)• Newer phones also provide internet services . ex : web browsing , e-mail .PDA :• Personal Digital Assistant• combines computing , telephone/fax , internet & networking features .• Can also function as cellular phone , fax sender , web browser & personal organizer .• pen-based ; use of a stylus rather than a keyboard for input .• available in stylus or keyboard version .
  7. 7. RESEARCH MATERIAL 1.2CELLPHONE VS SMARTPHONE VS PDA1. Smartphones have more advanced capabilities compared to cell phones2. A smartphone is both a PDA and a cell phone3. Today’s smartphones have more in common with computers than cell phones4. Smartphones usually have a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard whilecell phones come with a regular small screen and a number pad5. A smartphone uses an operating system that allows third party applications to run on itANALYSIS:• Most of the correspondents uses smartphone as their primary phone .• They use smartphone together with the technological advance in Malaysia .• Usually they use smartphone to reach their long-distance friends . ex : overseas .• They dont need to bring ipod , mp3 , digital camera while smartphone has all the qualities that they need for .• Smartphone made their life easier and better . ex : well-managed time .• Over 60% of the correspondents are not sure with the impact / effects of mobile technology in Malaysia.
  8. 8. METHODOLOGY:SURVEYS / QUESTIONNAIRE• Port Klang , Selangor• Pavillion , Kuala Lumpur
  9. 9. PORT KLANG OBSERVATION :- mostly BB users .- from a middle-class families- most of the people are unsure about the impacts of mobile technology inMalaysia .- mobile technology gives big impact in their lifes .- use smartphones as their primary phone in many things .PAVILLION KL observation :-mostly iphone users.-from a high class families .-half of the audience is not sure about the bad influences of smartphones .-half of the audience is kindly sure about the bad influences of smartphones.-half of the audience feels that mobile phones is important in handlingimportant stuffs .-most of them use smartphones to do activities such as listening to music ,walking , etc .
  11. 11. 1 2On the first page , the screen will start up with On the second page , when audience stand ata scene of smartphone hanging 3D-ing with the spot and kinect will detect their existence .a caption of "HEY ! COME NEAR !" just to By then , when kinect detected their existence ,persuade audience to come near to the it will send information to the laptop / PCspot so that the kinect will detect their and smartphone image on the screen will gone .existence.
  12. 12. 3 4The third page shows the smartphone appear After the fire burned the smartphone till nothingwith fire burning on it . This shows that left , images of friends / family [stands for SOCIAL],when audience is in front of the screen , images of lung / brain / kidney [stands for HEALTH],the smartphone will burn . Otherwise , and image of books and graduation hat [standsif there is no audience in front of the screen , for KNOWLEDGE] will appear . After appear for 10the image on the screen will show as second, it slowly fading away starting with SOCIAL,in PICTURE 1 then HEALTH and the last one KNOWLEDGE .
  14. 14. Involves in youth activities SOCIAL CONTEXTUAL STUDIESCULTURAL Approaching the youth in a different kind of ways
  16. 16. FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION WORKSHEET:Project Name : Can you save yourselfType of Project : Installation / Interactive ArtProblem issues : Based on my research on the smartphone [todays magicalweapon] , I found out that mostly people uses smartphone and keeping it as aneed instead of desire . They only know how to use it but do not know about theside effects will they be having in the future .Purpose :- Provide the ideas of smartphones effects- Showing an interaction between human and kinect sensorUser Interaction : Audience need to stand in front of the screen and start to seethe audio / what will happen next .Duration :scene 1 - scene 2 : 2secscene 2 - scene 3 : 3secscene 3 - scene 4 : 20 secscene 4 - scene 5 : 5 secscene 5 - scene 6 : 10secfrom scene 6 back to scene 1 : 1min
  17. 17. SOFTWARE:Software is needed to generate and publish idea to form an application orinteractive medias .In order to make my application , I would like to use these software listed :AUDIO / ANIMATION / MONTAGE :- Microsoft Movie Maker- Sony Vegas- Adobe FlashPHOTO / IMAGES / DRAWINGS :- Adobe Photoshop- Adobe Illustrator- Paint- Microsoft PowerPoint [optional]INTERACTIVE MEDIA :Kinect XBOX 360
  18. 18. PROJECT VIEW:
  20. 20. BUDGET:These are the few items included in my installation piece .1. Laptop [Personal]- It need to be use for controlling the kinect sensorfree of charge2. Kinect sensor- This is to make the interactivity applies on the screendetecting movement of human (by standing at the spot)- Approximately around rm400 - rm5003. Screen [monitor] with stand- Used to triggers out images- Displaying every audios that connect from a laptopfree maybe? :D4. Human being- This sounds funny but it helps to make movement to be detected by the kinect andsend the information to the laptop to be triggers on the screen .Any extra items will be added in the future .
  22. 22. “Can you save yourself” is an interactive application art in which itconcern on several images to reflect the effects of smartphones whenan audience stand in front of the screen. Smartphone have beenalways be a big subject to be debate on especially when it happenduring urbanization phase. What is concern about this project is how tosend a message to the audiences telling that smartphone has gone uphigh in damaging youth’s life indirectly.In this interactive application art, audience will get a new excitingexperience in a new environment of digital media. With the help ofkinect to detect the presence of audience, a message is deliver usingseveral videos appearing on the big screen. It will shows the effects thatsmartphone user will get when they are too obsessed with smartphonewithout knowing the long-term effect of it. When there is no sense ofaudience in front of the big screen, none will happen.The audience will act as the main subject here in order to let theapplication works. The application will be provided with some soundeffects and background music for the audience get to feel themessage that will be deliver during the application played.
  23. 23. VIDEO TEASER