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  • Familiarize you with the terminology, capabilities and usage of large operable glass wallsProvide answers on how large operable walls work into LEED and sustainable design Provide new ideas to take into the design phase of schools and to help you through that process
  • 60 panels left – 60 panels right to back of press area
  • Closed sheltered from elements
  • Clear unobstructed view
  • Panels can be segmented every 10th, 4th or in this case every panel to accommodate existing construction
  • Folding walls can be partially closed for a wind block
  • Show once and reshow making note of swing door in sliding system
  • My 1979 MGBConvertible for buildings
  • Inside corners, outside corners, when wall leaves plane no bottom track, no rollers on bottom just locks in place.
  • Screens linear – 2” vertical – pleated polypropylene mesh reinforced with a patented wire tension system ¼” high floor track up Heights up to 10’ and widths to 3’ 6”
  • Screens rolls into a cassette in stile
  • Could be pocketed
  • Silver LEED facility Control of airflow
  • Write into specs
  • Altered Pres For Co With Voice

    1. 1. Nana Wall Systems is registered provider with the American institute of Architects continuing Education Systems. Credits earned upon completion of this presentation will be recorded for members. Certificates of Completion for non AIA members are available on request. This program will be reported to CES records for AIA As such, it does not include content that may be deemed or construed to be an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any material or product. Questions related to specific materials, methods, and services will be addressed at the conclusion of this presentation.
    2. 2. Large Opening Glass Walls 1 SD/HSW Learning Unit
    3. 3. OBJECTIVES • Familiarize you with the terminology, capabilities and usage of large operable glass walls • Provide answers of how large operable glass walls play a vital role in sustainable / GREEN design. • Demonstrate how the function of operable glass wall systems improve the Health, Safety, and welfare of building occupants • Illustrate new ideas to take into the design process of schools, hospitals, and other commercial applications, and to help you through that process
    4. 4. COTE Top Ten Measures • I – Sustainable Design Intent and Innovation • Windows and openings II – Regional/Community Design and Connectivity •Open, Active Day-lit Spaces •Windows and opening III – Land Use and Site Ecology •Day Lighting •Natural Ventilation •Windows and Openings
    5. 5. What is a large opening?
    6. 6. Starting at around 9’…. Granger Elementary School – Flex space
    7. 7. To 300’ wide or more! University of Oregon, Autzen Stadium
    8. 8. 60 Panels slide left – 60 panels slide right
    9. 9. Closed – sheltered from the elements
    10. 10. Open – Clear unobstructed view
    11. 11. Folding or Sliding? That is the Question!!
    12. 12. Folding systems – Up to 36’ wide Wild Horse Pass Resort - Arizona
    14. 14. NYIT SOLAR DECATHLON – OPEN HOUSE Partially closed
    16. 16. Folding systems can be corner-less
    17. 17. Arizona
    18. 18. Sill Options for Folding Systems • Raised Threshold tested for up to 18 PSF • Low profile saddle sill for ADA compliance • Flush sill for limited applications
    19. 19. Folding doors can be: • Aluminum Clad over Wood • Wood • Thermally Broken Aluminum • Non-Thermally Broken Aluminum
    20. 20. Aluminum Folding Doors: Commercial Grade Aluminum folding doors – Up to 12’ high
    21. 21. Thermally Broken Aluminum Insulbar for true thermal break – Two tone paint colors Park City, Utah
    22. 22. Wood Folding Systems • Wood is Nature’s best Insulator! • Pine, Douglas Fir, or Red Meranti are standard – FSC woods available • U-values as low as .30 •Tested at 12 PSF University of Washington – Merrell Hall
    24. 24. Aluminum Clad over Wood Low maintenance – Tested to 12 PSF – U-values to .35 – Up to 9’2” high Residential Window Application
    25. 25. Folding Systems- use concealed hinges–and concealed 2-point locking for a Naperville Library Naperville, IL – PSA – Dewberry, Inc clean appearance.
    26. 26. Door Lite Infill can be… Our Sister of Charity - NJ
    27. 27. Folding Doors: •80% of single track large glass openings sold in the USA are folding doors •Easier to operate then sliding •Better air & water performers then sliding • Can be segmented curves or open corners for complete design freedom • Can be top supported or floor mounted
    28. 28. Configuration of a 4-panel Folding Door:
    29. 29. Configuration of a 4-panel Folding Door:
    30. 30. Configuration of a 4-panel Folding Door:
    31. 31. Paired Panels The number of panels and width of the opening is virtually unlimited
    32. 32. Paired Panels Paired Panels Can fold and slide to the left or right
    33. 33. When Are Sliding Systems Your Best Choice?
    34. 34. Individual Sliding Panels Virtually Unlimited in Width – Sailfish Point GC - FL
    35. 35. Individual Sliding Panels are used when the Stacking Bay is beyond the plane of the opening.
    36. 36. All the weight is carried by the top track. The bottom track is eliminated in the parking bay.
    37. 37. Individual Sliding Panels can be: New Haven Music School New Haven, CT Chaminade High School Long Island, NY Thermally Broken Aluminum or Wood
    38. 38. Sill Options for Individual Sliding Panels • ADA Compliant Low Profile Saddle Sill • Flush Sill
    39. 39. A Virtually Unlimited Number of Panels is Possible! Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon
    40. 40. Screens
    41. 41. Segmented Curves
    42. 42. Spa Resort in Bavaria
    43. 43. Philadelphia Eagles Stadium < Enclosed Luxury Boxes Ewing Cole Cherry Brott Architects
    44. 44. Balustrol Country Club
    45. 45. Philadelphia Philly’s Stadium Ewing Cole Cherry Brott Architects
    46. 46. Luxury Box Space Management Options…. All open, all closed, or only the front section open!
    47. 47. Individual Sliding Panels: • Offer more flexible configurations then folding • May have an Incorporated Swing Door • Floor track not necessary for interior applications • Restricted only by the structure for unlimited widths.
    48. 48. Individual Sliding Panels Have been tested to: • U-Values as low as .38 • Structurally tested up to 60 PSF • Forced entry resistance per AAMA 1202.5 and CAWM 300-96
    49. 49. Why design large openings for your Project?
    50. 50. To enhance the learning process St. Francis High School – Watsonville, CA
    51. 51. To expand the available space: Sante Fe Grill, GR Santa Fe Grill
    52. 52. To create large inviting entrances: Gilroy High School, CA - NSID Natatorium, TX
    53. 53. To Maximize Natural Lighting: Resort at Kaltern, Italy Palo Alto Children’s Library, CA - Hawaii Baptist, HI
    54. 54. Multi- Function usage East Kentwood High School
    55. 55. For Interior Space Management: Borgloh Bank – Germany - St. Katheryn’s
    56. 56. Provide physical barrier Unobstructed view - Midland Lutheran
    57. 57. For Security and Dust Control: La Vie de France Bakery, Ft. Lauderdale FL
    58. 58. Where are Large Openings used
    59. 59. Schools - Flex Space Kay Granger Elementary - SHW
    60. 60. Cafeterias North Andover High School
    61. 61. Libraries Palo Alto Children’s Library
    62. 62. Stadiums San Mateo High School Stadium – CMX Sports Engineers
    63. 63. Virginia Tech – Lane Stadium HOK Sports
    64. 64. Horticultural Facilities University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture – Silver LEED facility
    65. 65. Residential Loblolly House - MD
    66. 66. Residential
    67. 67. Restaurants Lift Bar and Grill – Vancouver, BC
    68. 68. Restaurants Restaurants Lift Bar and Grill – Vancouver, BC
    69. 69. Restaurants Melt – Allentown, PA
    70. 70. Restaurants Melt – Allentown, PA
    71. 71. Gymnasiums and Leisure Facilities
    72. 72. Cultural centers Complete building envelope Skirball Cultural Center – Los Angeles, CA
    73. 73. When to Enclose a Balcony
    74. 74. How to Install a Large Opening Glass Wall
    75. 75. Deflection: L/720 or 1/4” whichever is less Weight: 5.5 lbs / sq. ft.
    76. 76. Installation Certified Installers: Factory trained Specialize in large openings Service and Warranty Pre-Install site review
    77. 77. Thermally Broken Aluminum Folding System Floor Mounted – Outswing
    78. 78. Aluminum Individual Panel Sliding System Top Hung - Thermally Broken
    79. 79. All Wood Folding System Top Hung – Out-swing
    80. 80. All Wood Individual Panel Sliding System Top Hung - No Sill!
    81. 81. Aluminum, Thermally Broken Folding System Top Hung - Inswing
    82. 82. The Raised Sill For very high weather tightness requirements Aluminum Clad over Wood - Inswing All Wood - Outswing